Bleed for Me

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Chapter 15 - Raines

“Your friend Calix is going to be just fine.”

I look into Nemia’s layered green eyes. She’s warmed another cup of tea with a snap of her agile fingers, and this second one - plus her kind demeanor - has finally started to ease my nerves.

“Thank you.” The clay mug sears my fingers wrapped around it, but I cling on. “I’m worried for him. He works so hard, he loves it but…. He’ll take it so hard if they…. If they fail.”

She sighs. “Young man. Calix has a team around him. And right now, that’s not you.” My heart clenches, but she continues. “No matter what, you’re connected with him, both of you bound together in the energies of the world. Feel it. Not the gods -” she sees the look on my face “- But you can feel him. And he knows your energies. You two are together. Find solace in that.”

Nemia stands, abruptly returning to business. “Rest,” she orders me. She takes the tea from my hands and swings out of the room.

I fall back. Gods. What are we going to do? Cal….

I do feel him.

Thank you, Nemia.

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