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[2]-Ash like snow


Where we begin, does not define what we will become. Thirty years ago, I lost everyone I loved in the blink of an eye. And the whole world just sat and fucking watched...

Every voice around her seemed like it was a mile away. The stifled screams of men and women. Ash and embers fell from the sky like snow. There was the roasting smell of flesh and blood. The landscape around was fiery and molten like the top of a volcano. When Lyn awoke she thought she had died and gone to hell. But the jarring pain in her head reminded her all too well that she was much alive.

Her ears rang and blood streamed from the top of her head like a small waterfall. A firestorm engulfed everything around her obscuring her vision. Her beloved sister, Ella, was nowhere to be found. Then she saw him, a monster in the embers, the church, and walls behind him resembled the gates of hell. His body was enrobed in black, a heavy trench coat, a steel helmet, and a gas mask that concealed his face. The man set the ground ablaze with every step as he spewed fire from the flamethrower on his back. A pile of corpses ignited beside him as he turned towards Lyn.

She froze, unable to move a single limb as he approached her. She could hear his muffled breathing behind the gas mask as he breathed fire into the air like a dragon, blazing tar and petroleum burned her face with its bite. He directed the flames towards Lyn. She closed her eyes.

“Wait,” a gentle voice said.

A woman lowered the fire breathing soldier’s weapon. She was a woman unlike any other with braided, pink hair, and indigo eyes. Fiendish claws of red steel covered her hands along with rows of fangs fit for a shark. A leather jacket and black latex completed her trappings. A group of fire-spewing demons guarded her on each side shrouded in black. Despite the flames that scorched the landscape this woman smelt of water and cherry blossoms.

“You’re special,” the woman whispered to her like a loving mother. She felt Lyn’s dirty cheeks. “Which is why I’m going to let you live. Tell me your name.”

“L- Lyn,” she stammered.

The woman gestured her closer, kneeling in front of Lyn before sinking her fangs into her neck. The taste of her sting burned before going numb. Lyn collapsed into her grasp, blood spewed from the wound as she indulged. It was over as fast as it started.

“You’re worried about your sister?” the woman asked with a grin. “Don’t worry she’s in good hands. Perhaps you’ll meet her again someday. If you survive...”

She departed with the soldiers as they shouted orders in distinctive German accents. They disappeared into the floating ash and embers. Soldiers scourged through the remains as they laughed and pillaged while executing any survivors. They resembled rats more than men, a platoon of degenerates in baggy uniforms with rifles and machine guns. Criminals and sadists of the Dirlewanger Brigade, notorious for their crimes across the western front.

They encircled a small church, iron chains, and locks secured every entrance as it erupted into tongues of flames, their tips reaching towards the sky. Feint screams and cries could be heard within as the soldiers loitered around it smoking and drinking stolen liquor. Lyn saw it as her opportunity to run, as fast and as hard as she could through the dark forest. And she never looked back...

She looked over to Drake staring aimlessly out the window. It was hard to conceal her scowl. He’s not the only one out of it today...

“Drake? Drake?” Lyn waved to him, emphasizing his name.

“Oh, sorry something distracted me,” he replied, looking out the huge window in front of them. “Your move,” he said as he moved his bishop forward on the chessboard.

Lyn smiled before capturing the bishop with her queen. “I think today might be the day I finally beat you,” she said chuckling.

“Took you long enough,” Drake teased.

“I think someone’s a little salty,” Lyn replied.

“Hmm...” Drake looked out the window again to listen to the birds’ chirp. It was a regular sunny afternoon and the beautiful French countryside shone brighter than usual. The puffy white clouds in the sky took on a myriad of different shapes. “Your turn,” Drake said as he moved another piece.

“Ooh. Well played,” Lyn replied with a dubious look on her face, planning her next move. “But now, you’ve left your queen wide open.”

She captured Drake’s queen without hesitation leaving only one knight still guarding his King. Lyn looked at Drake with a quirky smile trying to get a reaction from him. He remained still, resting his hand under his chin.

“Is that a new dress?” Drake asked without looking up. “You did your hair too, didn’t you?”

Did he notice? Lyn thought to herself, trying to hide her blush. However, her body betrayed her as her face turned bright red. “Well, I just picked it up while I was in town earlier,” she replied, looking at the colorful patterns on her mini dress.

“You look nice,” Drake complimented.

She instinctively shrugged her shoulders. “Thank you.”

“Oh Lyn, by the way.”



“What!” she exclaimed, turning her eyes to the chessboard. Her king trapped the corner; she realized no matter what direction she moved it would put her King in check. A gentle breeze blew back the large, silky curtains hanging on the sides.

“Dammit, I can never beat you,” she scoffed, pursing her lips and puffing her cheeks.

“You know I used to play this game with Vlad a lot. Back when we were friends... And Anna, she loved chess too. She was the one person I could never beat.”

Lyn felt her blood boil at the mere mention of the names. She refrained from lashing out or speaking any ill words, especially about Anna.

That murderous bitch...

She let out a large sigh before stroking her dark green hair. “We’ll make this right and kill Vlad together.” Lyn left her spot on the unusually large window ledge and walked over to Drake, embracing her lover into her bosom. “I’ll be by your side until the very end.”

Her perky breasts were soothing and light as a feather as Drake rested his head against her chest. He felt the warm pulsating sensation of life beat from her heart. It warmed his frozen body. “Lyn, something’s not right...” Drake said, lifting his head away from her chest. “That sound do you hear it?”

“What sound?” Lyn asked as she continued stroking his head. “I don’t hear anything.”

“That damn noise! How can you not hear it!” Drake exclaimed, rising from his seat and covering his ears.

“Drake! What’s wrong?” Lyn yelled. She slithered her arms around Drake and held him tightly.

“Werewolves- They’re here and there’s something else here too,” Drake said as he continued to groan in pain falling to his knees. The low frequency yet high-pitched tone pounded his eardrums.

Lyn heard the terrifying shrieks of servants downstairs along with the crashing of porcelain and furniture. One by one, the servants were massacred. Their bodies made loud thumps as they hit the hardwood floors and followed by lion-like roars that echoed through the halls. The wolves carried thunder behind them as they leaped the flight of stairs leading to Drake and Lyn’s room. Lyn reached for her bow and arrows nearby and readied an arrow at the large oak door to their room.

“Drake? Are you okay? Drake?” Lyn looked over to see Drake gone and the nearby window ledge open.

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