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Times Two

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Jeremy has been kicked down by the Moon Goddess giving him a shitty first mate, but will she make amends by giving him a beautiful, kind hearted second chance mate? Alpha Trent has also been searching high and low for his mate, when he finally finds her, how smoothly will things go? Follow along to see where life takes Alpha Trent and Jeremy. ***This story does go off of another one of my stories called Different, if you haven’t read that one, please read it first or you may be a little lost when I reference back to it** **** THIS STORY IS NOW ON THE GALATEA APP, FOR THAT REASON ONLY A FEW CHAPTERS ARE POSTED HERE, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTINUE READING YOU CAN DO SO THERE****

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1- Jeremy

Jeremy POV

Bottles upon bottles of alcohol litter my tiny cabin. Fuck it, I don’t care. I kick the rubbish to the side, picking up a shirt to sniff it. Smells alright to me. Throwing it on, I head out of my house and through the woods to the pack house where I know Alpha Trent is waiting on me.

Ever since Tessa, he has been keeping me on a short leash, making sure I don’t do anything stupid, I guess. What could I possibly do? Kill myself? Turn rogue? Go after Tessa and take her back?

No. I wasn’t that pathetic. At least that is what I’m telling myself. The thought to find Tessa and run away with her is forever present in the back of my mind, but I won’t do it. The small amount of time we spent together she did nothing but tear me down. Made me feel as pathetic as she claimed I was.

Never again will I let someone make me feel that way. Hell, I know I’m not that great of a fucking catch, but I have good qualities. I’m loyal, I have become a hell of a warrior since Tessa left, and I don’t fucking know. I bathe? Does that count?

Kicking at the stones on the ground, I bounce up the stairs of the pack house, heading inside as if I own the place, because I mean the pack house belongs to all of us in a sense. We don’t have to knock or any of that shit.

Finding Donny, a good friend of mine standing in the foyer. “Sup? What is so important that we all have to meet here?” I grumble out. I have noticed that I’ve been less communicative. Shit happens I guess. Why do I need to talk to anyone anyways? As long as I follow orders and do as I’m told, who the fuck cares?

Donny turns to acknowledge my presence before turning back to stare at Alpha Trent’s office door. “No clue man. He should be out here any second now.” I grunt back at him. Waiting for Alpha Trent to appear.

When he does, you can feel the authority he carries immediately. Everyone simultaneously bowing our heads to show our respect. Alpha Trent speaks. “Good morning guys. Glad to see you all have shown up. I’ve asked you all here for a very important job.”

Looking around, I notice it is the top warriors that has gathered here. Wonder what the mission is this time. I wanted to roll my eyes, but I refrained. Last time the ‘important job’ was helping Beta Johnson’s wife carry nursery furniture.

“You all, I am very excited to announce I have found my mate! Last week at the meeting with the Diaz Pack, I sniffed her out. We will be traveling there to help her pack and while we are there I will be handling some more business. I expect us to be gone for a little over a week, no longer than two. So, get packed, and meet back here in an hour. We have a long journey ahead of us.” He states before everyone clears out to do as we were told.

When I turn to leave Alpha Trent calls out to me. “Jeremy. How are you holding up?” He gives me those same damn pitying eyes that makes me want to tackle him to the fucking ground but I refrain.

“Fine.” I answer curtly, before bowing my head and rushing out the door. Everyone thinks that they have to keep a damn eye on me and it is getting fucking annoying. I mean it’s been a little over six months since I rejected Tessa and they still treat me like a damn pup.

I quickly throw a few changes of clothes into a duffle bag and a few other necessities before I am walking back to the pack house. I notice that they now have the pack SUV’s parked out front and all the men were loading their bags in the back. I move to one, throwing my bag in the back and forcing one of the newer warriors out the way so I could slide into the driver’s side. No damn way am I trusting this pup to drive me.

He huffs out angrily before I turn to him, giving him a sharp glare to which he cowers and run to the back seat. Donny slid into the passenger side before chuckling. “Man do you have to scare the new recruits? They aren’t half bad if you would just give them a chance.”

I grunt in response before starting the engine, and following the rest of the vehicles out of the pack territory. I just hope that this is a quick mission, we can grab the Luna and all her shit and be back home with no hitch. However, Goddess knows that nothing goes as planned. So, why the hell would this?

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