Sweet dreams

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A young Queen finds her self in trouble is only worried about getting back to her people.

Fantasy / Romance
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Sweet dreams

What do you mean you have a date? Jasmine asked. Honestly I am nervous, she is a ture cold blooded reptile, wild, and unpredictable. Yet I am just a Queen's pet, answered coven, the snake like creature laid around her neck. What's wrong with a Queen's pet?
De lost in his own world wondered why she even needed him here. She was such a powerful Queen with a famitable army, powers, and even this beast that she has her charms on.
Queen, why do you love the garden so much? he asked. Interrupting their conversation she looked up at him with her beautiful green eyes and blonde hair. I love the peace the animals bring the birds, the deer, all of them she said coven why don't you run off and show that snake a great time here's a rose girl love roses remember that. Coven transformed into a small dragon-like creature, no larger than a dagger, proudly said thank you for your company friends but there are more important matters at hand, proudly accepting the flower and going about his way.
Interesting creature he is, how many forms can he take? asked De. I have no idea, I said smiling. I think it goes by his mood. Yeah well the real question is how does this lady of his going to hold the flower if she is just a snake de said humorlessly. That is a great question my friend I would ask myself but De, if I may ask, how have u been my old friend?
He looked up at me with cold grey eyes De was my knight and my love sworn to my side he was strong his people made armor that could shatter a sword and crumble a arrow if it was to ever impact or make contact with him a true warrior culture he came from a war torn country from a land across the sea, ruled by discipline and obedience to orders. It’s best that I check up on him now and then snap, I felt my body jerk awake I couldn't see it was so dark it was cold and wet I could smell the damp air my body ached I tried to move my hands ahhh, ughh I groaned in pain my whole body it ached to my realization I couldn't move I was bound it felt like I have been hanging with my hands tied for days it smelt foul like dried blood and rot awful horrible smell i choked on the smell alone.
The Queen woke up. I felt someone's hands, but I couldn't see who it was. They felt warm and calm. As I came to, he snapped, still confused. I couldn't see clearly, De is that you? Shhh my love keep your voice low im here for i'm here for you he replied cutting my hands free and throwing me over his shoulder I love you I whisper my sighted was coming to i could see him with a smile I love you too, let's get out of here, I could see the bodies. What happened? He tried silencing me once again with one finger over his lips. Let’s just get out of here, we’re almost home, he proclaimed.
Sword in one hand and me in his other, tightly gripping his shoulder. I could see daylight at the end of the cave internally I grew with excitement what ever happen de had clear the way i had no worries i would soon get back to my people my pain my aching pain would go away it felt like I hadn't had water in days I was so distracted by the thirst and pain de whispered it's going to be okay as he set me down confused I wanted to ask but I trusted him and keep quiet.
He propped me up against the cave wall. It felt so good to sit down and rest even for a second, he looked at me and said no worries Princess, he proclaimed. Pulling the shield and spear from the leather strap he kept tight on his back. No worries, he said again for reassurance, making sure that I heard what he said and was no longer confused.
He could see three men appear blocking our way out. They appeared to be unarmed so De made quick work of them. By the time he was done, I could stand and was feeling quite well for myself well considering the situation, I looked at De and said thank you, took his hand, and exited that horror hole that I had been imprisoned in all this time. The light felt so good on my skin, warming my body.
The air felt the fresh air, the nice tree breeze, it was pure relief. Can you ride the horse or just up this hill? Of course, I'm not even scratched. I proclaimed trying to sound strong and unaffected by the events. Did you bring Nightstep, I asked. Yes, he has been your horse since you were twelve no other steed fit to bring you home as we approach the horses I could see night step rise with excitement kicking his legs in the air did you miss me boy I said rubbing his mane, we all missed you answered night step now hurry lets get you home back to safety tell de he has done well I'm glad he has brought you. Yeah yeah I know you would have got me yourself if only you could carry a sword. Indeed you know me too well now let's ride. As we made our way back I observed the beautiful countryside, the hills, and trees all alike briefly forgetting the reality which I had just endured.
De, you’re always so quiet, so what the hell happened? You were out at night walking the streets of your city talking to your people asking question and listing to their complaints when out of an ally you were ambushed the men around you killed with just a touch monster had snuck into the city gin to be exacted captured by gin they took you to the cave to feed on you.
How do you know these things? I asked. The gin took all of you and the men with you all the same to the cave to leave no bodies. one of the soldiers who was protecting you broke free from the gin spell and instead of trying to free you himself he came here to report to me we of course were searching for you and we found him screaming in the streets.
How exactly does the gin magic work? They look like people normally, they get close and touch you, their eyes glow blue, the victim's eyes roll back into their head and they are placed into a dream state. Their ideal heaven is something so nice no one would want to leave or resist, but you can escape it? I asked. According to the soldier, yes, you just have to take your own life in your happiest dream to awaken. Tell this man I will promote him myself, for having such strong will and the ability to do right even in the face of fear and death. I wish that I could, my Queen, but the gin magic drove him mad, and he is no longer with us. Let's just get you back to the castle my queen, and put all this past us. You have been gone for two weeks, shall we prepare the ball room for your return? I'm sure the people would love that, so it will be done.
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