The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 1: Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Your Life

By this time, Trayen and Isla should know that you aren’t yourself. They’ll probably know you lost your memory. They are your closest friends who will stick by you to the very end. They will help you.

Isla, you’ve known her since you arrived. She’s in all your classes except Animal Studies and Guard duty.

Strengths: honest, steadfast and stubborn

Weaknesses: unsure, weak student, horrible at archery

I took a second glance at what was written there. Isla wasn’t a bookworm, nor was she good at archery. What did it mean that she was unsure? That made hardly any sense. She’s steadfast but unsure? Unsure of what? I moved on.

Trayen, you’ve known him since Isla introduced you two days after you arrived. He’s in your history, magic, and fencing classes. On certain days he Guards with you.

Strengths: strong, intelligent, faithful

Weaknesses: gullible, shy

I blinked. Shy? I didn’t think that when I first met him. I studied the word strong. He must be bulging with muscles. I hadn’t had time to notice for I was busy fixing my brain. Next on the list were more names; some I recognized, others I didn’t.

Darsilla, she’s elite of the Night Class. Has a group of friends that follow her as she struts about the West wing.

Strengths: excellent at archery

Weaknesses: arrogant, snobby, rude

Veris, one of Darsilla’s cronies.

Strengths: quick, agile

Weaknesses: horrible at archery, crass, snobby

Stezla, another of Darsilla’s cronies

Strengths: excellent sword master

Weaknesses: quiet, snobby, too perfect

The list went on throughout the Night class members. Some were listed as enemies, others as friends, and some were people I Guarded with. I began to notice the writing on archery. It had slashes on the end of the y. There wasn’t a legend to note why I had written it that way. I followed the guide into the professor’s chapter.


Headmistress Branella Pemberly

Nothing more was written on the subject, despite what was hinted to me earlier. I pressed on.


Fencing Instructor


Archery Instructor


Magic Professor


History Professor

Stafean Shadowin

Guardian Instructor (yours)


Guardian Instructor

Panter Lionheart

Shaper Instructor

Hasten Quickend

Shaper Instructor


Assistant Headmaster

These were all the names listed in the book. I turned to page ten that marked the next chapter.


Guardians are the keepers of the Artifacts. There are nine Shrines dedicated to the safe keeping of the Artifacts. Guardians protect the Shrines and keep them from being breached by the warring factions.

At the academy, the nine Shrines don’t hold true Artifacts. They’re used primarily as training facilities, resembling the original Shrines.

All Night students will one day be Guardians after their Initiation.

Training at the academy includes defensive techniques, as well as one primary physical attribute, and secondary magical skills.

Primary: Fencing, Archery, Shielding, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Magical Skills: Air currents and Earthen forces

All Guardians have keynote features that include Blue or Green eyes. They have immense strength, they’re able to carry heavy weights, their muscles are thicker than the Shapers, and their skin is tougher as well.

Guardians take turns Guarding the Shrines during all hours of the Day.

At the academy, they attend classes at night, unless they have Guard duty.

This was all that was written. It was very short and simple. However, the next chapter on the Shapers was twice as long. I kept reading, anxious to know about the difference between the two, now that I knew more about what it was I was training to be.

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