Fortunate Sons

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Vietnam, 1968. Staff Sergeant Taylor Boisfontaine and his friends are caught up in one of the bloodiest conflicts the world has ever seen and on top of that they have to keep demons, angry ghosts and a host of other creatures from throwing the world out of balance. But when they accidentally unearth a two thousand year old secret during a routine patrol mission, Taylor and the others discover that it could not only threaten the balance of the world, but their very lives as they know it.

Fantasy / Horror
Mary Eagar
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Prologue: History signed and sealed in blood

In the beginning, man had always known of the existence of God’s greatest creation…..his own angels. The very same heavenly beings who kept watch over all of his glorious creation. Man had always known of “The Fall”, the rebellion that had shaken heaven and earth to its very core. But far too few are unaware of what came after.

A small clutch of angels and archangels, from those of the highest order to those of the lowest, were frightened and badly shaken by what had occurred during the fall. They feared the horrors those wicked creatures would inflict upon all of mankind, the creatures they cared all too deeply for. They told God of their worries and fears, making their voices heard. Just as he had with man, God listened……and answered.

It was then made known, that these powerful angels should form their own pack to become the watchers of the earth. From the highest ranking Seraphim to the lowest ranking Guardian Angels, each one had decided that they would go to earth to protect all mankind. But that task came with a heavy price.

The angels knew that if they had gone to earth they would have to make a sacrifice. It wasn’t until the time came for the watchers to go forth, that they realized the price they had to pay for man to be protected. They sacrificed everything, their grace and their immortality, to do what needed to be done. They came to earth, their wings and powers still intact, but for thousands of years would live as mortals…..imperfect and flawed mortals. Their descendants would walk in their stead, carrying out their mission until the day came when they would rise body and soul into heaven. But with their descendants, they left behind something valuable….far more valuable than all the gold and precious gems in the ground.

Each of these descendants was left with a guidebook, a thick volume of history and help to guide them through the hard days ahead. But as with most valuable possessions, others grew jealous and even hateful that they owned such things. Many had died to protect these precious volumes from those who would have done extreme evil. One by one, the volumes that The Fallen had left their descendants disappeared and were lost. With time, it was left to a few to retrieve what was gone.

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