The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 1: Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I planned to plunge into the white journal right away, but I became completely engrossed over the size and décor of my room. The door shut behind me and I dropped my bag along with the white book. Floor to ceiling windows covered the entire wall in front of me. Four antique couches with ivory cloth encircled a dark wooden table in the middle of the room. The table was short and squared. My carpet was dark red as it covered the floor and the walls matched in color. The trim on the walls were ivory as well as the crown molding that encircled the ceiling. A door led off to my right from the middle of the wall.

I stumbled inside to see my bedroom.

The walls were exactly like the walls in the sitting room. The only difference was the floor; it was made of cherry wood. Windows like the ones in the sitting room were facing me as I entered. They curved outward allowing a cushioned perch to be conveniently placed there. A massive bookshelf, with old texts, lined the wall to my right with another door that obviously led to the bathroom. But the biggest attraction of my bedroom, the one that left me gaping for a good five minutes, was the bed.

A king-sized canopy bed took up a third of the room to my left. It sat in the middle of a window covered circular wall. The dome above it was covered in windows as well. I felt like I was standing in a cross between a greenhouse and a castle tower. Dark black curtains were pulled aside from the windows on iron rods to allow the moonlight to penetrate the room. Red velvet drapes hung from the wrought iron poles of the bed. They were currently pulled back as well, but were tied to the poles by black strips of cloth. The foot of the bed was decorated in iron vines and flowers. It rested shorter than the head of the bed, which held the same display.

As I walked closer to the monstrosity, I noticed that the four posts were carved into vines as they reached up towards the moonlight. The corners were flower blossoms perched up on the end of the vines. The top of the canopy bed was open and not covered. Ivory sheets of soft cotton lay neatly on the bed along with eight pillows.

I sat down and felt extremely comfortable as the softness of the bed engulfed me. I lay back staring up at the night sky. This was heaven. I was so comfortable that I didn’t want to move, but I forced myself up anyway. I went to retrieve the journal hoping it would explain all of this. I must’ve had wealthy parents who could afford to place me in an elegant room such as this one.

I grabbed my bag and book as it lay near the door in the sitting room and headed over to one of the couches. I sat down on one and dumped the contents of my bag out onto the seat. I placed the contents on the table staring at each of them in turn hoping some of my memories would come back. Eventually I gave up, and grabbed the journal, opening it to page one. ‘For Mallie’ was still written there. I sighed and flipped to page two. A paragraph followed in what I later found out was my own handwriting.

You’re probably wondering who you are by now. This book is a guideline to your world in the Night Class. In this journal you’ll learn how to survive, as well as key terms you will come across. In the later chapters you’ll learn about the skills you possess. It is up to you to decide what to do with the information written here.

-Best wishes.

I stared at page two. That explained nothing about why I’d lost my memory to begin with. It explained nothing about the person I was. It didn’t even explain why I would write a journal to myself, if I needed to describe my personality in detail. I was going to have to learn to be me from scratch. But what made up me? I had no answers to that question. I needed to learn what I could from the book if I was going to survive being a part of the Night class. So far, I didn’t know what that meant.

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