Drake (Book 1)

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[73]-You complete me


9:50 p.m.

Lyn watched as Rain and Abbas placed the lily’s bright yellow bulbs and purple pedals in a clay pot and grind them to bits. They worked tediously, mixing different liquids in a chemical set, measuring out colorful vials to a precise amount. Rain cursed throughout the process, dumping certain vials and measuring them again, all the while holding a weathered book in her other hand.

She shouted orders to Abbas who continued mixing other steaming concoctions. One vial bubbled in its glass, foamed at the top and sizzled before violently exploding. Rain’s head snapped towards the sound and her eyes narrowed.

“What did you do!” she yelled, throwing her soiled apron on the ground.

Abbas shrugged.

Rain scoffed, shook her head, and returned to her duties. Lyn lost track of time and she drifted off to sleep in her chair. When she awakened an hour later, Abbas and Rain concluded their business. In her hand she held a helix shaped container filled with a blue and green liquid. She ambled over to Drake’s bed, a triumphant smile on her face.

Lyn blinked the sand from her eyes and stood up. She saw Abbas on the other side of the bed, his trunk sized arms resting over Drake’s chest. Rain inserted the syringe to Drake’s IV and released the serum.

Several minutes passed and Drake’s body laid idle. They waited for any sign, any kind of abnormality. A change in his heartbeat or a spike in blood pressure. Maybe he would awaken as an amnesiac. But Lyn would love him regardless and be by his side. She would bear that burden alone; the wages of her sins.

If he awakened angry, she would also be ready to bear his hatred. That was if he woke up at all.

Five minutes passed with no visible changes. They prepared to retire for the night when Drake’s heartbeat increased and his body convulsed. Abbas pinned him down as his body seized and tremored.

The machine beeped and rattled as the trio stabilized him. Lyn gripped his hands and pushed with all her strength, tears rolling at the same time. Rain turned a knob to increase his oxygen intake, rushed to grab another syringe, and injected it into his arm. His body relaxed, and he exchanged a brief glance with Lyn before drifting off to sleep.

Drake’s heartbeat returned to a steady rhythm. Oxygen perspired on his respirator with each breath. The veins bulging on his arms and legs settled, and the wounds adorning his back and torso healed. Lyn stroked his hair and kissed his forehead. Rain approached from the other side and laid her head against his chest.

Lyn closed her eyes. “I love him more than I despise you. Why don’t we call a truce; at least until he wakes up and then we’ll settle this…”

Rain sighed. “Are you suggesting that the warmth from both of us would speed up his healing?”

Lyn nodded.

Rain turned to Abbas. “You did well hunting the lily. When he awakens, he’ll be grateful for your servitude, and you’ll be rewarded.”

“No,” Abbas replied. “No act could ever repay the kindness he’s given me. There is one more task I must attend to. I’ll take my leave.”

Abbas excused himself and left the room. Lyn stripped down and tossed her clothes aside. She lifted his blanket and crawled under it, pressing her body against him. Rain did the same on the other side and the two of them slept against his chest.

7:00 a.m.

Drake awakened winded and took a deep breath. His eyes widened and his pupils took a reptilian shape. The first thing he saw was Lyn’s bright smile on one side and Rain on the other. He couldn’t comprehend it: the two of them sharing a bed together and disregarding their bloody vendetta.

The sight left him dumbstruck, and he took a moment to immerse himself as the world outside came to life. He felt like a newborn connected to the warmth surging through his body from the two women by his side.

“Good morning…” Lyn whispered with a grin.

Rain’s hand shifted his head towards her. “Sleep well?”

Lyn and Rain untied the bandages and braces that had held his broken body together for the last few weeks. He felt rejuvenated, hungry, and lustful…

“I missed you so much,” Lyn said, placing a kiss on his lips.

Rain removed the last bandages. She tended to his thick member beneath the sheets with her mouth, making his body violently recoil. Before he could intervene, Lyn leaned for another kiss. Then she disappeared into the covers to assist Rain.

The three of them made love for hours. His stiff joints and aching bones spared Lyn and Rain the full wrath of his carnal desires. But it was enough and his lovers moaned and gasped as he took turns penetrating them; their jaws dropping and countenances a bright red.

Rain yelped as she took the full length of his shaft. Lyn chuckled at Rain’s struggle: the way she gripped Drake’s arm and bit on the sheets. Her toes curled as she orgasmed, soaking the sheets beneath her. She passed out, and Drake directed his attention to Lyn.

Rain awakened moments later, her lips gravitating to Lyn’s breasts while she rode Drake. Their bodies glistened with sweat, and Drake neared his threshold. They combined their efforts towards Drake until he choked, spilling his seed into Lyn’s womb.

While Drake recovered, Lyn and Rain copulated with each other, both insisting he spectate.

10:00 a.m.

Rain and Lyn giggled. They massaged the illustrated muscles composing his body, and for a moment, Drake seemed at peace. He rubbed the pale skin around Lyn’s large thighs and Rain’s wavy pink hair with his other hand.

The three of them, for once stood in harmony, together as one.

“Maybe I should fall from more buildings if it meant getting this when I wake up,” Drake tersed.

Lyn snickered. “I’d rather you not.”

Rain raised her head from his chest. Her grip tightened around his arm. “You’ll be ready to go again, right?”

He turned to Lyn for consolidation or to at least offer a reprisal for him. He wasn’t sure if he was ready to handle them both again. Not in his current state. In fact, it seemed like the two of them needed intercourse more than he did. They acted feral, deprived, and yearned for it more than air.

Before he could voice his opinion, Rain straddled him, gripping his hands and rocking her hips. She wanted to be treated as an equal and receive the same gift as Lyn. Lyn put her strength to use and pinned him against the mattress.

And Drake screamed.

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