The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 1: Chapter 1

Part 1: Mallie

Chapter 1


I jerked my head up as I heard my name or at least I thought it was my name. I could not remember. My eyesight returned quickly as my blurred vision faded. All of the students in the classroom had their eyes locked on me. I took a breath and straightened up in my chair. I didn’t have a clue where I was.

From the windows to my left, I saw the moon casting light upon the ground. Inside the classroom, the candles upon the walls overshadowed the night, which brought my mind to a particular question. What was I doing in class at night? Could this be a dream?

“Mallie.” The name rang out again snapping me from my thoughts. I looked around and breathed in. This didn’t feel like a dream. Oddly though, it felt familiar and strange at the same time.

I don’t know how I got into this position let alone where exactly I was. I didn’t even know the people who surrounded me. Their faces were strangers to my mind, as I didn’t recognize a single person within the room. What was going on? Where was I?

“Mallie,” the teacher’s mouth moved as the words formed that name again. He stared right at me.

“That’s you,” the neighbor behind me whispered for my benefit.

“Yes?” I asked, my voice croaking as I spoke out loud.

“I asked you a question,” the teacher stated.

The students seated kept staring at me, waiting. I tried to recall what question it was he had asked, but I couldn’t remember anything from before I heard my name being called out. The more I tried to remember things the more my head blocked them out. I couldn’t remember anything, let alone the question he was referring to. People were expecting me to answer and in my mind I was coming up with blanks. Panic seeped in, but I pushed it aside. I needed to figure out what was going on.

“What was the question again?” I finally asked, not knowing what else to say.

The teacher gave me a reproaching look. Several students laughed as they turned back around to face the front of the room. I must’ve been sleeping before and clearly not paying attention. The girl to the left of me rolled her blue eyes as her hand shot up into the air.

“Yes, Darsilla,” the professor called on the girl. He sighed, waiting for her answer.

“If Mallie was paying attention, we could move on. The answer is the Shapers. They started the war.” She clenched her jaw when she finished, but said nothing more.

“No, Darsilla, it was the Guardians who started the war,” the boy’s voice from behind me stated. “Get your facts straight.”

Darsilla growled at him. “You would side with them. You have a horrible crush on the Headmistress’ daughter Aralisa.”

“This isn’t about Aralisa. You know I’ve never seen her. No one in this class has. We don’t see Day students outside of Guard duty. That’s practically forbidden.” He sighed heavily. I heard his chair creak as he leant back into it. Somehow I knew he crossed his arms when he did that; he huffed and his breath sounded constrained.

“Darsilla, no one’s ever seen Aralisa. We just know she’s the best archer they have, even if it is a Guardian trait.” A girl to my right explained. I glanced over at her only seeing small blue eyes under a tuft of brown hair. She contrasted to Darsilla dramatically. Darsilla had blond hair and tanned skin. This girl’s skin was white, uncommonly white. I gazed back at my desk still trying to figure out what was happening around me.

“Every guy and girl here is infatuated with the thought of competing with her over the winter break. That’s if she even shows.” Another girl in the classroom spoke up. Most of what they were talking about went over my head, but her name was mentioned several times over the last minute that I knew she was a prominent figure around the school. I wondered why she was important.

I had so many questions in addition to who I was. Every minute that passed by, the list of questions rose to an alarming number. So far I wasn’t gaining any insight as to who I was as a person, nor did I get an explanation of why I was in class at night. What were Day students exactly and why were they forbidden to be seen with our class?

“Why, where is she?” The boy behind me continued the conversation. He sounded concerned, but mostly disappointed as I’m sure some others in the class were feeling the same.

“Word is that she took an assignment and is gone from the school,” the white skinned girl answered.

I really wanted to know what exactly was going on, but I thought it best to wait and see if there was someone I could trust with the fact that I was experiencing a mind erasure. I kept my mouth shut and listened to the conversation that was playing out before me. Hopefully I could glean some insight as to who I was, but so far I was left with hardly anything to go by, other than my name.

“Yes, Miss Aralisa is away.” A young man stood in the doorway to the classroom. I hadn’t noticed him come in. Most of the class jumped from the sound of his voice. They all turned to the front, surprised by the newcomer. A few of the students gasped in shock.

I focused my eyes in on the boy, wanting to understand why so many of my classmates were gasping at the sight of him. The boy’s black hair hung in his eyes so I couldn’t get a clear picture to how his face looked. A crest of a sun was imprinted on his black sweater. I assumed he was from the Day class.

Without even glancing towards us, he strode to the professor and handed him a note.

“Thanks,” the professor stated as he took the note the boy brought and scanned the message. His eyes gazed sharply up at the young man’s face and an unspoken conversation passed between them. The professor stiffened as he faced us. “It seems that we will release early today for an assembly. The Headmistress has called a meeting. Everyone is to head to the Arena.”

He added, “Now,” when none of us moved right away.

Students all around me gathered up their bags and books before heading out the door. I glanced down at my paper lying on my desk and stared around for what should be my bag. Luckily the thing hung from my chair so I didn’t have to look awkward trying to figure out if it was mine or not. I grabbed it and shoved the contents from my desk inside; taking a quick glance at what lay in it hoping that the items there gave me some information on who I was. All I saw were two books, a box of writing utensils, identification card, and an assortment of colored rocks of which I assumed was money; I don’t know why I thought that, but I knew I was right. I shut my bag and slung it over my shoulder as I followed the students out the door.

“Hey, Mallie,” a voice called in the hall.

It took me several seconds to realize someone was calling my name. I slowly was familiarizing myself with my name, especially when it was spoken. It felt like my name, but it didn’t at the same time. For the moment, I decided that it was my name, since so many people called me by it.

I glanced down the hallway to the recent speaker of my name. The girl who sat to my right in class was staring at me. I stopped and stared back at her not knowing how to respond.

“Mallie, are you alright?” she asked again. Her face was creased with worry.

I didn’t know what to do.

She must’ve seen my face contorting into different emotions, because she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stone hallway to the nearest lavatory. I followed, only because I didn’t have much of a choice. Her grip was strong.

Once she made sure that no one else was present in the room, she whirled on me. “What is going on with you?” she demanded. “First you space out in history then when Darsilla attacks Trayen you do nothing. You’ve been the top of our class for the past month, defending us from Darsilla and her know-it-all façade. Did you have a bad day?”

She sounded concerned for me. Apparently, I had friends and she was one of them. I’d also learned that Trayen, the boy who sat behind me was one of them as well. Knowing that I could trust her, I blurted out the question I was dying to ask everyone. “Who are you?”

She froze for a minute, and then she was laughing at me. “Good one, Mallie. You almost had me fooled. You know who I am, silly.”

I couldn’t respond. She didn’t believe me. The moment I learned I had friends the panic receded into the depths of my inner mind. But now, it was creeping back in.

Her smile faded as she read my troubled expressions. “Mallie?” she asked again, worried. “Are you serious?”

“Who are you?” I felt tears swelling in my eyes.

She was shocked; her face showed it. We stood there, neither of us speaking, until she suddenly bolted out of the room.

I was alone in the lavatory now. I stared at the walls, not knowing what it was I was going to do. If my friends didn’t trust me then who would? My predicament seemed to get worse and worse. I turned around and wiped tears away as they fell down my face. I heard the door open from behind me but I didn’t bother to see who had come in.

“Isla, I shouldn’t be in here,” a guy’s voice stressed. He sounded like the guy who was sitting behind me in class. “This is a girl’s lavatory.”

I turned around and saw, through wet eyelashes, Isla returning with who I believed to be Trayen.

“You should hear this. I wouldn’t have snuck you in here if it wasn’t important.” She stared straight at me, clearly worried.

“This had better be good.” The boy dug his hands into his pockets. He leaned back his head tossing his chocolate colored hair out of his green eyes.

Isla sighed. “She doesn’t remember who she is, Trayen.”

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