The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 2: Chapter 3


Chapter 3

It was nearing morning, and we were to report to the grassland for practice. The Night class was already headed to sleep, and we were on our way to exercise. I knew that Aralisa was up in her dorm. I had watched her return there from dinner.

I joined my classmates on the field in my respected spot at the front next to Mirabella. Hasten and Panter were there giving out orders along the link to us all.

We all moved with quickness and grace as the two Instructors watched. It was our job to hear the orders and follow them as one, as a whole body. The entire class moved with extreme precision and poise. We never faltered. We never messed up. We were elite.

We were nearing the end, when I heard one of the windows open on the fifth floor of the dorm side of the building. I sent the warning into the link quickly knowing at once what was going on.

Act natural. She’s watching us.

Hasten stared at me and then he listened for signs of something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. She can hear us from out here? he asked me.

I didn’t have to look at him to answer. Maybe not, but I wouldn’t push it. You might have to dismiss us early. Technically, we’re not supposed to be seen by Night class students, but you know she can see through our camouflage. I relayed my thoughts on the matter back to him. I was protecting her; I would protect her if I could help it. She wouldn’t understand what she was seeing, if she was even noticing our presence.

Hasten nodded slightly. We’ll keep going through the exercises.

I wasn’t okay with that command. Finally, after several more minutes, he spoke out again.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Everyone back to the dorms or to your respected Shrines for the attacks.

Most of the students all stopped and rushed quickly back towards our side of the school.

Mir stared at me and waited with about three of our closest friends; well, her closest friends.

Keep back, away from us. I used the Shaper link to relay to them what I intended on doing. Mir, I asked through the link we shared. I need you to play along. She’s listening to us.

Are you sure? She glanced at me.

I could feel her peering out at us. Yes, I’m sure.

Fine, came her annoyed answer.

We walked slowly towards campus.

Act like we know she can’t remember, but act like I belong with her, I suggested to her.

She cast a glance towards the dorm, but didn’t look up. “She doesn’t know, does she?”

I was happy that she was playing along. Good. Keep it vague.

“No,” I replied verbally to her. We were coming closer to where she stood at the window, inside her bedroom. I could practically feel her breathing on us, though she was being very quiet about it.

“Not even about us?” Mirabella asked me aloud in an odd tone. She sounded half teasing and half sad.

What are you doing? I screamed at her.

Oh please. She’ll think you’re with me. That will make her want you even more, because it’s a tease! She laughed in my head. I could tell she was trying not to smile.

I glanced at her. She looked worried about what I might say. Instead of denouncing her, I thought about what she meant about it being a tease. Aralisa liked teases; well, used to. It would be fun to begin what she might find a forbidden love with me. She would give in and be mine once again. But that didn’t feel right.

“Like I said before, no,” I repeated again before her, still not happy with the way she phrased the last sentence to me.

Mir stayed silent and heaved a huge, exaggerated sigh. She glanced up at the sky. By the way, Darson and I are going to Kelsy’s party. You should come. Maybe it’ll get your mind off of her.

I don’t want my mind to be off her, I growled back. Besides, Kelsy’s a flake.

She turned towards me and smiled lovingly.

What are you doing? You’re ruining it! It took everything I had to remain casual.

You deserve to be happy, Caiden. “I guess time will tell,” she finished loudly before running off into the gardens and disappearing. Darson and the others followed her.

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to follow her, but her words threw me. Me? Be happy? What did that mean? I was happy. Or I thought I was. I would be happy when Aralisa and I were together again.

I waited by the school, absorbed into my thoughts. It was longer than I thought, for the bell to hunt sounded and I quickly ran off towards the school. I needed to be attacking today since I missed yesterday.

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