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Dark Huntress

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After the war of the Revolutionary Army and the Empire. King Tatsumi and Queen Akame of Avalon had settled down as King and Queen of Avalon along with their daughter Alexandra Juvy or known as Juvy.However when Juvy was 8 year old her parents disappeared leaving her and Jin Kazama to hide from the Tekken Forces and the others who want them dead.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Prologue.

In the year 2002. A mysterious virus called Immortality Curse has swept upon the land that infecting children to bear the Immortality strain within them.

The other worlds are opened for children who bears the curse while the real world was frozen in time by an unknown source.

Living on the other world was to survived the hardship from demons who are targeting the Immortality strain children.

If a person who carried the Immortality strain within them ,they will get bitten by some animals or creatures or demons.

Few angels,demons and gods are afraid of the Immortality children who would grew up to be ruthless assassin. However some of them have been living peacefully and having to save life and peacefully.

Immortality Children Strain were also main target to other creature who would hunt them down and turned them into their own. To fight to destroyed humanity between real world and the other worlds .

To fight life and death of both worlds.

Sometimes having immortality strain into your system will changed you.

No cure to be removed.

But to remained being young while you watch your love ones dies of old age.

Remain being 18 to 19 years old for the rest of your life.

Even still having an immortality curse within you ,doesn't changed the fact of who you are.

It doesn't changed your family back ,but to watched them far away and helped them between shadows but a curse can help you within.

I was only 6 years old when I received the curse from nowhere.

I watched my entire family and friends being frozen in time for an unknown beginning.

I couldn't stay within them but after years of living in the other worlds including both real world. Knowledge including my Rebelliousness have became my strength.

I was alone only barely to survived wherever I go.

But despite the years have passed. My Rebelliousness of my right grew up,who I was.

No matter how many years have passed even I remained of my age...I will always watch them from behind.

Time has gave me everything between past,present and future...

History can repeat itself all over again .

And this curse will remained forever.

I won't allow all of it to be perished.

Nor any destroy any earth lives.

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