Bleed for Me

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Chapter 9 - Raines

Every muscle aches. My body is purpled with bruises, occasionally spreading outwards from a cut or scrape.

That first fight was barbaric. After only a day and a night of sailing, we landed on Nefyn, the largest of the Eraviscian Isles where, several miles inland, Trinova had established a temporary military base.

We had not expected them to be awaiting our arrival - both soldiers and civilians - without a thought of peace in their minds.

The battle was fought with sticks and rocks. Those of us who had swords surrendered them quickly under the sheer numbers of the onslaught. We called a truce, unwilling to be taken for prisoners. The captain surrendered our mooring space in the harbor and we sailed an hour or so to the nearest island, one not yet coerced into siding with Trinova. It is here we have been for the last few days. A desperate part of me hopes to find Niamh, but I will be lucky to even hear news of her. Stepping ashore to follow my vein hopes has been rendered impossible. For almost a full day and night, we’ve been in the grips of a mighty storm. Keeping the ship afloat, even in harbor, has been a challenge. The few of us who have gotten rest are running on but a few hours.

I slip on the soaked deck. Thunder crashes and lightning sears across the sky. Blundering through the rain, I toss a coiled rope to port and secure my end at the bow. The rail here only comes up to my knees. I turn to go tie the rope to the starboard side just as a soldier stumbles past me, slipping. His shoulder smacks into my chest. I feel myself flying backward through the air, breath wheezing out of my lungs.

I hear a cry of, “Man overboard!” right before I hit the water.

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