The Elemental

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After the take over of the humans by the supernaturals, life has taken a turn for the worse. She is captured and enslaved. Sold off like cattle at a slaughter. Destined to be the pet to a violent master. She must hide herself from everyone, pretending to be something she is not. After being returned to the pet shop, she is bought by a new master. One who has secrets of his own. Will he be as violent with her? There is something different about him that she can’t place and over time their relationship begins to change. Can she trust him with her biggest secret? Or will her life be forever in danger?

Fantasy / Romance
K. E. Fields
4.7 16 reviews
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Chapter 1

“You have to run! Disappear!” My mother rushed around the house throwing clothes into a bag.

“Mom, wait!” I watched helplessly as she wrapped some bread, cheese and apples into the bag. She wouldn’t stop to listen. Her face a perfect mask of fear and desperation.

“No! You must run! Take her and run! Don’t look back, not even for a second.” She placed a small, wrapped object in my hand, wrapping my fingers firmly around it. “Protect her with your life.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “I will. I promise.”


We ran. We ran for days on end. Resting for a few hours when the sun fell and resuming before it rose again the next day.

After two weeks of constant moving, I stupidly let my guard down.

I got careless. I should have been watching, expecting it. They would never give up. Why didn’t I see it?

But I did not, not until it was too late.


Click. Click. Click.

The rhythmic steps woke me from a restless slumber. I groaned, peering over at the clock hanging haphazardly on cement wall.

7 AM. Same as every day. Not that I could tell, with how dark it was in the windowless room. My body screamed in protest at being woken when it had barely rested.

The lock on the door slid out of place, and the creak of the metal reverberated around the room. The light flicked on, accosting my eyes in bright, fluorescent light. I blinked rapidly, hoping to adjust and keep the headache at bay.

Click. Click. Click. Her high heels left no doubt who was entering my room.

“Subject 2, preparing for testing.” The shrill voice made me wince. I tilted my head to the side until the blonde hair of a certain “doctor” came into view.

“Morning already, huh?” My greeting was ignored, like always. “Good to see you too, Doctor. Having a nice day?”

Silence. I rolled my eyes.

From where I was strapped to the bed, I could see the woman drawing up liquid into syringes. Another day in hell.


She roughly grabbed my arm, holding it out before stabbing the first of many needles into my arm.

I felt the cool liquid rushing through my veins. I felt my brain become fuzzy. I couldn’t think properly, and my body became sluggish. An inhibitor. They didn’t want me to do anything foolish.

Like beat them to a bloody pulp and escape.

She unlatched the restraints on my arms and legs. Hauling me to my feet, she shoved me towards the bathroom, not caring that I was stumbling. My brain was unable to coordinate my movements.

“Hurry or you won’t get another chance.”

Aw. Bless them. Giving me three whole bathroom breaks a day. So considerate. And with no privacy either!

Pervy assholes. I guess they like watching young women sit half naked on a porcelain throne.

The moment she hears the toilet flush, she has me in her talons. Throwing me back on the bed to be shackled once more.

“Test number 501.” She speaks out to the video camera installed in the very corner of the cell.

“Confirmed. Proceed with test 501.” His voice comes over the loudspeaker making me shiver. He is always there. Wanting to see how his little experiments go.

He will always be disappointed. I will never give in. I will never give up. Not if it means her life. Right now, I just need to sit and take it. Gather my energy and knowledge of the facility. He will not touch her as long as I comply...or so he says.

Vaguely, I watched the doctor move towards me with three syringes in her hand. My body tensed.

“Go slowly. Extend it.” He growled over the loudspeaker. “Push over the course of one hour.”

Fuck me. Fuck him! That asshole.

The doctor slowly inserts the needle into my vein and begins pushing the substance.

Immediately, I feel a fire rushing into my body. It races through my veins igniting me. I can’t withhold the scream from the agony I feel. But they are immune to the noise.

My muscles begin to shake and tremor. They tighten and become rigid while still violently shaking. The restraints pull and tug against my skin as I thrash from side to side. They are still red and raw from yesterdays torture.

From my limited view, I can see my veins turning purple. Traveling up my arm to my neck and most likely spreading across my chest. The poison continues to travel, wreaking havoc on my body.

“Any changes? Pupils?” The sneering voice cuts through my screams.

The blonde bitch forcefully holds open an eyelid, shining a light into my eye.

“No response.”

“Impossible! This is our most potent serum! A human can not take this!” A loud crash sounds through the room as the bastard becomes more frustrated.

“Vampire venom is toxic to every known creature. How is she lasting?” The doctor queries.

“Push it all, now!” The doctor obeys and pushes the rest of the venom into my veins.

The pain is immense. Pushing it faster makes the burn almost intolerable.

Black dots dance around my vision.

Scratch that.....

It is intolerable. In a desperate bid for some relief, I black out. The last thing I hear is, “I guess we will need to begin testing on Subject 1.”



Hey guys! If you read prior to 2021, the chapter that I had previously will take part later in the story. It felt too unoriginal to start there. However, this will be a vampire/Pet/Human story so you will most likely notice some similarities down the line. I will make my best effort to be original! If you have suggestions or things you would like to see in the story, let me know! I love comments and feedback! <3

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