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Three weeks ago Theresa went missing, and her brother Easton is trying to find her. Easton is being called crazy, others are saying that he doesn't have a sister. But he knows he does. When an old friend comes up, he just has to go see what that friend knows. And what he finds out is shocking. Will this friend be able to help him find his sister? Theresa was taken one morning from her home by a monster who keeps calling her his, when she is not his. She doesn't fit into his life style, and nor does she want to. She just wants to go home and back to her daily life. While she is head strong, maybe the beast has gotten somethings right. All that's left to do is sit an wait for the right moment. Will she escape? Or will she stay with him, forever.

Fantasy / Scifi
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Hello! Welcome to my newsest baby. This is ONLY part chapter one. This story is to be updated randomly. If you want to read the rest of chapter one and chapter two it is only up on Dreame (Dreame has a better format I believe), but updates are still slow until I finish IWIC. I hope you enjoy, let me know your thoughts. This is told in two different POV´s and it is mature. Around 16+ is recommended.

I should’ve never left her. That stupid trip could’ve waited until I knew for sure that she was okay. But I’m an idiot and left her. And now, she’s gone and it’s all my fault. I broke my promise.

Three weeks earlier…

I woke up to the bright sun blinding my eyes. The sun? Wait, I quickly rush over to the window tripping over my feet.

Oh no.

Looking outside I see not only is the sun raised high in the sky like mid-day, but blood is everywhere. Staining everything. The grass and the trees now dyed red, and clumps of guts are all over the place. But there are no animals or bodies.

What happened?

A large hand is placed on my shoulder. I twirl around, only to see a beast. A hideous beast covered in blood. I try to take a step back, but I’m already against the wall.

It’s been three fucking weeks, and they still haven’t found anything. The legal system is such a joke. People just don’t disappear out of thin air. Especially someone who loves to be around her family and friends.

He towers over my 5’2 frame, his skin disgusting jungle green and caked with dried mud and blood. His eyes, raw sienna and tumbleweed brown, captivate my attention. How can something so hideous have the most beautiful eyes?

“What happened? Who are you? What do you want?” I question, not trusting this...this beast.

“I will answer your questions when you come with me. Now, get ready to leave,” he says in a low voice.

“I’m not going with you. Who do you think you are?”

Does he really expect me to leave with him? A hideous stranger covered in blood and god knows what?

“You will come with me,” he demands me like a dog, “whether you want to or not.”

“Well, I don’t. Go away.” I try to shove past him, but he just keeps blocking my way.

“You do not work anymore my love, so don’t fret about it a moment longer. Well, you do. Just not what you’re used to doing.” He then takes something shiny out from his back pocket. Before I can see what it is he stabs me with it. The needle squirts something into my vein, making everything go black.

Apparently I’m crazy. She’s not even a real person and I’m hallucinating, at least that’s what the cops and doctors are telling me. But I know she’s real. Theresa Xallner, my sister, is a real person. They don’t know what they are talking about.

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