Hope Springs

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Chapter 25

Rhea was right when she said that we might not be getting much sleep tonight. Excitement was in the air and nervousness was palpable in everyone’s movements. We were planning to attack Loup Chasseur tonight. By luck during her patrol, Rhea had stumbled across where they were hiding out and once the rest of the pack found out it was hard convincing them to wait until dark. Everyone wanted to go as soon as possible and lay waste to Loup Chasseur and take back our missing pack mates.

To take up time, people had started training (in wolf and human form) and had also started trying to formulate a strategy of some sort. Getting in would be a challenge, but getting out would be even harder. I sat cross-legged on the ground, staring at Max and Rhea as they sparred. Max jumped at Rhea, lightly biting her and she returned with a bite at his shoulder.

“Enough,” Mr. Judge shouted and all activity halted. “Sydney, Harper, Keith and Rhea go patrol around their base. Everyone else rest and eat. I will try to get in contact with the Summer Falls pack to see if they will help us.”

A few people voiced their complaints about waiting to attack but Max, quickly took control. He told them that it made sense to wait, because we wanted the element of surprise. After that there was a few moments of silence and then Mr. Judge spoke again.

“Max, Trinity, Leanne and....Will go into town and get more food and clothes,” Mr. Judge said and I headed to one of the tens we had set up.

We hadn’t been able to go back to the house yet because we weren’t sure if it was safe. We had set up a few tents for shelter, as winter would be moving in soon and we wanted to be protected from anything the elements could throw at us. I dug through one of the suitcases, getting out a change of clothes for Max.

I also decided to grab some clothes for Will. I exited the tent and tossed a set of clothes toward Max’s wolf and then tossed another set of clothes toward a tawny brown wolf. The two headed into the woods and came out a few minutes later, completely dressed. Max headed into the tent that I had just exited to grab a pair of shoes. He reemerged with a jacket in one hand and a pair of shoes in the other.

He handed me the jacket, “Wear it.” I gave him a confused look. “You’re cold. Now wear it Trinity.”

I shrugged the large jacket on and zipped it up. Max grabbed my hand, tugging me closer and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

“When are we going to leave?” I asked, as Leanne came up to us.

“As soon as Will joins us,” Max whispered to me before adding, Will and Leanne are mates, and things are a little rocky between them right now. He’s dragging his feet.

“Oh,” I said. What problems are they having?

I don’t know. They were fine for the first two years and now, something has happened. No one is sure what though. The only person who would know is Harper, but we can’t exactly talk to her since she is so close to Loup Chasseur. A frown crossed my lips and Max sighed, You can’t fix everything Trinity, no matter how much you want to. You are always so logical about things, so be logical about this.

I didn’t answer him. He was right, I was a logical person but it was hard to be logical when it came to my friends. We stood in silence for a few minutes and then Will finally joined us, tying up his boots. He stared at Leanne for a few moments before turning his gaze back to the front.

“Are we ready to go,” Will asked, tapping his foot on the ground.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

When we had arrived in town we split up. Leanne and Will would go to the clothing stores and Max and I would get the food, then we would meet back up at Clara’s. Max’s grip on my hand was tight as we browsed through the shelves at the store.

“What should we get? Nonperishable foods, right?” I asked and Max nodded. “Okay, then I’ll take all of this.”

I stretched up on my tiptoes and grabbed a few boxes of cheese crackers and peanut butter crackers. I also grabbed fruit snacks and then we headed to the next aisle where I grabbed an assortment of canned soup and beef jerky. After getting a few more food items we headed to the check-out to pay for them. I wondered if we would have enough money, and then quickly dismissed the thought. Of course we would have enough money. All of the pack members had contributed money so money shouldn’t be an issue.

“That’ll be one-hundred forty-two dollars and seventy-six cents,” The cashier said brightly, eyeing Max who just handed her two-hundred dollars. “Your change is fifty-seven dollars and twenty-four cents.”

We thanked her quietly before quickly gathering the food and heading out of the store. Voices slammed into the mindlink and I stumbled, leaning heavily against Max who led me over to a bench so that I could sit.

We have to attack now! Most of them are away! Multiple voices shouted and I whimpered, leaning against Max. There was too much noise.

“Sh,” Max whispered, “Sh....I know it’s really loud, Trin. I know.”

He pressed a kiss to my temple as more voices joined in. How wasn’t he in pain? There was so much noise. My head was pounding and I squeezed my eyes shut, fighting against the tears that were building in my eyes. This was worse than any migraine.

Enough! Max roared and all the voices silenced. I let out a small sigh of relief. We have to find out what-

What I think, Mr. Judge broke in. I have sent thirteen wolves as reinforcements. Free as many as you can then get out. Max, Trinity get back here as soon as possible. I fear that the two of you are in danger since all of Loup Chasseur is gone.

Got it. Max thought and then pulled me to my feet. “Are you okay Trinity?”

I nodded, “Yeah I’m fine. Thank you for making them stop talking. We have to go.”

“Yeah,” He placed a hand on the small of my back after I had picked up the groceries I had dropped. “Let’s go.”

We hurried across the street. I glanced over my shoulder a few times. I felt like we were being watched but I couldn’t see anyone. I was just being paranoid. At least, that’s what I thought until a black sedan practically drove onto the sidewalk. Max grabbed me by the jacket, yanking me back and standing in front of me. The doors flew open and six people swarmed out. Two of them were holding guns and the other four had taken offensive stances.

“Put the groceries down,” One of the men, holding a gun said. I guess he wasn’t really a man, more like a boy. He looked to be around Max’s age with dark brown hair and brown eyes. “Put the groceries down and come with us.”

“Who are you?”

“Chasseur du chasseur de loup.” The boy answered. Hunter of the wolf hunter. They hunted Loup Chasseur? “Come with us if you want to live.”

“You may hunt Loup Chasseur but you are also werewolf hunters aren’t you?” Max questioned and the boy’s eyes narrowed.

“Only if you hurt an innocent, and you haven’t. Have you?”
Max only growled and I put a hand on his arm. “We’ll go with you.”

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