Bleed for Me

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Chapter 16 - The Papers

The Kiptor Tribune

The biggest news of our small town came to us late yesterday afternoon: the warrior dance team of Caerini has finally fallen from it’s pedestal of eleven consecutive victories against teams across Icenäe and Volcin. No doubt a push for those nations united behind Trinova to take advantage of Caerini’s bruised moral. This coming right on the heels of the attack on Caerini’s leading dancer, Calix Mandalia. Severely injured - although expected to make a full recovery in time - the young athlete will remain out of competition indefinitely.

Could this be the moment that the tide of this conflict changes?

Ordocivia’s Script

The long-proclaimed ‘conflict’ encompassing Azurheim has finally been seen as it truly is: war. We face a phenomena unprecedented and never experienced in living memory.

Officials met yesterday in Corielta’s capital to discuss the growing tension between Azurheim’s nations and finally declared (or admitted, as it seams) war. Corielta remains neutral as the rest of Azurheim begins to take sides, frantically scraping together small armies and naval defense.

Caerini announced last night their alliance with Eravisci and their encompassing tribes. Icenäe eagerly joined Trinova. As of this moment, we - the proud Ordovicians - officially ally ourselves with Caerini and Eravisci against Trinova. Volcin is, as of yet, undeclared.

As cities and tribes across Azurheim prepare for the first physical confrontation in more than two centuries, we urge everyone to spread kindness and peace. Care for one another.

Remember your humanity.

Minta’s Record

After Caerini’s first loss to one of the finest dance teams two weeks ago, the nation has continued to lose ground, both in the competitions and in physical battles. The Caerinian dancers have had to swallow the failure of their following three dances. As this news spread quickly through the nations, Caerini’s naval forces began to fall back after two easy defeats by Trinovan troops on Nefyn, the largest of the Eraviscian Isles.

At long last, Trinova and their allies have turned the tide of this war in our favor.

The Havensport Scribe

After a dozen competitions since a key dancer was indefinitely suspended from their team due to injury, the Caerinian Warrior Dance Team hasn’t seen a single victory. Their naval force is falling back from Trinova’s and Volcin’s shores. After Volcin joined behind Trinova and Icenäe in the war, Eravisci and its allies have continued to lose ground.

If things continue this way, it’s only a matter of weeks before Trinova secures a victory. The first conflict in two hundred years, and it’s looking to only last several long months.

Hail Trinova!

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