Hope Springs

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Chapter 29

After that Samara escorted us back to the basement and once there Hadley reported via the mind link everything that we had learned and that Raven’s information hadn’t exactly been accurate so to which what we said around her. I was barely listening to Hadley though considering that Max had yet to wake up and I was beginning to grow even more worried.

There was really no way for me to occupy myself and so for at least an hour I just sat and worried about Max, which probably wasn’t the best way to spend my time but I didn’t see any other options. Finally though he woke up and I exhaled in relief, wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him.

Where is that old bat? Max growled, getting to his feet and looking around the basement, his lips pulled back in a snarl.

“Not here,” I answered. “Calm down Max, she’s the least of our concerns right now.” His eyes reflected his confusion and I relayed everything that we had learned to him.

So Rogues are behind this. Of course they are, those good for nothing-

Stop. How can we get out of here? The doors are electronic and we need to find a way to get out and find the Rogues.

Max just huffed and didn’t reply but I knew that he agreed with me at least. While Max was thinking about the plan I was wondering why Raven had given us misinformation and why everything was becoming so messed up. We had been too gullible and upon looking back the cultist theory had been too farfetched and yet we had still bought into it. Why?

Maybe it was because we still hoped that we could trust Raven because she was Keith’s mate but after everything that had happened it was growing to be impossible. I could only suspect that Raven would continue to betray us.

Have you come up with a plan? I asked and Max looked at me out of the corner of his eyes.

Yes. That lady is able to open the doors so if she comes down here again for you, you have to knock her out and-

She probably has just as much training as I do, I pointed out. I don’t think it will be that easy.

Just try to take her by surprise then! Max answered. I recoiled at the tone he had used and he gazed at me apologetically. I’m sorry, Trinity. I just want to get out of here and get revenge.

I know but we can’t just rush into things. We have to be able to plan properly and make sure that everyone else knows the plan, not just the two of us and a few others. I said, running my hands through his fur apologetically. I knew that he wanted revenge for his dad, I wanted revenge to but rushing into going after the Rogues wasn’t the way to go.

Especially since we didn’t even know where the Rogues are.

“Trinity,” Hadley rasped and I lifted my head to stare at her. She cleared her throat, “Are you guys plotting an escape plan?”

“If we were how did you know?” I returned, trying to keep my tone neutral. Since we were talking outloud, Raven could hear us and I didn’t trust her.

“Your facial expressions, I suppose.” Hadley shrugged, “You didn’t answer my question though. Are you guys plotting to escape?”

“I wouldn’t call it plotting,” I continued to try to be obscure as I could in my answers. “We are discussing.”

Trinity. You can trust me. Hadley said and I gave her a small smile.

I know. I do trust you but I don’t trust Raven. Maybe she isn’t allied with Loup Chasseur but is allied with the Rogues. She has betrayed us and given us wrong information....I don’t trust her. I answered, trying to explain why I hadn’t been open with her when we were speaking out loud.

I saw Hadley nod and I suspected that she agreed with me. We couldn’t trust Raven. Even if she was Keith’s mate. Once again the doors to the basement opened and Samara came down the stairs, her heels clicking as she descended the steps.

How many times was she going to visit us?

If she lets you out surprise her, Max told me and I glanced at him. I didn’t think it was going to work and I thought that we needed a better plan, but...Did we have any other choice? If it failed we were dead but if we didn’t do anything we were still dead. With reluctance I agreed.

I wasn’t so sure that this was going to work but...it seemed to be the only plan and chance that we had.

“Enjoying your stay?” Samara asked, her eyebrows raised and a smirk on her face. I didn’t reply. “I suppose not. Come with me upstairs, I have someone you may be interested in seeing.”

She opened the doors and I took a few steps out of the cell. It was now or never I guess. She turned her back on me and took a few steps but turned back around when I didn’t follow. An annoyed expression quickly appeared on her face and once she was within arm’s reach I grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her down, bringing my knee sharply into her face.

Just as quickly I let go and she fell to the ground. Max took a few steps out of our cell and I searched through her pockets trying to find the remote that would unlock the cells. When I did, I pressed every button that had a number on it and the cell doors swung open. Pack members streamed out of the cells and I hurried to the stairs.

“Everybody let’s go!” Max shouted, following after me and grabbing my hand. We reached the door and I pressed a button on the remote causing the door to swing open.

I was sure that we wouldn’t need it anymore so I threw it passed the pack and in the direction of Samara. We hurried up the steps and I led the way to Samara’s office, knowing that it would be a little more covert to sneak out of her office window than to run around the whole first floor trying to find the front door. Max and a few other pack members shot towards the windows, fiddling with the locks. They hoisted three windows open and some people started climbing out while others shifted and jumped out.

“Shift!” Max shouted and the air rippled with the power of the command. Unwillingly I felt myself shift but I wasn’t really that mad. He was doing whatever he could to make sure that we got out fast.

I ran towards the windows and jumped out. My paws landed on soft manicured grass and I looked around. They had kept us in a white mansion. Max landed beside me and the two of us took off into the woods following our pack members. They slowed down, allowing Max and I to take the lead and Max led us deeper into the woods.

Where are we going? I asked.

Towards the mountains. That’s our safest option right now. Max answered.

I didn’t say anything as we headed away from Loup Chasseur and towards the mountains.

Towards safety.
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