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Hiyphur (Hi-fur) is a loner who has lived her whole life with mysterious abilities. She has tried her best to keep her powerful glowing eyes hidden from the world, so she keeps people at a distance. The annoyance of being used or not accepted is a burden she carries with her every day while navigating the world in her own way. Her fighting skills, tough attitude, and secret abilities has helped her make unlawful money while also keeping her safe. Innocent and dark curiosity from others will soon set her life into a dangerous course full of new revelations. She has an important unfolding destiny that will be intertwined with those who may share her same fate. Lives will need to be saved, but lives will also need to be forcibly taken. Kurt, the owner of Delton's motorcycle shop started at the bottom and gradually got his big success with the help of his friends, but not all of the money he's made was by the books. Him and his friends who are referred to as his crew have angered gangs with blood on their hands in exchange for their growing success. Kurt one day crosses paths with Hiyphur in an unexpected way. Shocked, he saw how her eyes glowed and how good she could fight, people acted funny when she looked into their eyes. Little did Kurt know; he has either come across the biggest come up of his life, or the biggest mistake he's ever made.

Fantasy / Other
Sharina L Martin
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Chapter 1 - Running

I’ve been called every and anything you can think of. From an alien to an animal, a blessing to a curse, a demon...a god. I was the root of all evil or the answers to someone’s prayers. Whatever label I’d be given always conflicted with another. I don’t even understand what or why I am, but it’s a curiosity I’m starting to lose more and more every day, who gives a shit anymore. Trying to figure it out has done nothing more then give me a spinning headache. There was a time in my life when I use to obsess about figuring out what this was, all the typical questions. Who, what, when, where, and why, but I always came to a dead end.

My thoughts are then interrupted by the jolt of the cross-country bus I was sitting on, it was coming to a stop. I look away from my window to peer ahead.
A bus coming to a stop in the middle of a long stretch of road surrounded by nothing but grassy hills at one in the morning? This is just great.

The other people on the bus begin to stir out of their sleep, the ones already awake stand up for a better view. The driver then makes an announcement.

“Nothing to worry about folks, just a herd of cows blocking the road!”

From all the way in the back I stand up to look out of the windshield. There was at least a dozen or more cows standing in the road blocking both lanes. The driver starts honking his horn repeatedly hoping to scare them off, but the cows don’t budge.

" Great! we’ll have to wait for them to move.” Says an older man sarcastically with a loud sigh.

The bus driver continues honking his horn and inches closer and closer to the cows. Any closer the grill would be in contact with the closest one. A young mother sitting a seat over, picks up her small son and points at the cows in hopes of amusing him.

Huffing at my situation, I snug my black beanie a little more over my head and begin to stuff away loose strands of my dark blue hair. I put the hood of my jacket over my head then begin to contemplate to myself.

Should I just wait it out? Or should I do something? It’s just cows they’ll probably move in another five minutes for all I know. Regardless, I just don’t want to be on the bus with these people any longer than I have to.

A guy who could probably be a few years older than me is sitting in front of me. Still sitting in his seat, he turns around and makes a joke to me about the cows making him hungry for ribs. He looked to be mixed with a multiple of things, one obviously being black sense he had a tanned brown complexion, and long curly hair put up in a high bun. He had on a dark red hoodie with black pants and a pair of headphones resting around his neck. Waiting for my response he smiles at me. I silently give him my attention for a moment but then look away without a returned smile or a chuckle. Even while looking ahead, I could see the look of defeat on his face for a conversation in my peripheral view. He quietly turns back around in his seat and looks ahead like everyone else.

I finally sit back down and pull my phone out from my coat pocket to check the time once again. It was 1:09am and I noticed that I had ten missed calls. Already knowing who it is without unlocking my screen, I just smirk and return my phone back into my pocket.

“Finally, I can see your smile.” Says the stranger sitting in front of me.

I look up and he’s looking at me with another smile.

“Stop!” I cold and bluntly say to him before looking away then out my window.

“I’m sorry.” Says the stranger.

“I know this may be too forward, but you’re a very beautiful woman and it seemed like you needed someone to brighten your day. I’ve been there plenty of times and I thought I’d...”

I then cut him off without looking at him. “I thought I asked you to stop?”

I can feel him staring at me for a moment before sighing then turning back around in his seat. I momentarily stare at him after he turns around. I gently shake my head before grabbing my duffle bag sitting on the seat next to me and put it on my lap. looking back out of the window, my eyes land on the dirt path that I spotted going around a large hill nearby. It had a few tire prints from what could be from several bikes over a period of years. It also had a few footprints and dog prints.

I stand up with my duffle bag and put it on my seat. Quickly, I grab my backpack that was stuffed under the seat in front of me and put it on. I grab my duffle bag and begin walking to the front of the bus. Everyone looks up at me confused while a few of them whisper to one another. I walk up to the bus driver and speak to him in a low voice almost a whisper.

“Excuse me sir, this is where you let me off.”

The bus driver then turns his attention to me with a look of confusion that slowly disappears. Before he can get a word out, I repeat my sentence.

“Sir... this is where you open the door and let me off.”

Without taking his eyes off me, he complies by opening the door. I walk off the bus and immediately feel the cool brisk air of the night hit my face. The hood of my jacket was blocking my side vision while I was speaking to him. I didn’t even see the reactions from the other passengers, but I could feel all the shocked and confused eyes burning my back as I began walking away. I was disappearing into the night and heading towards the trail I spotted. If I were a regular person on that bus watching this all unfold, it all would be bizarre to me too.

Both of my bags are heavy, but I fight through the exhaustion of carrying them until I get around the hill and out of sight of the bus. I drop the bag in my hand for a quick rest of my arm muscles as I look around. It was then that I noticed that this trail continues up and around another hill.

Letting out a sigh, I sit on top of my bag as the condensation of my breath appears and disappears in front of me. After a few minutes, I then take my backpack off and stand up. I roll my neck, stretch my arms, and crack my back before zipping up my jacket and taking off my hood. I stare at the corner of the hill I just walked around moments ago. As expected, and like clockwork I see the flicker of a flashlight. The person rounds the hill revealing to be the man who was sitting in front of me on the bus. He walks a few more steps before he stops in his tracks when his flashlight lands on me. He then pulls out a gun with a silencer and points it at me. Almost immediately, he looks slightly away but keeps me in view. I finally break my silence.

“On whose behalf are you here for?” I ask smugly.

“No wait! Don’t answer! Let me guess...”

I tap at my chin as I pretend to brainstorm.

“I see the family resemblance. Lyla sent you to follow me.”

I then let out a scoff at the situation.

“How annoying.”

Nervous and slightly shaking, the man finally utters out his first words sense the bus.

“I didn’t believe the stories! I thought my family was losing their minds! My sister and my dad are in a fucking psycho ward! My grandfather died yesterday from brain issues! It happened right after he spoke of you, his eyes rolled to the back of his head then he collapsed right in front of me!”

I shrug. “Sounds like the old skin bag couldn’t handle it.”

“SHUTUP!” He shouts angrily.

“My grandmother begged me to watch you and follow you because she says you have the power to fix this! To bring people back! I didn’t believe her! I only followed you to see exactly what it was about you that ruined my family. I thought you were probably just some sick con artist or a rip off magician! I just wanted answers from you! That is until I witnessed what happened on the bus. What did you do to that bus driver? What’s wrong with him? He’s been spaced out and isnt responding to anyone! What the fuck is wrong with him?! Is that what you did to my family?!”

Looking him over, I notice him starting to tremble as his heart raced through his skin. His pours filled up with sweat as he gripped his gun with trigger happy fingers. I respond to him in a calm but cold tone.

“I see she told you not to look directly at me, are you scared?”

He doesn’t respond as I take a step closer, but he immediately yells at me.


I do as he says and stop my feet. The man puts the flashlight under his arm while still pointing the gun at me. He begins patting his pockets for his phone in an attempt to multitask. I roll my eyes as he finally pulls out his phone. With a loud sigh, I slide a small sharp dagger out of my sleeve and rest it hidden in my hand.

“Dude, your grandmother is lying to you. I can’t fix people! I can’t bring people back from the dead! Nor can I turn water into fucking wine! Or split the sea in half!”

I shake my head.

“Man, that old broad is crazy.”

“NO! SHE’S NOT!” He yells out.

“As a matter of fact! This just proves that she’s been right all along! You have powers!”

I scoff with a chuckle.

“DUDE! Exactly how much does Lyla really give a fuck about you to send you after me? She knew there was most likely a chance you’d die or get terribly hurt but it was a chance she was willing to take. She wants me for her own selfish reasons! You’re nothing but someone to throw away because you hold no value to her! The same goes for the rest of your family.”

I grip the dagger tightly in my palm as I calm my entire body. Suddenly in a blink of an eye, I lift my arm and throw the sharp dagger quicker than a lightning strike. The dagger goes spinning and cuts through the air. Its sharp tip punctures his neck causing his head to jolt backwards from the pain and force. In reaction, he squeezes the trigger on his gun and shoots a few rounds in my direction. He falls to his knees and drops his phone as the gun remained gripped in his hand.

At that same moment during those few seconds of shots being fired. I blink and reveal a thin rimmed blue glow around my pupils. The colors were fading between different shades of blue as I see each bullet coming towards me. I began to walk up to him calmly as I dodged each bullet flying inches from my chest and my face. I was now standing in front of him, so I snatch the gun out of his hand then forcefully push him back by his face. He falls backwards onto the ground, so I put my knee on his chest while also holding him down with my free hand. I then bend in close to his face while I point the gun at his temple. looking him directly in his eyes, the glowing blue ring around both of my pupils then begins to fill out into my entire pupil. One shade of blue after another was capturing his fixed gaze. It was now finally time to speak.

“Now listen to me carefully, I threw the knife in a part of your neck that won’t kill you or bleed out if you don’t take it out. I recommend you get back on the bus and head to a hospital as soon as possible. By the time you get back to the bus you’ll be back to normal.Yea, you’ll be inpain with a knife in your neck, but you’ll be your bodies pilot again. The story you will tell is that you heard coyotes on your way back and pulled out your knife for protection. In a panic you ran and accidently tripped and fell on it, just one of those freak accidents. Be sure to let those nosy fucking passengers know that I had a family emergency and was able to catch a lift from the farmer whose house is just over this hill. And if even after this you’re running errands for Lyla, be sure to tell her to back. The fuck. Off!”

I then get closer to his face.

“I also recommend that you never attempt to follow me again, because next time my dagger will be a centimetre to the left.”

I then get off him and stand up. I inhale and close my eyes then open them while exhaling. In a matter of a second, I no longer had any trace of blue in my eyes and they were back to their regular dark brown state.

Suddenly, his phone a few feet away lights up from an incoming call. I aim the gun at it and shoot a single round which destroyed it instantly. I then look at him.

“Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind.”

He immediately gets up with the dagger protruding from his throat. He was checked out with no signs of life in his eyes and begins his walk back to the bus.

I sit back on my duffle bag with a sigh.

This is exactly what I meant when I said I didn’t know what I was. My name is Hiyphur, and to say that I have unnatural eyes is an understatement.

I stand up then put my backpack on before picking up my duffel bag. I once again begin my walk on the dirt path that led over the hill.

When I was twelve, I found out that when I looked and fixed my gaze long enough, my pupils begin to lightly glow and turn blue. I already had amazing sight without it, but when I really focused on people or objects, everything slowed down for me. My glowing eyes tend to expose things about what I had my sights set on. It’s not always useful information, but that’s an aspect that I never had control of. Where your peripheral view in your eyes ended is where mine started. I could see anything clearly that wasn’t directly behind me and that’s without even triggering my eyes. When my eyes light up, I can bring people into my own gaze and unlock something in their brain through their eyes. With that, I momentarily make them mine.

I remember when I did it accidentally for the first time one day when me and my sister had a staring contest. Her pupils opened, and she lost all life in her face. It scared the shit out of me, my mom and stepdad didn’t know what to do so they hopped in the car to take her to the hospital. But before they could throw the car in reverse, she snapped out of it. I’ve never completely gripped how to describe the feeling of invading someone’s body and mind. It was like their soul or brain was so overpowered by my gaze that they did what I wanted.

After breaking eye contact while my glows are on, people will do exactly as I say. If I don’t give any orders they just remain still. The lights are on, but nobody is home. The amount of time always changes but it has yet to go past 10 minutes. Once they come out of it, they’ll retain my orders or what I’ve said to them for a day or two like brain wash.

For example, the guy that followed me will get back to the bus and be snapped out of it. He’ll act like his normal self, but he’ll recite what I told him to say believing every word of it himself. Mentally, he’ll have just gotten scared by the sounds of coyotes around him. He’ll remember pulling out the dagger and running as fast as he can. He’ll recall minor details like running out of breath as he hurriedly ran through the grass. The jolt of him tripping and hitting the ground which resulted in him accidentally stabbing himself will all seem like it really happened. People usually fill the blanks in with their own imagination, it’s like when you’re dreaming, your mind just comes up with the story.

That guy will also temporarily forget his actual life prior to the incident. As far as he knows, he was just doing a good deed by checking on a random lady who walked off the bus. What led him to being on a bus in the first place is something his own mind comes up with. Once his actual memory and recollection of what really happened comes back, it will be up to him to decide if he’ll stick with my version of things or not. Usually after people witness firsthand what I can do, they decide to follow my orders. Besides, they will lose credibility if I tell them to recite a detailed story that completely changes a few hours later. Who would believe someone telling them a black woman with dark blue hair and glowing eyes hypnotized them into lying anyways? Not that he saw my hair, but in other cases that’s what was witnessed.

Panting and catching my breath, I finally spot the farmhouse and stop in my tracks to take it all in. I turn to my right and notice a few horses staring at me behind a fence then running off into the night. They weren’t apart of the farm, they appeared to be wild horses.

I look back forward and continue down the path towards the home.

As for who that guy is that shot at me, he was Lyla Kalindo’s grandson. Lyla was an elderly neighbor of mine that lived next door to a house I was renting a room out of. One late night while home alone, I heard her and her family screaming bloody murder. Come to find out, her house was getting broken into by four armed men. I knew interfering would be risky but I did it anyways. I ended up saving Lyla and her family from the intruders. Living with her was her husband, her adult granddaughter and her son. With that selfless act that I pulled I created a big problem for myself. In order to save them, I had to expose what I could do and what I was. I had no choice but to look into their eyes and give them a story to tell. Once I rushed home I knew it was time to pack up and go. But before I could, the other neighbors called the police after hearing the screams and gun shots.

I would have just taken off, but it would have cast suspicion. For the next few hours the rumors began to spread around. People were saying that them including the criminals were acting funny and seemed crazy. I knew what was really going on but the police didn’t. The members of the Kalindo family were telling different fill in the blank stories including the criminals. It was odd to the police that every single one of them told some things the same, but told some other obvious things very differently.

I’m so pissed at myself; I always fuck things up. Next thing I knew my unknown heroics became a town mystery and the rumors spread quicker than a virus. I created a new folktale that people will remember for hundreds of years called The Kalindo house or The Kalindo Family in just a matter of days.

Eventually, the Kalindo Family remembered what really happened. They all thanked me and promised to never speak of my abilities. Reading them I got a sincere energy as they smiled and invited me into their family. At the time I found that I no longer had a reason to pack up and run off. If they weren’t going to tell and weren’t freaked out I didn’t have to leave, and it was a relief.

As the weeks began to pass, things slowly started to change. Lyla specifically became obsessed with me and would just stand outside of my house staring into my windows. For three weeks straight she would greet me every morning by falling to her knees and making silent prayers. There was even a time I woke up to her standing in my bedroom in the middle of the night watching me sleep. I had never experienced that kind of reaction from someone before and it was fucking creepy. Soon after she must have convinced her son and granddaughter to do the same.

Her husband on the other hand seemed to only want to forget but she wasn’t letting it go. Eventually he just gave in and began harassing me too. Her family seemed to just follow her lead and slowly became obsessed with me. It was like some secret unsaid agreement that they wouldn’t bring attention my way if I didn’t try reporting them to the cops.
Long story short, I got attacked by hired help to try drugging me and kidnapping me because Lyla convinced them that I was some sort of God who had a purpose. At this point I had enough, I ended up killing those people that she hired out of self-defense. She thought up her own story as to what I was and what my destiny on earth was meant for. I soon learned that she wanted to try making money by forming her own religion with me standing in as who they pray to. She eventually had even more lost people who followed her lead and became weird like her. That incident is why I’m currently in the middle of nowhere walking in the cold night towards the ranch of a stranger. I could have killed Lyla and her band of clowns if I wanted to, but the last thing I needed was more police investigating. I didn’t need more story to add to the folklore and more town suspicions. It was all nuts, now she had sent her only sane and innocent family member after me with the hopes he can drag me back. It doesn’t help that he’s clearly also a police officer. Her family seemed not to mind taking bullets for her, there was a story there that I wasn’t interested in knowing.

I come back out of my thoughts bringing me back to my current reality. I began noticing that as I got closer to the property, the trail was lit up with small outdoor lights. The other trails around the property were lined with them too so the area looked relaxing and pretty.
There were marble horse statues on both sides of the paved walkway that led up to the front door. The house was a big light brown and dark brown two-story home with large bay windows. The view behind the house was a large harvest field surrounded by land that looked recently worked in. As I got closer, I turn my head to see that parked in the driveway was a shiny silver Chevrolet pickup truck and a mini cherry red SUV Lexus. Next to both vehicles was a Harley covered up with a bike protector.

I had a decision to make, do I go knock on the door and just deal with shit as it unfolds? Or do I steal the Harley risking waking them up? I know I could take one of the trucks...but I’ve never driven a motorcycle before.

I made my decision; I began walking up to the door. The porch sensor light turned on as I approached making me mentally note a security camera in the corner. I rang the doorbell following it with three loud knocks. Immediately, I hear two large dogs barking and running up to the front door. I drop my duffle bag and continue scanning my surroundings before I notice a few more cameras around the property. I let out a sigh and roll my eyes. A light inside finally turns on and a deep groggy voice comes out of the doorbell’s speaker.

“Can I help you?”

I look up at the camera with a forced smile.

“Hi sir, I’m so sorry to wake you at such a late hour but I’m very desperate. My car overheated so I’m stuck on the side of the road. My charger to my phone stopped working, so now my phone is completely dead. Not many cars drive down that dark road and the ones that come along wont stop to help me.”

I let out a fake sigh then continue my lie.

“I would sleep in my car until morning, but my car is too close to the road and it’s so dark. It just seems too dangerous to remain there.

I then put a desperate frown on my face and continue my speech.

“I noticed this trail and with blind luck I followed it hoping it led to a farm, so now I’m here. I don’t have to come in I just desperately need to use a phone to call a tow truck and to call my mom.”

After a long pause, I then hear someone who was probably his wife speaking to him in the background. Hopefully that was a good enough lie, but I quickly realized what he was going to say next.

“Ok well how about this, I can call the tow truck for you and you can go ahead and take a seat on the porch.”

I internally roll my eyes.

“Ok that sounds perfect thank you so much but I’d really like to call my mother. I’ve had such a long night and I just need to speak with her and make sure she knows I’m ok. I was supposed to be at her house two and a half hours ago, so I know she must be worried."

I then put on an Oscar worthy break down of tears.

“She probably called my phone a million times and it keeps going straight to voicemail. She probably called the cops for all I know."

I then note that they have a “My son is army strong” sticker on their window.

“I’m coming home to visit for the first time after being stationed in Lartville for a year, I know she’s waiting and more than likely anxious on top of it all. I just want to get home sir; my journey home hasn’t been easy.”

Theirs another pause and a few whispers, I then see movement and casted shadows behind the blinds of the window next to the door.

God! I just need one of them to open the damn door, All I need is to be face to face with one of them and it’s a wrap.

I then realize that my appearance doesn’t exactly help me, I’m carrying a large black duffel bag with a matching black backpack. For fucks sake I look like I’m dressed for a home invasion. I’ve got a Beanie on my head with my hair tucked in, a zipped up black jacket, dark blue jeans and black boots. I’ve got “keep that bitch as far away from our home in the middle of the night as possible.” Written all over me.But hopefully these people are stupid. At least my appearance falls in line with my story.

I contemplate for a moment on just kicking the door down and handling this the even harder way. The only problem is they clearly have cameras around the house. From the appearance of these camera’s it looks like they have the type of security system programmed to a panic button, I’ve seen my share. I guess hot wiring the bike wouldn’t have worked out regardless, I’d have shit to deal with no matter what plan I went with.

My thoughts are interrupted with the unlocking sound of the front door. I let out a sigh of relief and prepare myself.

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