Drake (Book 1)

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[74]-Don't think twice


10:30 a.m.

He couldn’t resist the thirst. It ravaged his body like a raging fire, consuming everything in its path. Lyn and Rain slept, wrapped in their sheets as if in a cocoon. He licked his lips and gulped, trying to distract himself with something else, anything. For centuries, he had groomed himself to be a disciplined warrior, gentleman, and scholar. No such attributes came easy, and took a lifetime to achieve for the average man.

But Drake had done so several lifetimes over. But each time, the thirst appeared; the result was always the same.

He grabbed Lyn’s shoulder and her eyes opened. He lifted her and cradled her on his waist. Then, with terrible deliberation, he turned her head to expose her neck. His hands became shackles to her legs, and he squeezed, making Lyn yelp. With his other hand, he held her head in place and opened his jaws.

“Drake, you’re being too rough…”

Her plea was nothing more than sand scattered in the wind. He growled and locked his jaws on her neck. Lyn gasped as he consumed her; blood hemorrhaging from her neck. The more she resisted, the more his grip tightened. Her body relaxed, and the color left her skin. Blood collected in a small pool as it flowed down her neck. Lyn’s hand trembled, opening like a spider uncurling its legs.

“You’re hurting me…”

Rain awakened. She yawned and stretched her arms. As her vision cleared, she saw Lyn in Drake’s arms being feasted upon. Her lips curled to a smirk, and she crawled towards them, resting beside Lyn.

“You should be honored,” Rain breathed. “Your flesh is so — appetizing. I can see what he saw in you.”

Lyn squirmed, and Rain lifted her arm, biting down on it. She lifted her fangs and traced Lyn’s arm for a another vein and continued the orgy for blood.

“MASTER DRAKE!” a familiar voice boomed.

His head snapped towards the door, standing between the frame stood Godfrey. Drake choked and turned to Rain, still indulging herself. He shoved her off Lyn, who by now shook like a leaf. Godfrey grabbed a blanket from the closet and wrapped Lyn in it. Rain made a face, left the bed to find her dress hidden amongst the myriad of clothes on the ground.

“You could have killed her!” Godfrey gritted.

Drake covered his face, etched with remorse. “I know, but — I couldn’t control myself…”

Godfrey would have none of it. “And what about next time when you kill her? You’re just going to say it was an accident!”

Rain sauntered to a corner. She clipped her bra and slipped on a pair of panties. Godfrey pointed a finger and gave an accusing glare.

Rain tilted her head. “What?”

Godfrey’s nostrils flared. He stormed towards her and slammed his palm against her cheek. Rain jeered and glared, ready to rip Godfrey to shreds with her talons.

“Godfrey, enough!”

Rain stopped suddenly. Drake tucked Lyn away with another blanket and reached for the pair of jeans on the floor. He stood between Rain and Godfrey, keeping her back with an arm.

“Good God Master Drake! Why are you sleeping with this — this harlot? Lyn is your bloody wife, for christ sakes!”

Rain stood on her toes, peeking over Drake’s shoulder. “Tread your words carefully old man…”

Godfrey regarded her coldly.

Drake sighed as he pulled the jeans to his waist and buttoned it. “Why did you come here, Godfrey?”

Godfrey crossed his arms. He checked Lyn’s pulse, timing the beats with his watch. His expression softened after determining the severity of her trauma. A guilt-ridden Drake returned to her side, placing a hand over her hair and kissing her forehead.

“Forgive me…”

“Like it or not, I’m still your butler,” Godfrey said, “and speaking to you as a friend. I don’t think it would be a good idea to keep her around!”

A silent battle ensued between Godfrey and Rain. Neither one showed any sign of relenting, even though the outcome seemed obvious. A petite woman appeared behind Godfrey, hands clenched to his shirt, Ella.

Ella tilted her head and glimpsed Lyn. She shot past Godfrey to her sister’s side. When she saw Rain, her stomach sank and face turned ashen. Drake could see the terror festering in her eyes. Rain’s eyes were absent of any emotion. Nothing but some kind of Indigo colored nightmare that still weighed on Ella.

Despite the recent change of heart. It didn’t change a thing about Rain. She was still a killer. Ella saw her no differently. Nor did Lyn, even if love helped her set aside that hatred for Drake’s benefit. Drake moved as a brand new man, skin and eyes bright, muscles stout, and his wounds nothing more than deep scars.

The warmth from his two lovers truly rejuvenated him, to include — Lyn’s blood…

Ella shook Lyn’s body. “Lyn! Lyn! Wake up-!”

Godfrey placed a hand on her shoulder. “I promise you, she’ll be okay. There was just a minor accident-”

Ella swatted away Godfrey’s hand. She could see it in Lyn’s face; the deep punctures on her neck from Drake’s fangs the blood oozing from it that collected on the sheets. Although Godfrey’s words remained truthful, nothing would convince Ella otherwise. Who could blame her?

First, Ella turned to Drake, threw herself at him, and pounded his chest with all her might. He stood there like a mountain, not moving no matter how much the wind howled.

Rain smacked her forehead. “This is unbelievable. Drake, why are you putting up with these people?”

He pushed Ella back several feet with the tap of a finger. She hit the ground ass first and whined, perplexing Godfrey and even Rain.

“Enough of this,” Drake said. “You will not speak unless spoken to.”

“If Lyn dies, it’s a small price to pay, considering everything she’s done…” Rain said.

Her words hit Godfrey like a revelation. “And you’re a saint?”

Rain shrugged. “All things considered, I’ve been loyal to him. If not for me, Sullivan and the four horsemen would still roam the world destroying cities.”

She put on her dress and pulled the straps over her shoulder. Then she turned her back to Drake, an unzipped zipper facing him. He zipped the back of her dress and she rubbed Drake’s chest; another act of defiance to Godfrey. Lyn’s eyes opened, and she sat up, breasts covered by the sheets. Drake sat next to her, caged her in his arm. Lyn’s gaze turned to Rain.

She disregarded Drake’s words, the hues of green and blue in her eyes fierce. Then said: “I claim the right of challenge. Godfrey’s right, there’s only room for one of us. And you certainly don’t belong here…”

Rain shook her head. “Big talk for someone who doesn’t have much blood left.”

Godfrey opened the mini fridge by the nightstand. Chilled air escaped, bottles of blood filled every shelf. Lyn gave Drake a rueful look and rubbed her aching neck.

As Rain left the room, she bumped Godfrey with her shoulder, making him stumble. “Meet me in the courtyard. And Drake, if I win. The first person I’m eating is Godfrey…”

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