The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Author's Credits

Things that helped me write this book:

My sounding boards, Pam and Mylea; my friend and editor, Josh; Laura, for your amazing help with self-publishing and cover art; World of Warcraft for those days when I hit writer’s block or need something fresh in my mind; my friends and family (there are too many to name and you know who you are), who supported me writing and agonizing over every little detail; Sonic ice; Vampire Knight for giving me the idea of Night and Day classes; the various places that I work at, who allowed me to write in my story when business was slow; my original idea of a girl with amnesia (who knew that this simple idea flowered into a series of this caliber…); inspiration for making this story trump Twilight, no bloodsuckers involved; the blog I never write in; my love of anime and games, books and movies, and the desire to create original works of art; to God, thank you for the dreams; long night conversations with my cousin, Stacie, about life, work, and whatever work in progress I currently wrote; Netflix streaming; Bluetooth audio; the endless amount of post-it-notes and church bulletins I used to write down ideas; medical terminology and experience, for describing Mir’s incident; colorful highlighters…don’t ask; more sonic ice with unsweet tea and water; and last but not least, my old Dell laptop: we had a lot of memories together, you will be missed my lappy.

Addendum: If you made it through this god-awful editing nightmare, congratulations. I promise to fix it. Trust me though, the first draft of novel I ever wrote was worse than this, and this had an editor that wasn't myself. I also promise to tone it down on the prepositions, for those grammar know-it-all's out there (myself included.)

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