Drake (Book 1)

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[11]-The Executioner's Blade


8:42 p.m.

Lyn remembered that night vividly. The swing of the Executioner’s Blade that cut her parents down in one stroke. Blood flew in the air with two terrible shrills. Within the ashes and embers of that night, Rain stood there wielding the legendary sword. Some called it the Executioner’s Blade, but its most archaic name was also known as the Pillar of Hercules. And just as Rain stood there that gruesome night all those years ago, there she was again, with those indigo eyes filled with malice and ambition. But this time, things would be different. Lyn reminded herself she wasn’t that helpless little girl anymore.

Rain wielded the massive broadsword as if it was as light as a feather. The blade stood nearly nine feet long and two feet wide, with a crescent-shaped circle carved into the edge used for decapitation. Rain pointed the tip towards Lyn, holding it with one hand. Lyn saw her reflection in the blade and in that moment she heard her parent’s blood-curdling screams again.

She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Her despair was only brief as rage consumed her. With vengeance on her mind, she morphed the black pearl necklace into a fine recurve bow with an onyx finish. Though it lacked a string, the bow itself fired bolts of pure energy that looked like lightning bolts. But she didn’t ready an arrow, instead she kicked off her heels and presented the limb of her bow.

Rain wore a mocking smile. “I’ve never seen someone bring a bow to a sword fight.”

Lyn regarded her coldly. “This isn’t an ordinary bow…”

Rain plunged the great blade into the stone floors and chuckled. “Do try to make this interesting will you?”

Lyn scoffed as she made the first move. She could split a hair in two with the limb of her bow, and this fight was personal. Rain blocked her swing with the mass of the blade and swung it over her head for a killing blow. The sword didn’t impede her movements and she wielded it with agility and great dexterity. Lyn somersaulted away as the blade cut into the floor, leaving a deep gash as it was long. Rain charged her and swung again, meeting Lyn’s bow as they collided. The repulsive force sent both of them backwards.

Every time Rain landed a blow or plunged the blade into the ground, it sounded as if someone had dropped an anvil from the roof. Before she could react, Rain disappeared in a flash, appearing behind her with her blade already swinging down. Lyn spun her body and blocked the savage blow with her bow. Rain didn’t flinch, but grinned as she let gravity do the work for her. It took all of Lyn’s strength to hold back the blade or risk being split in half.

Just how fucking heavy is this thing?! She met Rain’s gaze. She’s wielding it like it’s a training sword!

Lyn grunted. The edge of the blade grazed the top of her head, taking a few hairs with it. She let the steel slide against her bow and deflected its path. The massive sword sliced into the ground and once again, Lyn found herself on the defense. Lyn dodged every swing as Rain chased her through the main lobby. Statues fell from being cut in half along with marble pillars and most of the furniture. Drake wouldn’t be happy when he got home.

Despite her dire situation, Lyn forced a smile as she observed the carnage. Serves him right for running off without telling me-

The next thing she knew was the sword swimming through the air towards her like helicopter blades. Lyn ducked and tumbled to the floor as the sword lodged itself in the support column behind her. But Rain was already there, dislodging the sword. She feigned an attack and plunged the sword into the ground while gripping the handle. She used the momentum to spin around the sword and kick Lyn in the gut.

Lyn flew into the stand that housed the venue’s band, knocking over all their instruments. Lyn gasped for air, the blow knocked the wind from her lungs. She couldn’t even stand. Rain guffawed as she retrieved her sword for the finishing blow. Any second now, that blade would end her just as it did to her parents. Rain raised the blade above her head with cold, deliberating eyes.

“Well, it looks like this is the end for you, Lynda Valeska…”

Lyn closed her eyes.

8:47 p.m.

Rain was quite used to the sound of tearing flesh. After all, she lost track of her number of victims by now. And flesh being torn apart by a sword such as hers didn’t sound like metal on metal. Instead of lodging her blade into Lyn’s skull, the sword stopped against another blade. A blade shaped like a scythe to be exact. She turned her attention to the entrance where the scythe’s owner stood, some fifth-teen feet away. Judging by the scythe’s size and the extent of its reach, there was only one explanation. Acheron. It’s wielder, Drake.

Drake’s face was dark with anger upon the sight of his ruined lobby to include a wounded Lyn. The scythe retracted to him, giving it its normal length as Drake held it by his side. Though she and Drake weren’t acquainted with each other yet, the rumors were true. Rain wore a grin.

“You really are as handsome as they say you are,” she said, scanning his body from head to toe. She always liked a man in a suit or tuxedo in Drake’s case.

“I take it you’re the one responsible for trashing my home?”

Lyn struggled to rise to her feet. She reached for her bow, which had flown off the stage. She caught Rain’s attention. Rain readied her blade.

“No,” Drake said, his voice was flat. “I’m your opponent now.”

“So, that scythe is the legendary blade known as Acheron?” Rain replied. “I never thought I’d live to see it in person. In fact, I never expected that girl to be wielding the bow, Styx.”

“The bow chose her as the scythe chose me.” Drake pointed the scythe towards her. “You stole that blade from Anna’s grave. You’ve got some nerve-”

Rain chuckled. “Well, it’s not like she’s going to need it anymore will she? You know it’s really quite sad, Drake. Sad that every woman you love always dies a terrible death...” She looked at Lyn. “Killing your comrades is quite the sensation, wouldn’t you agree?”

Drake sighed. “Anyone who raises their blade to a comrade will never die a decent death…”

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