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The Blazing Wolves MC

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Gia Nealey dreamt about meeting her mate at a young age. When she started to notice the changes in her body, she asked her parents how they met. She wanted to find her mate in a similar fashion, eyes lock from across the room, he sweeps her into his arms to mark her and take her in any and every way possible, making her forget about the rest of the world. Never did she expect to find him while running from a unstable Alpha, nor did she expect to find him in the situation she did. Edric. The Blazing Wolves MC President and Alpha sure the hell is one fine specimen of male. Gia has to overcome her own insecurities while letting her mate earn his way into her heart. He needs to prove to her that first impressions don't always mean that is who someone actually is. When someone betrays the club, will Gia be the one to pay for it or will she find a way to prevent it from happening again?

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

We run as fast as our grey paws can carry us through the thick trees and bushes, our fur getting caught on branches as we almost lose our footing while leaping over a fallen log. We are almost to the neighbouring territory, when we catch distant howls of anger and warning coming from somewhere behind us, making us push our paws to move faster along the damp ground.

With our tongue lolling out of the side of our mouth in exhaustion, I retreat to the back of my wolf’s mind and give her full control. It will help her concentrate on running harder to get free from the Alphas men. The fact that Alpha Sterling thinks that I could take the place of his mate that died eleven months ago is all sorts of insane.

I hear the pants and growls getting closer, too close for comfort. My wolf lets out a whimper as she steps on a sharp rock, but she keeps her frantic pace. We have to make it over the border to Alpha Edric’s territory before they catch us and attempt to make me Alpha Sterlings kept female.

I refuse to mark him as my mate, not when my real mate is still out there somewhere.

Needing to suddenly shift and take off with a backpack tied to my underbelly that is full of clothing necessities, food, water and all of the cash I have made within the last three years, didn’t make getting away any easier.

Alpha Sterling sought me out while I was catering Shalays specially made alcohol to his brother’s bachelor party, which neighbors Alpha Edric’s.

Apparently, they celebrate going into the mated life the same way humans go into the married one. There was loud music, lots of alcohol, scantily dressed, desperate females wanting a piece of the male before he is devoted to his mate and a lot of food.

The Alpha was constantly flirting with me throughout the night, always finding a reason to be close enough to touch me. It was very unnerving, especially considering his mate and pup died just under a year ago.

It is said that he lost her to complicated childbirth. They tried for years to get pregnant and when she finally did, he lost both his pup and mate on the same day, two months later.

His pup’s lungs were too underdeveloped and only lived for a few hours after being born, dying in Alpha Sterling’s arms. His mate passed away on the operating table due to blood loss because of a c-section.

He convinced himself to believe in things that weren’t possible, shortly after she passed. His wolf was emotionally broken and Alpha Sterling had become slightly hysterical in finding a female that he wanted to mark and mate with, to give him the pup he lost as well.

His wolf was making him feel things that a grieving Alpha was so desperate to feel again.

There was no empowering need for my wolf to devour him, there wasn’t an intoxicating scent that made me want to jump him in the middle of everyone and not give a damn, nor was there a warmth on any part of my body when he followed me with his beady eyes.

To believe that he had the chance for a second choice mate, and he just happened to choose me, made me feel pity for the mentally unstable Alpha. He needed to accept that his mate was gone and either hand over the position to someone else, or find a female who has lost her mate as well.

With my mate still out there, there was no way in hell I was letting another man touch me in any way.

As I was coming out of the bathroom earlier at the party, Alpha Sterling managed to grab me in a tight hold and push me against the wall, trapping my body with his. He planted his large lips onto mine before I even realized what was going on. I kneed him in the balls when he tried to stick his tongue down my throat, providing me with the wiggle room to break free of his arms.

I frantically searched for Shalay, my boss and good friend, amongst the throng of celebrating wolves to explain what had happened with the Alpha. She told me to get to the place we were staying near the packhouse, and pack as much as I could in my backpack right away. She always followed her gut, and it told her that Alpha Sterling would not take my rejection kindly.

She knew his kind, she has dealt with them one too many times before I joined their little duo. Shalay also made sure that Malin came with me for protection. Even though he was a bit on the short side standing at five feet and four inches, a lot of people underestimated his strength and agility.

He was a professional kickboxer, so it made a lot of sense as to why people were shocked when he kicked someone’s ass who was triple his size. It helped when people assumed he was just some pretty boy. He had short blonde curly hair, grey bedroom eyes and long eyelashes females were jealous of.

As we made it to the little cottage we were staying at on the territory, Shalay warned me through the mind link that Alpha Sterling had put out a search and capture order for me. She demanded I pack as much as I could in my bag and leave east to Alpha Edric’s pack lands. Immediately.

Alpha Edric was a cousin of hers through marriage or something like that, who was also the president of a motorcycle club called The Blazing Wolves MC. We had two more packs to visit before going to his. One of his newest prospects was getting engaged to his sister. Family dynamics were always confusing to me when it wasn’t immediate family or first relatives in some way.

Malin wanted to come with me to Alpha Edrics pack but I couldn’t do that to him. Shalay, himself and I would travel from pack to pack upon request, catering Shalays one of a kind liquor. It was a tad bit too strong for my liking, but the men seemed to love it once word got around about the strength of the alcohol.

As a werewolf, it was hard to find alcohol without wolfsbane that could knock you down on your ass with just a few shots. It needed to be sipped slowly or diluted with a mix of some sort, if you wanted to get drunk yet not shit-faced.

There was a chance Malin could find his mate in one of the packs they travelled to, and I wasn’t going to bring him with me because some asshole couldn’t handle rejection very well. He also needs to stay with Shalay to keep her safe from any males who would try to take advantage of her, or be ballsy enough to try to ambush her. Deep down he knows that he cannot leave her vulnerable like that.

A single she-wolf travelling from pack to pack isn’t safe, especially one that looks like Shalay with her big blue-green eyes, shoulder length cropped blonde hair, 5′7", curvy waist, large tits and firm ass. I will definitely miss his sarcastic, bi-sexual ass and her playful self though.

My wolf lets out a whimper at the thought of our best friend and brother. My family apparently left my old pack while I was out travelling with Shalay and Malin. I have never had a reason to go back since they weren’t there, so I decided to cut the link with my old Alpha and stay with Shalay and Malin. They became my family instantly.

Malin held me for many nights while I cried on his shoulder at the loss of my two little sisters, older brother and parents. I knew they were still alive as my wolf and I could still feel the tether that kept us bonded as a family, but I just didn’t know where they were physically.

It has been three years since I’ve heard anything about my family and as time goes by, I start to doubt I will ever know what really made them leave the pack, or if they got kicked out and why.

The last time I saw my old Alpha, I had begged him to tell me what happened to them or at least give me a clue, but he flat out refused to answer me.

I know he knows why they left because every time he is confronted about it, his left eye does this weird twitchy thing, which is his tell for when he lies. The bastard doesn’t know that one day I will find out what happened to my family and he will regret it when that day comes, I’ll make sure of it.

Malin’s family kicked him out of their home because he is bi-sexual and was caught fucking the betas son. His family disowned him and the fact that he is a warrior’s son made it worse. His father wouldn’t accept the fact his son liked males along with females. Malin kept quiet about who the other male was that he was with because the male didn’t deserve to be bullied by the pack due to his sexual preferences.

Thankfully, they were caught by the Luna and she only told their parents. The pack doesn’t have a clue to how much their higher-ranked leaders discriminate against anyone who likes the same-sex genders. Which is bullshit these days and the reason why he left. His father had become a bully.

Shalay left her home on her own, even though she calls her parents as often as she can. They know the truth about what happened and wanted to leave with her, but her two younger siblings need a stable home and she wouldn’t be the reason that it gets taken away from them.

She told Malin and I what her reason was for leaving her pack one night while we sat around a fire, opening up to each other about our reasons for travelling as lone wolves. I cried with her for the loss of her family, because even though she loves them dearly and she knows they love her, not being near them was hard on her and her wolf.

After she told us her story, I had to reason with Malin to not go to the pack and tear the Alphas son to pieces. Or in his words, ′fuck the Alphas ass so hard he splits him open for all of the world to see what a disgusting wolf he is.′ To say Malin was angry is an understatement.

She was almost raped by the Alphas son one night at a party. If it wasn’t for her best friend, Nathan, walking in on them, he would have succeeded. The fucker told Nathan that she came onto him and was trying to rape him.

Of course he didn’t believe the Alpha, considering the fact that the asshole was pinning Shalay to the bed. Nathan pretended he believed the sick fuck for the sake of Shalays reputation and safety. Who wouldn’t believe the word of an Alpha’s son over two common wolves anyway?

The bastard gave Shalay two options. He said he was going to be generous because he felt bad for taking her from her family. She could either become his side bitch and keep her mouth shut, or he will tell everyone that she drugged him and tried to rape him. That she had sex with four of his friends, labeling her not only an attempted rapist but the pack slut.

She didn’t want any rumours to spread around the pack about herself because it would look bad on her parents. Their family was just common wolves in the hierarchy and she would risk any and everything to ensure their safety and stability.

So she came up with an idea one night while packing that she made into a reality shortly after. Making expensive alcohol and traveling throughout packs, selling it, while catering samples to parties or gatherings has helped her business grow tremendously these last two years.

She borrowed the money to get started from her parents and Nathan, paying them back in full, plus interest. She sends her parents monthly envelopes of cash for them to save, so eventually they will have enough to leave the pack without any financial worries.

To have the business to herself, without the input or financial shares with her Alpha, she had to become a lone wolf. She cut off all ties with any and everyone from her old pack except her family and best friend, Nathan.

Shalay met up with Malin a short two months after she cut all attachments and they saved each other from loneliness. They found me seven months later while I was at an adjacent Alphas pack, asking if anyone had seen or heard of my parents.

Shalay figured that if I joined them, it would be the perfect way to ask about my family while using her business as a ruse. I could also help them out when there were calls for her liquor at parties or get-togethers.

She had a distillery on neutral land which was being run by lower-ranked wolves who needed extra money, so it worked well for many. She was well respected for being such a new entrepreneur.

I’m brought back to the now when my wolf makes it across the border line to Alpha Edric’s property. We drop to the ground after making it about another ten feet before looking over our shoulder at the other wolves. There are four pacing in wolf form and three completely nude human males standing with their fists clenched, looking at us with sneers on their faces and releasing lowly growls.

Four howls come from the North and South sides of the territory, alerting the males that have followed us that it’s their time to leave.

“Don’t think that because you are on that side of the border you are free from Alpha Sterling, Gia Nealey. He will find a way to get to you and bring you back to your rightful spot as his Luna. Don’t get too comfortable, we will see you again soon enough.”

With those last parting words, the three men turn into their wolf forms, howl and take off back to where we ran from.

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