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Vladimir, a conscript in the Russian imperial army, is assigned the task of exploring a forest from which no one has left alive, and events unfold in a difficult course.

Fantasy / Action
Ali Al-Molhem
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The mission

The story is based on fiction

In 1238, during the Mongolian attack on the Russian principality of Vladimir, Prince Yuri II was able to stand up to the attack, sacrificing his life due to wounds, and he died and his son became king, so vesifold the fourth took the throne in his place.
Square announcing the royal order

Attention, attention .. The king, Vesifold IV, announces the date of the execution of his brothers, Prince Constantine and prince Andre

The headquarters of the soldiers
-Oh conscript, Vladimir the commander is calling you
-OK, I'm coming
Commander's room
-I'm Vladimir Korchov ready to sacrifice my life for the sake of the kingdom
-Gather your comrades, conscript, and head to the Rishto Forest to explore
-Okay Sir
The headquarters of the soldiers
Vladimir: Mark, Dyarov, Sunvey, Bulan, we will go on a mission
Horse stable
-Mark: How are you, Commander Vladimir, how are you? Do you want a blow in the face? I have not practiced punching for a while.
Vladimir: Please shut up
Rishto Forest
Sunfi: Do you think we're going to get out of here? It's a really scary jungle
Suddenly the arrows rain on them and a group of soldiers comes out from an unexpected place and kills Sonvi, Diarov and Bulan with the arrows, and Mark prepares his sharp sword, and he is killed by a fast person. Vladimir could not see him even when Vladimir prepares his sword for the attack, he hits a wood on his head and fainted.
To be continued..
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