Bleed for Me

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Chapter 11 - Raines

I huddle in the sickbay for the next three days, wracked with chills. When I sleep to ease my headache, twisted dreams occupy my mind; hazy fast movements of flashing swords and blood, collapsing buildings, burning houses. A background din of crashes and painful yells echo in my ears when I wake.

How can we do this to one another?

This is horror.

When I emerge from the sickbay of our ship, it is to find that we have departed Nefyn and are about half a day’s travel on our way across the Simlin Sea, sailing for Volcin. There, our small fleet will join with a preliminary naval force from Ordovicia.

“Raines!” I feel a large hand grip my shoulder.


“I know you’ve just recovered. Go back to your cabin and get some rest. We can handle the smooth sailing for a while,” Odin gestures to the calm of the endless waves around us.

My eyebrows raise. “Really?”

“Sure. Just bring me a mug of mead when you return.” He winks and strides off. Gratefully, I return to the cool of below deck.

It’s just less than a week later when we reach Volcin. Excited shouts of “Land!” and “We’re here!” bounce across the deck.

I look out over the harbor to Volcin’s southern shore. The wide port is crowded with vessels great and small, a patchwork of flags filling the sky.

Here we go.

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