Bleed for Me

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Chapter 25 - The Papers

“Tensions rise internationally as Calix Mandalia’s Trial of Treason looms ever closer. Reporters for the Script, as well as journalists authoring entries in other papers across the nation, report escalating rates of citizens protesting for an immediate cease-fire; a return of peace. Many even recount significant numbers of those calling young Mandalia’s trial ‘an unethical outrage’ and ‘a sickening injustice,’ pressuring local government authorities for his immediate release and absolution of all charges.”
- Ordovicia’s Script

“In our most recent interviews with representatives of the Volcin public, it is possible to find a growing number of individuals beginning to speak up against the Trinovan-Caerinian war. `It’s really not worth killing over,’ says a citizen of Anve, who wished to remain anonymous."
- Minta’s Record

“Three days before Calix Mandalia’s Trial of Treason - one Raines Yvin - has been implicated in both his disappearance and recent dubious behavior. Rumors are flying that the two were intimate repeatedly, even going so far as to call one another ‘partners.’ This despite the international law that warrior dancers are forbidden from pursuing romantic or sexual relationships while in service to their country.”
- The Havensport Scribe

RETRACTION: Our previous issue implicates young soldier, Raines Yvin, in the crimes of Calix Mandalia. These allegations have been retracted. There is no conclusive or circumstantial evidence that Yvin and Mandalia were ever intimate or indeed partners. Those who knew the pair personally report witnessing nothing more than a jovial friendship.”
- The Havensport Scribe

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