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She treaded cautiously through the forgotten and flooded catacombs beneath Notre Dame. Her steps splashed in small puddles of water along with the group behind her. Bats screeched and rats scrambled for safety at their approach. Serina and her colleagues, all dressed in black fatigues and heavily armed with assault rifles weren’t your average treasure hunters. Small beams of light peeked through the ceiling which the group made certain to avoid.

The forgotten catacombs housed many tombs. Skulls of human heads and limbs littered the floors and tombs, perhaps victims of the plague. Though, one could also speculate it was an ideal resting place for people the government wanted to silence. Serina removed her mask, revealing a gorgeous woman with golden locks tied into a side plait. Her hallow eyes were the color of fresh honey.

“This is the spot. He’s beneath us,” she said.

“Are you sure?” a man among the group asked.

She nodded. Beneath them lay Drake’s grand tomb, covered in dust and cobwebs, untouched for decades. A giant circle surrounded them that made up the layout of his tomb. On its surface were alien glyphs of a forgotten language. Serina rested her lamp on the tomb.

A curious colleague picked up a broken tablet lying on the floor. He eyed it curiously. “What’s this bullshit on it?” he asked demurely.

Serina scoffed. She snatched the tablet from him. “It’s Greek and Aramaic...” she informed, “at least two thousand years old or more-”

The ground beneath them rumbled from a small tremor. Serina and the group dispersed as the terrain began to sink into a small hole that swallowed everything in its wake. A massive arm emerged from the hole snatching the curious man from before by the head. His shrill was short-lived as his head was ripped from his body spraying blood into the air. The headless body stumbled backward into a ray of sun, disintegrating upon contact. Serina stifled a scream as a figure emerged from the hole.

The figure was a being unlike any other. A demon-like being with a massive wingspan. He sported huge fangs in razor-sharp talons. His muscular body cast a shadow over Serina with red, leathery skin and large horns. A golden necklace rested on his neck that blinded Serina with its glare.

Drake released an angry roar that shook the very foundation of the catacombs. Serina fell to her knees, bowing before him. “We finally found you...”

Serina walked down the stone halls of the huge estate. It was heavily decorated with tapestries, statues of armor, and lavish furniture. The estate closely resembled that of a castle with a gothic age look to it. This time of year made the area around it extremely dark and gloomy. She walked through a large double wooden door, closely guarded on each side by armed men. The door closed behind her as she walked in. A man closely observed several monitors.

“What’s he been up to?” Serina inquired, peering over his shoulder at the monitor.

“Feeding,” the man answered, his eyes were wide with shock. “He’s gone through twelve of them so far-”

“I’m going in there,” Serina said as she pranced towards Drake’s chamber.

“That’s not a good idea,” a woman warned.

Serina glanced towards the door to see Rain entering. Her colorful pink hair and braids were undeniable. She wore a sparkling red dress fit for the Emmy awards with white sleeves that covered her arms. A small, golden statue was cradled in her arms.

Rain winked. “Sorry, I’m late. Had an Emmy to win.”

Serina scowled. The metal door to Drake’s chamber unlocked as she approached. A blast of cold air greeted her with the smell of fresh blood. The inside was dimly lit with a single light. The chamber was frigid and Serina could see her breath as she exhaled. She stepped closer, nearly stumbling over the corpse of a woman freshly killed. Huge fang marks anointed her bleeding neck and lifeless body. She saw a figure towards the back of the chamber masked in black. The same demonic figure from the tomb...

He released the woman in his grasp letting her body fall to the ground. Serina froze, the bodies of other women scattered the floor, all shriveled and drained of blood. Drake turned his attention to her. He shifted his form, stepping into the single light as a human. A muscular and handsome man with raven hair and dark red eyes. He wiped the blood from his mouth.

His red eyes blazed at Serina. “You shouldn’t have woken me,” he scorned.

Serina gulped. A part of her thought she would end up like the other women in the chamber. She stood her ground as Drake paced around her. “Your people need you...” she finally spoke.

Drake wrapped a hand around her throat and pulled her towards him. He threatened her with his massive fangs. “What makes you think I care?” he gritted under his breath.

Serina trembled. “You’ve been in hibernation for thirty years. You have the power to save us, in your blood. Drake, our people are dying...” she pleaded.

He released her and shook his head. “Where is my familiar!” he burst.

Serina placed a hand on his broad chest, a glyph was branded onto the middle of his chest. “We’ll get her here as soon as possible,” she comforted. “Have you had enough to eat?”

“Those humans,” he paused, “where did you get them?”

Serum snickered. “You could say they’re donations from certain families. Some are just homeless, nobodies that no one really cares about. Trust me, no one will miss them...”

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