The Elemental

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Chapter 2

What the fuck.

A dead weight was keeping my eyelids down, preventing me from seeing where I was. My whole body felt heavy, like it was weighed down. I briefly accounted that all my fingers and toes are still attached to my body. I feel the restraints still shackling me to the bed which tells me I’m most likely in the cell still. I am not sure how long I’ve been out. That last injection was a doozy.

After a herculean effort, I’m able to crack my eyes open. The light in the cell, although dim, still seemed to accost my pounding head. All I could hear now was the thumping rhythm of the blood rushing around my brain. A wave of nausea rolled through me as my body became more awake. With nowhere to go, I tilted my head as far over the side of the bed as I could, retching up the bile in my stomach. There was nothing but acid for me to vomit up. The taste instantly sparking another retribution from my stomach. My muscles cramped and I fought to stay awake.

My body was weak. Having no sustenance since the night before they tested me has made the healing process slower than normal. Hopefully, they don’t catch on to that fact or their next test might actually do some damage. So far, all their testing has been able to do is cause immense pain along with certain scarring I could not heal.

I need some sort of nourishment soon or I will not be able to break out of here.

My ears perk up at the sounds of distant voices.

“Boss man won’t like it if another test goes wrong. I’m sick of this shit.” One man grumbles.

“Be quiet man. He has surveillance everywhere. You know what happens when he gets angry. It took days to wash the walls from the last guy who made him mad.”

Well, that doesn’t bode well.

“Yeah, yeah. Not much we can do if he did get mad. His powers are ruthless.”

Shit. This may be trickier than I thought. I’ve only seen the man twice, usually only hearing him on the intercom. I didn’t know he had powers; this is surprisingly the first I’m hearing of it. I figured he was just a freak who wanted to create the next breed of superhumans.

I groan, immediately regretting doing so.

“Sounds like she’s awake.” I can hear the smirk in his voice. The footsteps draw closer until they are right outside my cell. The lock slides back and the door swings open.

Two sets of black combat boots step into my line of sight.

“Ugh. Disgusting. She puked.”

“Not surprising with what they do to her. Just leave it. It’s her issue now. She made the mess; she can live with the smell.”

How delightful are they? What was I supposed to do, magically break my chains and find some cleaning products?

Assholes. It’s no surprised he employs awful people.

I just want out of these chains. My muscles are weak from lack of moving and my wrists and ankles are raw, open and bleeding. I need to be able to get out of here quickly and silently. One more good meal in me and I should be able to execute my plan.

After a year of being in these walls, I’ve been able to more or less make out the guard routes, when the shift change is, and a little of the layout of the building.

I know we are underground. This is a whole facility built underneath a small warehouse. I know there is an elevator somewhere in this building and I know there are approximately 20 different cells along with a weapon testing room, medical bay (not for ensuring the health of prisoners), and surveillance room. The major downside I have is not knowing where all the cameras are positioned. I’ve been able to locate a few from the trips from my cell, to the medical bay, and back.

I know we are just outside one of the cities. I made a mental calculation of how long it took us to reach this facility once we were taken. The question is which way should I go when we escape? And which cell is hers.

I know they usually kept the prisoners that they were interested the most in, closer towards the surveillance room. From my cell, I can occasionally hear what goes on in other rooms.

“Let’s get her up and ready, he wants her in medical bay again.” The larger man grumbles and walks towards me to undo the chains.

“Okay, but she has to eat first otherwise he won’t get far with her. She’s been out for a full day.” Don’t take what he said as compassion. He does not feel bad for me. It has been thoroughly proven that I pass out more quickly when I am malnourished. The guards tend to forget this causing the boss to become angrier, and they don’t want him angry.

They roughly grab me by my arms, yanking me to my feet before pushing me into the bathroom. I stand there, trembling with the effort to stay on my feet. I can’t heal yet. I need the upper hand.

I hate when it is the male guards escorting me to the bathroom. At least the female doesn’t look. The two guards leer at me, smirks adorning their faces. One’s eyebrow raises as I continue to stand there staring.

“Get going. If you don’t pull your pants down, I’ll do it for you and I’ll be sure to have my fun along the way.” He grins and the man next to him snorts in amusement. No doubt they want a free show.

I grudgingly pull my pants down and sit on the toilet to pee, doing all I can to keep myself covered. It is embarrassing, degrading, and makes me extremely self-conscious. Plenty of the guards tend to make comments on my body. They point out everything that is wrong with me while simultaneously telling me exactly what they want to do to me. Let me tell you, for an eighteen-year-old girl who has never had sex before, their words are terrifying. I’m always petrified they would try something, and I would reveal myself too soon.

Thankfully, these guards were content to just leer at me. They escorted me from my cell to go to the medical ward where I would be given a meal prior to the next test.

I monitor my surroundings closely. Each cell door we passed; I did my best to look through the small window to see who was in there. Where is she? From what I could see, only two cells had occupants. That’s not saying much since I am the sixth cell down. There could be plenty other prisoners behind me. I mentally take account of the cameras I can see and refreshed my memory on where the exits were.

Once in medical bay, I was shocked to see both the doctor and the boss standing there. A small, evil smile was fixed to his face while his eyes glinted with what was to come. This isn’t good. If he has powers he might, just might, be able to make me snap. I’d have to act soon. I’ll wipe that stupid smirk off his face once and for all. They have no idea what will come of them.

They don’t know what I am. They don’t know what I can do. All they know, is that somehow, I’ve been immune from their experiments and I’m able to heal quickly.

This is their mistake. If they knew, they would have had more guards.

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