The Ancient Chronicles: Book 1

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Part 1: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

My sleep was filled with dreams and whispers of who I was. When I awoke, I couldn’t remember who I was dreaming about, let alone what. It was dark, when I peeked out of the curtains. I pulled some of them aside to allow the moonlight to stream in. Some of the candles on the walls flickered to life. I went to my alarm and noticed I was an hour early in waking up. I reset it to alert me when it neared six. I didn’t want to miss meeting Isla, and learning the campus layout.

I went into my closet to dress for the day, but stopped as I remembered the rows upon rows and shelves of clothing gathered there. It would take me all day to traverse that territory, and discover how exactly I needed to dress for class. Instead of heading to the closet, I changed course for my journal that still lay on the couch in the sitting room.

As soon as I walked into the main room, I noticed a drastic change. A black wooden table with four ivory stools was on my left. Directly across from me on the far wall was an armoire filled with foreign objects I didn’t recognize. A black mini-fridge sat beside it on the ground. I wondered who moved in furniture while I was asleep. Surely the sound of someone arranging furniture would’ve awakened me. But it hadn’t.

Shaking my head in dismay, I went to get the journal, hoping that it would clear this new change of scenery up. I reached the couch where I last had it and paused. It wasn’t there. I searched the couches around me. I found it lying on the table opposite of where I last had it. I reached over and grabbed it. Sitting down on the couch once more, I opened it searching for a chapter on how to navigate my closet and room.


All academy students are required to wear uniforms, usually a shirt or sweater bearing the crest designated to each class.

Day Class: Sun on right breast

Night Class: Crescent on left breast

Girls are required to wear skirts. Mallie, you’ll find your outfits for school on the right side of your dressing room.

Black or navy stockings with black shoes are to be worn as well. They’re in the same section.

On days you’re not in class, you can wear anything. However, you must either pin on a crescent to your shirt or blouse, or place the crescent barrette in your hair. This distinguishes the two classes from each other.

Formal Wear:

There is a section of clothes where all formal attire is kept. Dances occur rarely among the classes. At these affairs, two dresses are kept at the end of the rack. You can decide which one you wish to wear. Again, the crescent barrette or pin must be worn to designate you as a Night Class member. There is a tiara with the crescent set into it that will substitute as well.

This chapter was kept short. I was glad there were detailed instructions, on where I could find the clothes I needed. I threw the book on my bed as I walked through the rooms to my closet. I paid attention to every section this time, memorizing where important items of clothing were. I changed into a school uniform, finding the navy sweater and plaid skirt easily. I brushed through my hair staring at my unrecognizable face in the mirror. I opened the drawers familiarizing myself with its contents. I left the make-up alone, seeing as how my complexion didn’t need it. I didn’t want to attract attention to myself. I was having enough trouble in figuring out myself.

Eventually, I found the spot where the jewelry was kept. It was in this drawer that I found the crescent barrette, pin, and tiara that my journal mentioned. I shut the drawer quickly, choosing to stare at my face instead. My nose was small and round. My eyes were almost almond shaped, but still retained curvatures around the corners. I ran my fingers through my light brown hair as it fell down my back in gentle waves. It wasn’t too long, but it definitely wasn’t short either. A faint tint of red wove through my hair.

I leaned in for a closer look, to stare at my reflection more intimately. No scars were visible. It was clear of any blemishes. I stared into my eyes and frowned. I half expected to see green or blue eyes staring back at me, the way the book described Guardians, but they were a mixed color. They were amber, with flecks of green in them. I stared closer at the green, wanting to see more of the forestry color. Instantly, as I thought about the green and wished to see more of it, my eyes changed color. The amber disappeared, as the green became real. I jumped backwards, stumbling over the stool.

My alarm was buzzing in the next room. I rushed out of the dressing room and into the bedroom, to reset the alarm. It was time for me to head out. I gathered my belongings into my bag. I noticed that the books I carried yesterday were ones that pertained to what I was learning. But I didn’t know where I’d be today, so I left them inside. I was getting ready to head out the door, when I remembered the journal. I would need that.

I went back into the bedroom to grab it off the bed. Once I reached it, I noticed that it was open from when I tossed it earlier. Interestingly, it was on a chapter about dating. Dating? Eagerly, I read more into this chapter, as it sparked intense curiosity within me, especially because there was a pressed blue flower lying on the opposite page.


Dating between Night and Day classes is discouraged.

Guardians and Shapers are forbidden to date or have any relationship other than friendship once they are Initiated or Marked.

Any offspring of a Guardian and a Shaper is to be killed.

At the academy, even though dating between the two classes is discouraged, it’s not forbidden, but definitely seen as taboo.

I froze, realizing what was written there. Killed? They killed the offspring of a Guardian and a Shaper? Who was that referring to and why?

I picked up the flower and gazed at it. While I was breathing in, the intoxicating scent from my bath water the previous night wafted from the petals. I pulled my head back as far from the flower as I could get it, placing my feelings in check.

It wasn’t just the smell that bothered me, some part of my memory triggered when I smelled that scent. Even though I couldn’t remember the exact details of the memory, I distinctly felt someone touching my skin as I smelled the flower. I knew there wasn’t anyone but myself in the room, but I was still frightened by the thought of it. I didn’t know whose touch that memory belonged to. Someone was attached to this memory. It was possible I had a boyfriend within the Night class. That would explain the frilly night dresses. I gathered up the journal and headed downstairs, after grabbing my bag. I had some questions for Isla.
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