Mystic Seraphim

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When David and Kari survived falling their office building, life as they knew it would never be the same again. Magic doesn't exist, that is what they believed, known for most of their lives, but all that changes when the darkness comes a knocking and they’re the only ones who can keep the shadows at bay with their combined powers they will combat the darkness, so the light can bring balance to our world.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Darkness fallen ending one day full of light and gleam of mid-town Manhattan, to the lively mystery of the night. It was an all-nighter for Kari Mason as she looked up from her office cubicle seeing it was a quarter past eleven on the large walled clock. Kari stretched as an audible growl emerged from within her.

I didn’t realize how late it was. She thought wearily, glancing at herself in the mirror she had in her office desk pushing back her hair.

It’s been a long day. She thought, yawning as she walked to the elevator unconsciously pressing the button which glowed under the florescent lighting, Kari yawned, stretching at the same time glancing at her cell phone seeing 11:25 p.m.

Kari looked up with a start.

″Hello?” she called out. She walked slowly down the corridor. “Is anyone there?” No one answered, curious but still wary she walked slowly down the lonely hall, as the laughter grew louder, closer. Kari’s pulse which was thudded as she made way down the hall coming to a stop at the meeting room. “H-hello?” her quivered as she reached for the cold metal knob… and opened the door. Kari closed her eyes and stood frozen ready for whatever was coming. But it never came. Slowly she opened her eyes and found… the room was completely deserted.

There’s no one in here. She thought relieved. Kari laughed at her own silliness as she walked back to the elevator; just as it was opening and climbed in pressing the arrow button of the elevator. But she couldn’t help but wonder who was laughing.

I was all alone in the office, maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. She thought.

Kari opened the door letting in the autumn air. Except it wasn’t coming from the main entrance but from the rooftop of her office building. Kari walked toward the edge of the building overlooking New York’s landscape and looked up into the starry night sky, Kari smiled in the darkness, she took in a breath.

And jumped off the ledge.

The free fall of the jump was incredible. Kari could feel the cold wind whipping and cutting her hands, and face like tiny knives as she fell faster down the building. Kari focused her strength for her to stay alive, as gravity pulled her faster toward… she stopped. Kari slowly opened her eyes and saw she was hovering in mid-air. She peered down below her.

Phew! She thought. That was close. Kari positioned her body vertically before taking flight into the pitch night air.

Kari peered down on the roof top of her apartment an hour later to see if no one was at the front of the apartment.

Coast is clear. She thought and jumped down from the ledge; she landed gracefully onto pavement and headed inside.

“Hi, Chi-Chi.” Kari started closing the door to her apartment. “I’m h—!” Kari felt her feet leave the floor, a floppy wet tongue lapped her cheeks, coming from her Pomeranian.

“St-stop Chi-Chi!” Kari laughed. “Down girl, it’s good to see you!” Chi-Chi obeyed, her orange tail wagging wildly, as Kari got up from the floor, wiping off her face she walked to her kitchen, placing her bag on her dining table. Kari went into her room to change.

Chi-Chi lay beside Kari on the living room sofa where Kari laid down, turning the tv on low, closing her eyes. It had been a hectic day: Kari had arrived to work late due to a subway incident making her miss the morning meeting of the month. Kari opened her eyes feeling Chi-Chi licked her hand, pulling her hand she turned the volume up on the tv.

Kari sat frozen as the news reported on a massacre in the city at an infamous nightclub. Chi-Chi jumped onto the sofa and rested her head-on Kari’s lap; she petted her for reassurance, only to smile when her stomach growled causing Chi-Chi to jump and growl, Kari laughed as she rose from the chair and went to warm her dinner.


Kari ran! It was the only thing she could do to get away, but they wouldn’t stop following her! Strange creatures stomp heavily on hard cement were chasing her in the dead of night. She did not know what they were, her only instinct was to run! Kari ducked behind a narrow alleyway only narrowly missing one of the monster’s claws, she ran until losing sight of them; it was there Kari stopped to catch her breath, clutching at her chest.

Wh-what are th-those monsters!? She thought. H-have to g-get... Kari looked up in horror.

It was too dark for her to see, the only thing that was visible were two crimson eyes that looked down at Kari as it slowly crawled from the side of the building. Kari screamed trying to escape but she wasn’t quick enough as the monster’s claws slashed her body.

A blaze of searing pain tore into Kari! She screamed crumpling onto the hard ground with a moan as liquid, hot and sticky pooled down her back. A noise made her look up weakly to witness in terror those creatures surrounded her all gathered in a close mob. Kari could see their salivating mouths reeked in the cold air as she attempted to sit up holding herself as the hard ground pooled with her blood, with a sob Kari painfully got to her feet. The monster lunged.

“Nooo!” She screamed. Kari felt a rush from under her lifting her up in the air, but the moment of freedom was gone as her body descended toward the creatures that were swarmed ready to slew her.

Leave me alone!” She screamed without warning a great beam of light radiated from her outstretched hand!

Golden white light streaked down striking the monsters with a full blast. There was a moment of agonizing bellows before the monsters were destroyed leaving a huge street size crater in its mist.

H-how did I…? Kari thought shock and amazement, but it couldn’t change the fact that she was falling! She screamed. Closing her eyes, she braced herself for the impact… she stopped.

Kari felt a warm presence surrounding her body. The presence wasn’t anything she ever felt. Kari opened her eyes to see the presence of a man, or she thought it was a man, for the figure was glowing.

Are you alright?” the voice was warm, echoey. Male.

“Wh-who are you?” She whispered overcome by the man aura. But at that moment a bolt of lightning shot down from the sky striking Kari and the man…

Kari awoke in a cold sweat, trembling so terribly she hugged herself to stop the shakes.

“Who are you?” she whispered.

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