Hope Springs

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Chapter 21

A blush once again appeared on Rhea’s face and I grinned. Rhea nodded mutely and I could barely resist the urge to squeal. I had been right! Finley was Rhea’s mate and I was so glad that Rhea had finally found her mate. Rhea edged closer to me as we neared the house and I stared at her for a moment or two.

“What’s wrong,” I finally asked and Rhea crossed her arms over her chest, glancing down at the ground before meeting my eyes.

“What if he doesn’t want me?” She finally asked, “What if the pack doesn’t approve of him and what if-”

“Rhea,” I nearly snapped, “You can’t think like that.” I softened my voice, “I know that he’s your mate and you are worried, but don’t think the worse. Why would you think that he wouldn’t want you? Rhea, you’re normally so confident and happy.”

Rhea shrugged, “I don’t know, Trinity. I really don’t.” She shook her head, as if she was dismissing all of the negative thoughts. “So, how are you adjusting to being a wolf?”

My mood soured. It seemed like since I had shifted (which had been a few days ago, maybe nearly a week) everyone was constantly asking me that question. I knew that I had been wary of being a werewolf and hadn’t exactly been open to all of my friends being werewolves, but I wished that they would stop asking me it. I was doing just fine with being a werewolf, and to be honest I loved it. It wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be at first.

“I’m doing fine Rhea,” I answered, hoping that my frustration at always being asked this question, wouldn’t show in my voice.

Rhea raised her eyebrows, giving me a look that told me that she didn’t believe me and I just sighed.

“Really I am fine,” I reiterated, “I’m just tired of everyone asking me if I’m adjusting to being a werewolf. I know I shifted a few days ago and I guess that I don’t want to be asked that question every couple of hours.”

“I know,” Rhea answered, “But look at it from our perspective. At first you hated the idea of werewolves being real and hated-”

“I wouldn’t say hated,” I interrupted giving her a stern look and Rhea rolled her eyes.

“Fine, fine. Extremely disliked, then and suddenly you shift and you aren’t freaking out, or throwing things, or going into completely isolation. I guess that it just threw us.” She said, glancing at me and hurrying her pace.

“Well I’m fine,” I answered, my tone clipped. Rhea shrugged, but she didn’t look like she believed me and I just sighed.

Fine. They didn’t have to believe me. But I was fine. I was okay with being a werewolf. Wasn’t I?

Are you okay Trinity, Max asked and I gave a start. I hadn’t been expecting him to suddenly pop into my mind.

Yeah, I’m fine. That wasn’t a lie.

Finally, we arrived at the infirmary which was about half a mile away from the main house and Dr. Waters and Max lowered Finley onto one of the hospital beds. Dr. Waters grabbed a stethoscope and Max came to my side. I glanced at him before turning my eyes back to the front.

Do you think that Finley will be okay?

Max glanced at me, his eyes conveying his surprise. Clearly, he hadn’t been listening when I had suggested that Finley and Rhea were possibly mates. Or he was just entirely oblivious. I nearly rolled my eyes. How could men be so oblivious? I realize that not all men are oblivious but many are.

Why? Are you interested in him?

See, oblivious. Although I guess in his mind it was a logical conclusion to come to, since I seemed so concerned about his well being.

No! I shouted, That’s just....No. Didn’t you see? Finley and Rhea are mates.


I repeated myself, Finley and Rhea are mates. That’s why I’m concerned about Finley’s well being.

Max nodded, tightening his arm around my waist. I didn’t see why he was so concerned about Finley. Finley couldn’t possibly be dangerous. Even if he was, he wouldn’t risk harming Rhea, I told myself.

“Will he recover?” Max finally asked the Dr. Waters who looked up from treating Finley’s wounds.

“Of course he will,” Dr. Waters answered, “He was injured, but not too severely and certainly not enough to kill. Even if he was surrounded by aconite.”

“Good, because I have plenty of questions for him.”

That sounded way too ominous. But I knew that Max, was probably just trying to be intimidating. From the way Rhea’s eyes darted worriedly to Finley, I knew that he succeeded, just not with the right person. A growl slipped out of Finley’s throat and his eyes glowed a bright luminescent green. Rhea’s cheeks turned pink and I nearly gaped at her. She was getting all flattered and embarrassed when Finley and Max were growling and staring down each other. I didn’t understand and I squeezed Max’s hand, which was still resting on my waist.

“Calm down the both of you,” I snapped, “We aren’t here to argue. We are here to find out why you were injured. Was it Loup Chasseur?”

Finley smiled, “Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.”

“Don’t be a pretentious little-” I started, and my wolf clawed at my mind. I needed to shift.

Calm down Trinity. Sh, Max tried to soothe me. A growl slipped out of my throat and he cuddled me to his chest, running his nose along the column of my throat before nuzzling my shoulder. Sh, sh. Calm down Trinity.

I can’t, I whispered back, Why is this happening?

I thought it was explained already. You haven’t been marked yet so your wolf will be extremely on edge. The only way for me to possibly calm you down without using a sedative, is by marking you.

Do it.

Are you sure, Trinity? I had never heard him sound so worried before and I almost considered saying no, but I wanted to feel in control of myself again.

Yes, I’m sure. Do it.

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