The Banner of the Mountains

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The king is dead, his sons fight for the throne, Prince Albert of house Ritter, son of the queen and supported by the southern noble and Prince Einar the bastard, son of a northern priestess and supported by the northern mountain tribes following Einars uncle Hakon the bloody, former guard of the king and current War chief of the tribes as he helps his nephew gain the throne.

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1: The King is Dead

The King is Dead he was neither a good nor bad king he was just the king though many still mourn him. his death has left a problem who was going to be the new king Was it Prince Albert? or Prince Einar the bastard. Both princes had good points and bad points Prince Albert was cruel but powerful yet Prince Einar was kind but weak.

Albert is supported by the southern nobles as his mother was the daughter of a powerful duke Einar is supported by the northern mountain tribes as his mother was the high priestess though Einar has help as his uncle is the current war chief of the tribes Hakon the bloody,

Hakon was the former king’s bodyguard. He saved the king’s life at the battle of Stone Ridge for which he was awarded a title and became his bodyguard. The King fell in love with Hakon’s sister Astrid and she gave birth to Einar out of wedlock thus the nickname bastard in the south this is seen as a great taboo but in the north its seen as a normal thing as births in the north rarely go well.

a young brawny man with short brown hair was seen running through the corridor towards the barracks. he slammed open the door and said, “Uncle do we really have to leave?” He exclaimed, “Yes lad, we have to.” said a Bearded Man With Tattoos All Over Himself, “But Uncle Hakon Why,”

“Einar the King Is Dead and We Are the Next Albert Won’t Allow Us to Live.” “where will we go uncle” “to the mountains of our tribe that is the only place we can be safe” The boy had a tear in his eye he has never been out of the castle Uncle Hakon was his only relation as his mother died in the great sickness

“But Uncle I won’t survive in the north” “boy you have the blood of the mountains in you the cold can’t stop us, it bends to our will” the boy was about to retort, but a guard came in and said “Lord Hakon King Albert request your presence” “lad start packing now I will be back soon” said Hakon.

A black haired pale man was seen sitting on the throne next to him was a beautiful but unnerving woman. “”My King Lord Hakon is here,” said a court official “Alright let him in” said the black haired man

“Prince what do you want with me” Exclaimed Hakon “Lord Hakon you are in the presence of the king not a prince” said the women next to the king “I don’t care even if he is a god” the crowd was surprised at those words does he have a deathwish they thought

“Let’s get this over with Lord Hakon,” said King Albert, “You are hereby arrested for the crime of poisoning the former king, the sentencing is death and the destruction of your family.”

Suddenly Hakon laughed loudly, “So it has begun, has it looked like a boy I was killing men when you were still in your mother’s womb” He pulled out an axe “Guards Seize him” shouted the women

the sky suddenly turned eerily red Hakon laughed “Ha look at the sky and moon its red that means blood will be spilt today i will show you why I’m called the bloody!“. Hakon roared like a bear and charged at the guard near the door, his axe cleaving through the guard’s head, blood splattering everywhere “some one stop him” commanded Albert but his words were not heard through the screaming of bloodied men. Hakon was covered in blood smiling crazily “boy one day the mountain shall come to your front gate!” he shouted as he ran through the door.

While the scene in the throne room was happing Einar was packing his bags he looked out the window and saw a red sky he recalled the story of how Uncle Hakon earned his nickname the bloody how 20 years ago before the south ruled the north Hakons Father Orn was the war chief at the time and the great war started between the south and the north.

Orn ordered Hakon to attack an army of 500 with only 50 men Hakon laughed and said “give me 20 and i will take the kings head my self” Orn laughed as well “The Blood of the mountains is obviously in your veins lad”

Einars Grandfather Orn was a crazy man however Hakon was more insane it is said the Hakon went into battle wearing nothing but bearskin fully naked along with his 50 men just charged. The enemy was surprised. imagine seeing 50 naked men running at you with weapons at a time when the southern army was made up of levies with barely any armour and only a spear.

According to the Tale, Hakon came back covered in blood not his but his enemies crazily laughing with his men, the shocking fact was that out of the 50 that went 50 came back that was the day he gained the name the bloody.

Suddenly Hakon came smashing the door covered in blood “come on lad were leaving” he smiled “Uncle what has happened” responded Einar “Prince Albert has ordered our deaths so i showed him why i am called the bloody” Hakon grabbed Einar hand pulling him out the barracks “Uncle what about the bags” “We don’t need them anymore lad”.

Hakon and Einar ran through the hallway as fast as they possibly could towards the dock “uncle why are we going to the dock?” Einar exclaimed. “I still have some friends in the castle. There is a boat waiting for us” guards where running at them, but Hakon threw his axe and hit one, he pulled out his second axe and started to wave it madly at guards throughout the hallway as they suddenly came towards the bridge towards the docks.

The bridge was completely packed, full of guards blocking the way “Uncle what will we do now.” “We fight as the spirits demand,” Hakon passed a sword to Einar, “at least today you will be bloodied in battle lad,”

Hakon charged, along with Einar men upon men kept dropping. Einar barely knew how to fight but still managed to kill a few “nearly there lad” at the end of the bridge was a dock with a boat and a few men on the boat they quickly jumped on the boat and left as arrows were flying at them.

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