The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 1: Chapter 22

Chapter 22

“I’m going to have to tell Isla and Trayen.” I was standing in my room, getting ready for the day. Caiden was there as he dressed himself. Some of his clothes had reappeared in my closet at some point; I hadn’t had time to notice when.

“We can’t leave the room together.” He glanced over at me from where he stood.

I had to admit, from where I was standing, that he was extremely good-looking. He only had his khaki pants on. He was still searching for a shirt. I couldn’t believe that he was here with me in my room. I expected him to run out at any moment, but he never did. “For now,” I stated as I turned my head back to fix my hair. I felt better about putting trinkets and accessories on now that I wanted to look good for him.

We had spent the remainder of the night and early morning learning about each other. There were so many questions I had about my life and about his. Some of it was new, and other parts were old.

I felt him come up behind me and kiss me on the neck. I stared up into the mirror at him.

He stared back at my reflection. “I want to show everyone what we have with each other, like we used to. But it would look extremely odd, not to mention, it would give your position in the Night class away. Trayen and Isla wouldn’t talk to you again. You don’t want that, do you?” He smiled.

“No,” I agreed. “I like them. They’re my friends now. I hope they understand.”

“If they don’t, it’s alright. You can go back to being in the Day class and forfeit this life in the Night.”

I glanced down. “I know why I joined the Night class, but why do I stay here now? I am a Shaper, not a Guardian. I will never be able to do half of the activities that they are required to do because we’re not the same.” I turned my back on the mirror.

“But you can do some of them. You are good at archery. And you’re good with Air magic. It doesn’t matter if you can’t perform Earth magic, nor perform at sword combat as well. You chose to stay here to learn about Guardians. But now, you’re here to be friends with Isla and Trayen. Besides, we’ll be around each other more often now. There are changes happening within the school. I’ll be nearby and in your room whenever you need me.” He planted a gentle kiss on my forehead. “It’ll be okay.”

I sighed and straightened. “You’re right. It’ll be fine.” I huffed again.

“You don’t want to do this?” he asked, curious about me.

I was shifting stances trying to come to terms with what I was about to do. “No, I need to do this. I’m not worried anymore about my decision to stay in the Night class.”

He half-smiled as he went to grab a shirt. He was buttoning it up when he spoke, “She’ll forgive you.”

I rolled my eyes. I knew to whom he was referring to. I was not looking forward to that conversation. But it needed to be done; all of it. I sighed and stalked for the door. I was about to open it, the one that led to the hallway, when Caiden caught my wrist gently.

I glanced back at him, curious. He wanted to go out of the door together?

“I can come with you if you like?” he offered.

I smiled at him. He was being extremely nice. I reached up and kissed him. “I’m sorry, but I need to do this by myself.”

He nodded. “I understand. I’ll see you later.” He winked at me.

Sighing, he let go of my hand and watched as I turned around and headed out the door. I walked down the hall, not looking back. I was steadfast in my decision. It was time.

I was going to apologize to Mirabella.

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