Bleed for Me

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Chapter 30 - The Papers: An Editorial

Ordovicia’s Script

It is perhaps the greatest pleasure to accept authorship of the news article informing my people of the end of our war (see front page). A war already entering history books as the Caerinian-Trinovan Conflict, though we all know it’s proper title….

Congratulations, dearest siblings-in-peace, we may rest easy once again.

Two weeks ago the execution of young dancer Calix Mandalia - who’s name has been splashed across these papers too many times to count of late - unjustly bargained a temporary peace until treaties outlining more permanent conditions could be drawn up.

Today is the day those treaties have been signed.

We are Azurheimites in tranquility once again.

But do not discount our losses. This bloodshed has been unacceptable. A haunt to the greatest among us, no doubt. Blade and forge have no place between us, no matter our goods, no matter our gods. Hate has no place in our hearts.

We have taken a great misstep, and there is only hurt to show for it.

Need I explain the impact of one man’s execution on us all? The mothers who now grieve him, childless. The dance team who once honored and loved him, now pine for him. His partner who’s every moment from now until death will be soured by the despicable slaughter of his beloved.

Yes, I said it. War was not our only misstep. Not even our greatest misstep. It was the thousands of unnoticed atrocities committed that never even made the paper.

Consider this: temporary, fragile peace unpromised at the price of your world going dark. Passion extinguished, love lost, color bled out from your surroundings.

I believe I have made my point.

I beg of you. Rejoice in our resolution. Lament our losses. Keep vigil for everything that is left.

But, please. When I speak of war - write it, witness it….

Make this be the last.



The Ordovician Script

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