Lightnings Journey

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What was Lightning like before being turned into stone? What adventure on Mystica did he have? Follow Lighting on his journey to capture the rogue dark magic.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Hunter and Holly

Lightning’s Journey

Holly had a strange feeling Hunter was in danger. She grabbed some meat and snacks, placing them in a sack to carry. She ran towards the plains like a wild animal was after her. Her breath came out in rapid puffs, and her leger were sore from running so fast. She knew her brother had gone after the wizard. Her brother always took responsibility for his actions. He thought it was his fault the black shadow magic has appeared. The last place it was seen was the Purple Plains.

Holly’s white skin and freckled face made her stick out like a sore thumb in the Purple Plains. There was nowhere to hide here, even though it was said the Plains People could hide in plain sight. Their dark skin camouflaged with the shadows of the grasses and plaint on the plains. Holly was just thinking of this, when two warriors seemed to jump out of the purple grass surprising her. The warriors had what looked like paint smeared on their faces and skin. The color matched that of the grasses and flowers.

They communicated with hand signals, pointing to Holly and then each other. Holly found herself being led to the center of their village. She was pushed by the warriors to the front of the Shaman’s hut.

The Shaman was tall, about six feet. He had grey streaks in his black hair. His eyes were ice blue and seemed to dance. He was dressed in furs with feathers in his hair, with a necklace of bones hanging around his neck.

He squatted down to Holly’s level.

“You search for the boy, “he spoke

Holly could only nod.

“He is on the man quest, you cannot follow there,” he paused and spread his hand out to the teepees in the village spread out in a circle.

Holly wanted to find her brother, but she knew the Plains could be a dangerous place with wolf-like creatures. She was tired and hungry. She smelled the bread the Plains People were baking, and it seemed so good. Perhaps she could stay here and wait for her brother.

While Holly was enjoying the baked bread, Hunter and the other boys were sent out into the Plains. They were to spend the night and see if a spiritual animal visited them.

They were each blindfolded to a different part of the Plains. They were instructed to stay awake and be aware. They had to fast for their bodies to accept the spirit animal. Once their spiritual animal appeared, they could return.


Lightning was ready for another day on Mystica. This land was his home. He loved everything from the oceans, mountain, and even the mysterious Purple Plains. He hated to see destruction that was caused by the constant fights with the dark wizards. Often, he would go back and “fix” things that were destroyed. Though using magic left a toll on his body and aged him more rapidly.

Lightning was already the oldest of the white wizards. He served the Goddess of Light. To symbolize this, he wore a white robe stitched with lightning streaks of silver. His hair was white, and his eyes were blue. His eyes pierced your soul if you looked too closely. It was rumored he could read souls by looking into your eyes.

There was a storm brewing today. Lightning loved to watch the dark clouds roll in and his namesake in the sky. The Goddess had given him the name to remind him of the power of light and might. Lightning streaks but a for a second or two but packs a powerful punch. It can fell trees in a flash.

Through the blasts of lightning, he saw a group of travelers. They seemed to be struggling with wagons and carts. Those messy humans trying to travel in a storm, he thought to himself. Where did they think they were going and why the hurry? Couldn’t they wait the storm out?

Lightning longed to find out the answers to his questions. He shifted into a cloud. All of the six wizards on Mystica could morph into clouds to travel long distances and to stay hidden if need be. He floated his cloud shape over to where the caravan was. He observed the humans from there.

He amused himself but listening to their arguments. He didn’t understand why these humans fretted over such silly things. What did it matter who rode in front or back? They were all going the same direction. He listened to them bicker about who slept in a tent or who slept upon roll out mats or on the grass. Lightning preferred to sleep in the clouds when he could. He used magic to make them if there were none in the sky.

The humans intrigued him, so he stayed his course. Listening, watching and floating along in the sky in his cloud shape. Their arguments were so loud they carried on the wind to his cloud. He mostly just ignored them. Then to his surprise, he noticed two young ones in the back of the caravan, a boy and a girl. The fellow villagers seemed to constantly yell at them. “Move faster, stop this, Stop that”

Lightning wanted to see why. When he looked at the children, he felt bad for them. They looked very thin and hungry. Their clothes were hanging off their small bodies in tatters. Mats and tangles covered their hair (and maybe lice too, thought Lightning).

Lightning started leaving treats for the children. He came down from his cloud form and disguised himself as a beggar. His robe now looked like a dirtied cape. It was hard to hide the lightning flashes in the irises in his eyes, but he tried.

Lightning and the children had their own “secret club” in the back. The talked, laughed, and sometimes Lighting would do juggling acts. Three sticks or rocks he would throw up into the air and catch them with ease. The children enjoyed this so.

Lightning found a feeling towards these children he could not describe. It was like what he felt for his brothers, but deeper and stronger. He felt he needed to protect these children. Of the whole party moving along, only these two children interested him.

Lightning had never wanted more than to serve the Goddess and keep the magic in balance. Yet, for the children he yearned for a place to lay their heads, maybe a bedtime story. He wished for them a place to feel warm and loved, and not left behind to scramble for scraps of food like dogs. He was tempted to use his magic, and make them a house, but he stopped himself. He didn’t know much about children, but he was pretty sure that would not work.

He continued to travel with them and leave them food when he could. An apple here or there, or a slice of bread “accidently” found on the ground. The children always shared with each other. Lightning worried about them, as they still looked too pale and thin even with his extra helpings.

The group of travelers continued getting dust and dirt everywhere. The dust blew into their lungs and clung to their wagons and wares. It seemed they were in a hurry to get where they were going. The adults yelled at the younger ones “Hurry, hurry, catch up or you’ll be left behind.” Lightning wondered if they could be so cruel. Still, the two children Lighting had befriended lagged the rest of the group.

The children thought anywhere they were going was better than the charred remains of their village. Little did they know they were headed towards Mayna, the capital city. They meant to get jobs, housing, food. They were going to plea before the King to help them. They were also going to ask for the two children orphans to be taken off their hands, but the children did not know this.

The travelers did not really want the children with them. They had come across them in a burned down village and couldn’t bring themselves to leave them there. But it they died on the way to Mayna, or the king worked them to death that was another story. Their consciousness’ would be clear. After all, if it wasn’t for these two children, they would get to Mayna faster and have more food rations to share.

Hunter and Holly

Hunter and Holly both had blue eyes, but Hunter had deep brown hair, while Holly had blonde hair. Hunter has a bit of a darker tint to his skin. Holly was very fair skinned. Holly always followed Hunter everywhere. They were inseparable. Now, all they had was each other.

As they approached Mayna, the held hands. They leader of the group they had been traveling with asked for an audience with the King. He asked for food and shelter for his place, and a place for the children. The travelers were given a plot of land to farm, along with some seeds to plant. In exchange, they would pay taxes and swear fealty to the King. The travelers disbursed to their new land, hope in their hearts.

The King assigned Hunter to the army barracks to learn to be a squire and help the knights with their armor. Holly was sent to the castle kitchens, to help peel the vegetables and such.

They were sad at times to be separated. This was the first time they were apart. Hunter often found ways to sneak into the kitchen to check on Holly. Holly would bring Hunter leftovers wrapped in linens when she could. Hunter always shared with the fellow squires. They developed a secret code of knocks, to know it was each other visiting.

Hunter enjoyed watching the Knights practice. The long lances, and tall horses with hooves stomping, and swords dashing back and for entranced him. It would soon be time for a championship, where they battled each other to see who was best. All of the squires were talking about, and ensuring all the weapons were sharpened, the saddles polished, and horses fed.

Here, in the barracks, no one cared he was an orphan. They only cared that he did his job and did it well. He was beginning to think he had found his place in the world.

Once the children were settled, Lightning could not just leave them. He stayed, watching them. As a beggar, he came to the kitchen. As a retired knight, he came to the barracks. He disguised himself well, and no one recognized the wizard.

One day, he had hidden himself in the clouds as Hunter was heling his knight in the practice battlefield.

As his cloud hovered over the dirt field, he felt a presence of magic. He wondered if one of the dark wizards were up to their tricks. Yet, the magic was coming from one of the knights in the practice arena.

A cloud of black smoke billowed from the silver armor of the Knight. His eyes turned black. He started attacking the fellow Knights with Hunter right in the middle. Stomp, stomp went the Knight with his metal boots. He walked like a zombie. He knocked over soldiers left and right. The other knights rushed out to see what they could do, to assist their fellow arms men. The silver Knight seemed to ignore them and headed straight towards Hunter.

Lighting could not bear to see Hunter hurt or killed, plus he was curious about this Knight. Where had this foul magic come from? He had no time to ponder this thought, as he came down from the clouds.

Lighting came down prepared to attack, with lightning strikes in both hands. His white robe was flashing and flickering with lightning too. The stitched lightning bolts on his robe sparkled with electricity. Little white sparks flying into the air, sizzling when they landed. He zapped the lightning bolts towards the knight, clearing the field. Hunter and the other Knights ran out the way.

Now, it was just the knight and Lightning. The knight clamored towards Lightning, trying to hit him with this sword. The sword struck Lightning’s shield with a deafening crack. They circled each other, each waiting for the other to attack.

Lighting took the Knight’s hesitation as a chance to say a spell

Magic strikes

Magic calls

Make this one fall

The knight fell with a loud band, and black magic smoke oozed from the cracks in the armor. The Knight still managed to get back up, though he looked like a puppet with no strings. The knight drew daggers that were hidden in his armor and threw them at Lightning. Lighting blocked the daggers with his magic and speed. Getting frustrated, the Knight went towards Lightning in blazing fast speed, both hands grabbing Lightning’s neck.

Lightning zapped him using his robe and Lighting magic. As the electricity of the lighting hit the Knight, its body changed from black magic to white magic. Still, the black magic oozed and quickly took over again. Lightning had to do something quick.

Lightning strike

Bright your light

And might

Bring this knight down

To pieces on the ground

With this spell, Lighting finally got the upper hand and his white magic filled the whole knight. Remnants of black magic left in small trails of smoke as the knight fell to the ground once more.

With the immediate threat over, Lightning had to investigate this strange black magic. He could not longer afford to tarry and watch the children he had grown fond of. He jumped back into cloud form, and followed the black tendrils.

Hunter, awed with the sight of magic, decided to follow. He felt he had not done his duty. He felt a push to follow the wizard and make things right. But, it was no use trailing a wizard that could move in the sky. He found himself all alone, in the Purple plains.

The Plains people did not generally take to strangers in their lands, but they had a soft spot for children. They took Hunter in and let him train with the other young buys on how to hunt the wolf-like creatures that fed upon the grasses. Hunter liked the open fields and hunting with the bow and arrow. Again, he felt a peace, though he missed his sister.

Lightning followed the trails of the black magic to the Ice Mountains. The Ice Mountains were the home of the Ice People. They were a small race with blue skin and white hair. The black magic drifted down into the snow. It swirled and created a snow monster. The snow monster gathered all the snow around him, and started getting fatter, and wider. Black magic oozed from his eyes.

Lighting came down from his cloud form in the sky, his lightning flashes ready in his hands. He soon found out that lightning bolts were no good against the snow creature. They did not even slow him. They seemed to melt right into him. Lightning thought for a moment, and decided he needed fire, and patience to subdue the monster. Because of its size, it was a slow, lumbering beast. It seemed like everything was in slow motion as the monster climbed the mountain.

“Make me seen

In multiples

By the beast”

Lightning made magical decoys of himself to buy himself time for a new spell. Now, there was a circle of Lightnings all around the snowy hill.

The real Lightning tried not to laugh as the beast sliced his claws through the illusions. While the beast was busy, Lighting started a fire

“Fire burning bright

Red embers glow

In my hands you will grow

And fry

This monster with your might”

A small fire ball grew and grew as Lightning said his spell. He hurled it towards the snow monster. It burned a hole in the creature’s chest, and yet the monster still came. Orange and red flames flickered around its white body as it stomped its way towards Lightning.

The fire slowed the monster down even more. This gave Lightning time for another spell. I’ll fight cold with cold he thought to himself. He grew a snowball in his fist.

“Snow globe grow

With my throw

Knock this monster out”

The white snowball went towards the creature, meanwhile Lightning made ice spikes and hurtled them also.

As the monster was being pelted by snowball and ice pellets, Lighting made salt to melt the snow

“Grains of salt

Become long and tall



This creature

And make it be gone from here”

The monster melted into a pool of water streaming down the mountain side, the black magic following in the current. Lightning followed the stream of a water to a nest of sea serpents. They hissed and moved as the cool water hit their nest, except one.

The black magic entered the serpent, making it rise like a cobra. “Here we go again” Lighting thought. He didn’t wait for it to attack, he materialled an ax and starting chopping. Blood and serpent guts sprayed everywhere.

Once more, the black magic went into the sky and Lighting followed.

The Fire

Hunter had always been an outcast in his little village. Nobody really sad that to him, of course. When he did his daily chores, people would look away when they walked by him. None of the other boys his age would play pretend swords with him or ask him for a swim in the creek. He only had his sister, Holly by his side.

Hunter didn’t care what other people thought of him, but he was very overprotective of his little sister Holly. Her bright personality matched her outsides.

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