The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 1: Chapter 11

Chapter 11

After dinner, Isla and Trayen both helped me in trying to summon the Earth and Air elements. It was one of the basic steps in casting spells. Seeing as how I struggled in class earlier, they both were teaching me the simple steps, ones I had already accomplished but forgotten when my memory was wiped.

It definitely was harder than it looked. Trayen was quite adept at using Earth magic. Isla had an uncanny affinity for Air. Me? Well, my magic skills sounded better from my former life and not the present. If I didn’t struggle before, I did now.

The clock was nearing six, and I was tired. Excusing myself from my friends, I went up to my room to rest and read. But when I got up there, all I wanted was a bath. Stepping into the warm water cleared my head. The scent was less powerful now, as I kept breathing it in every chance I got, that it didn’t affect me as it did before. I thought about my magic lessons and some of the steps I could take to rectify all the wrong things I was doing.

I couldn’t concentrate for one, seeing as how most of my thoughts randomly drifted to various questions as they poured through my mind seeking a way out. Caiden’s mannerisms were the forefront of my thoughts, followed by intense rejection comments I made to myself. Even now I was thinking about it.

I held my breath and stepped under the shower of rain. Almost immediately, as I was thinking about it, the water went up in temperature. It wasn’t scorching hot, but it definitely took my mind off whatever I was focused on. All I felt, was hot water traveling down my back and falling into the tub that was half full. The water trickled slowly through my long hair, caressing it.

All my cares washed away. My mind cleared, and I renewed my focus on the steps of magic that I struggled with. For about five minutes, I felt nothing new. Then I swear I smelled fresh rain as it hit the ground. In fact, I heard it as well. I opened my eyes and saw water falling around me, outside of the marble bath. I jerked backwards in shock, but maintained my focus on the Air element. I asked it to change direction and rise upwards instead of falling down. As soon as the thought entered my mind, it obeyed. The Air currents in the room caught the water and pushed it back up.

I rejoiced, knowing that the magical abilities within me hadn’t faded away when my mind was erased. All it took was concentration, just like Trayen repeated several times during practice. I knew I was on my way to mastering Air. Now all I needed to do was work on calling Earth and I would be set for magic class. I dropped the thought about the water moving, and it ceased.

I finished bathing and got dressed. While combing my hair, I walked out of the lowly lit bathroom into a gloomy lit room. It was overcast outside, and rain fell down in gentle waves. I walked over to the windows to let the scent of the rain in. As I opened them, I stared out the panes.

I hadn’t had time to stare at the scenery from my dorm before. It was magnificent in every aspect. I could see the courtyards and gardens that surrounded the Arena. I even had a view of the forest. On the western side of the academy stretched a huge green field. Several people were out on the grounds doing uniformed exercises. I stared intently at them, noticing that I could distinguish who they were from my window, over a thousand feet away.

The Day class was practicing. They all moved in perfect unison. No one spoke. I thought about their ability to speak to each other in their thoughts and figured out that was how everyone knew what to do. Their graceful movements mesmerized me. I had been watching their performance for an hour when the class ended and they all strode up to the school. Most of them moved uncommonly quick and disappeared from view. But a few hung back to walk casually. Caiden and Mirabella were among the few.

They were speaking aloud now, as they cast glances towards the Night class side of the building. Three other people walked among them in a bird-like formation, as if to protect the two from harm, if harm should come upon them. I focused on the pair as they neared the building and caught a part of their conversation through the open windows.

“She doesn’t know, does she?” Mirabella asked. Her voice was beautiful; it sounded like chimes.

“No,” replied Caiden. His voice was becoming all too familiar in my head.

“Not even about us?” She was curious as to what his answer would be, but she didn’t even once glance at him. Instead, she averted her eyes away, worried at what the outcome might be.

“Like I said before, no,” Caiden repeated casually.

Mirabella sighed, but stayed quiet. She stared up, but not towards my dorm room. They stopped when they reached the gate to one of the gardens and turned to one another. She smiled lovingly at him. “I guess time will tell,” she finished before heading into the gardens. The three people who were shadowing them, followed after her.

Caiden stood still. He didn’t watch Mirabella leave. He smiled sadly and stared down at his feet.

I didn’t understand; what were they talking about? This didn’t make any sense in my head. He practically seduced me in the courtyard earlier, and now he was talking with Mirabella like they were lovers, except he wasn’t happy that they were together. He was hiding something from her. I stared at him, not understanding exactly what I just witnessed.

He looked lonely standing there. I wanted to call out to him, but I kept my mouth shut. Besides, I didn’t want him knowing that I had witnessed the private conversation. My thoughts wavered as they went from one extreme to the other. Caiden seriously looked like he was struggling with something, but he never spoke of it aloud.

A bell sounded from the other side of the academy. Caiden straightened and went through the gate to the courtyard. I followed him through my windows until he was lost from sight. It took me several moments to recover, and by then I realized it was after seven in the morning. Seeing as how it was gloomy outside, I left most of the drapes open along with the two windows I had cracked, before climbing into bed. I forgot to set the alarm clock, but sleep overtook me before I remembered.

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