The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 10

I’m about five feet away from the door when I hear the desperate female pleading. I decide to be a nosy bitch and see how Edric will handle her himself.

“Edric please, you know how good we were together! She probably won’t fuck you anytime soon and I know you love sex, it’s like an addiction for you. What about all of those times that you said you cared about me? Or the times you told me that you would take me as your old lady? You haven’t gotten rid of your chopper yet, so obviously you’re holding onto it because it means something to you! Why can’t you give her to Alpha Sterling and have me as your Luna and old lady?”

Edric roars at the mention of giving me to Sterling. “Valerie I fucking told you, enough! I gave you a chance to walk away and leave me the fuck alone. I promised your dead brother and old man that I would care for you, so don’t make me go back on my fucking word woman, because I will in a heartbeat if you don’t stop with the bullshit coming out of your damn mouth. I never said I cared about you more than part of the pack and I sure as fuck never, ever said I would take you as my old lady. I would never trade Gia for you! Ever! She is my mate and your Luna! She is my old lady and she will be the mother of my pups one day. I don’t care how long it takes, because I am the one who fucked up by screwing you when I knew better!”

I lean against the wall across from the door until he is done. I want to hear what he has to say without me around. Thankfully, my scent is all over him so it’s overpowering their senses to be able to smell me out here, listening to him put her in her place.

“Edric, please." She pleads in a watery tone. Fake bitch.

Edric roars out in anger at this she-wolf, wolfy is livid. He obviously doesn’t like Valerie at the moment because the whimpers that leave her mouth are heard as clear as day. “I don’t owe you a god-damn explanation as to why I haven’t gotten rid of the chopper yet, but I will tell you why it is still here so you can get this fucked up idea that it’s because I have any feelings for you, out of your stubborn ass head. The only reason that chopper is still there is because I’m waiting for brothers from another chapter to come get it.

“They already paid for it in full and I don’t want any reminder of what I did with you anywhere. Gia is my now, she is my future and my forever. Once you get that through your thick skull, you would be better off. Now get the fuck out of my office and don’t lie to get me alone again. You try this bullshit once more and I will send you to one of the other MC packs in the far west, and you won’t like how they treat their females. Do you get me?”

She must nod her head because I don’t hear a thing before Edric speaks again, this time I can hear the Alpha command in his voice. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t hear you properly. I asked you a question and I expect a fucking verbal answer. I said, do you get what I’m saying Valerie?”

“Yes Alpha.”

“Good. Now get the fuck out of my office and give up on trying to get me between your legs because it will never happen again. Next time I will give Gia the go ahead to make an example out of you. And remember Valerie, there is a reason she is meant to be my mate.”

The door slowly opens and Valerie has her head angled down as she steps out of the room. Right as she sees the tips of my shoes, her head whips up and she sneers at me. I stand straight and square my shoulders. This bitch doesn’t intimidate me and I refuse to let her think otherwise.

She walks up to me and stands an inch from my chest, “you better be careful Luna, I heard Alpha Sterling will do whatever he has to, to get you as his second chance mate. He just might show up when you least expect it.”

I move that inch further so my chest is pushing into hers, my wolf pushing forward and making herself known as well. “Is that a threat Valerie? I can have you kicked out of the MC at the snap of a finger so don’t test me whore. I may not be marked by my mate yet, but I am your Luna, so my word is law just as much as his is when it comes to the pack. I’d watch yourself. You never know when you will take your last breath as a member of The Blazing Wolves MC.”

She takes a step back and I can see her shaking, her hands in fists at her side. She is intimidated as the lower ranked wolf that she is, and is trying to hide it from me. I can smell a hint of fear on her but it’s hidden from an overpowering smell of adrenaline and disgusting perfume.

“It’s no threat. I just figured I would tell you what I have heard. You know, to warn you. After all, you are my Luna, right?”

She takes off before I can say another word, shoving my shoulder as she goes. My wolf snaps her jaws in the direction Valerie went, pawing to be let loose, to show that bitch her place and remind her that it isn’t beside Edric.

I inhale deeply before I go into Edric’s office to see him doing paperwork. Walking to his desk to see what he is doing, he pulls me onto his lap and shoves his nose in my hair. I start to lift myself off of him when his voice comes out gruffly. “Just give me a minute. I need to calm down and breathing you in is helping me. It’s nothing sexual, I promise.”

I still in his lap and let him inhale my aroma through his nose, calming Edric and his wolf down. As soon as I feel him relax, I get up and go sit on the chair on the other side of his desk.

Looking at my mate, I notice he now has a smirk settled on his succulent lips. Exhaling a heavy breath, “You heard that huh?”

He gifts me with a genuine smile, “I did and I’m so damn proud to have a strong old lady by my side, one who won’t let others push her around or talk down to her. Give me a few minutes to finish signing a few things and then we can go for our run.”

I lean forward to try to see what he is working on, but I’m too far away, so I sit back and relax in the chair. “Do you need help with anything?”

“Nah. It’s all club business and tedious shit. When I do the financial paperwork for the pack I could use your help though. Every two weeks I go over all of the financials of the pack and MC with my treasurer. His mate just had twin pups last week so I ordered him to take some time off to help her out.”

“Okay, I can do that. I used to handle the financial part of Shalay’s business when I was with them, so I’m guessing it’s probably pretty similar.”

He nods his agreement, “it is similar, but there is a lot more to do. I will explain why on our walk out to the deeper part of the forest.”

“Why do we have to go deep into the forest? It isn’t like there are any humans around.”

Edric stops doing the paperwork and glances up, studying me curiously.

“What? Do I have breakfast on my face or something?”

He shakes his head, “no. You haven’t heard about what happened fifteen years ago?”

“No. Should I have?”

“It is the main reason we don’t let our wolf side be known to humans.” He releases a sad sigh as I tilt my head in curiosity.

“A newly shifted female was oblivious to any dangers around the clubhouse because her father and brother kept her blind to the bad, as she was too young. She was so excited to have finally changed from her skin side to wolf. She was eighteen when she first shifted, while everyone else had their first shift when they were fifteen or sixteen. Back then, they didn’t have the threats that we do now, so things were more carefree. Plus, we live in the middle of nowhere on eighty acres of land. So who would see her this far out, you know?”

I don’t think I’m going to like how this story unfolds. His tone of voice is too sad for it to be good.

“Anyway, she was super excited to finally have her wolf, that she ended up shifting on her sprint from the clubhouse while her dad was doing business with a human male. He was at the clubhouse negotiating deals on the sale of the bar. The human saw her shift and went for his rifle as they were standing at the back of his truck drinking a few beers. Before anyone could stop him, he shot the female right in the chest, straight through the heart.”

I gasp and cover my mouth with my trembling hands. My voice comes out as a whisper. “Oh no.”

Edric nods, “she died instantly instead of suffering, because it was straight through a major organ. As you probably know, if it isn’t directly in the heart or brain, it won’t kill us. The bullets would need to be laced with wolfsbane, otherwise we just suffer until the bullet is removed and we heal.”

He runs a hand down his face, “they had no choice but to get rid of the male because of what he saw, and the fact that he killed a she-wolf. They couldn’t risk him exposing us as it would not only be bad for business but we would most likely be killed off from anyone who fears what they don’t understand. They made it seem like he took the money from the MC and took off. His disappearance wasn’t alerted by the local cops because apparently he owed a dangerous loan shark quite a chunk of change. So everyone just assumed he sold the club and took off in hiding. Thankfully, he had no family left.”

I stare into the open field through the window at Edrics back. “And that’s why we have to go into the forest. So we don’t risk exposing ourselves to the wrong human and accidentally getting killed. Oh Goddess Edric, that’s so sad.”

“It is. The female was Donny’s little sister. From that day forward, if anyone was caught shifting while out in the open, they were sent to be chained on the outskirts of the forest alone for two nights in wolf form. If at any time humans would come to the clubhouse and happen to see them, we just tell them they are our pets, half wolf and half dog. The mortification they feel from being chained to a post like a dog usually works. Sometimes it takes a few times, but it does its job eventually. Humiliation is better than unnecessary death.”

I nod my head, “I agree one hundred percent. No one should have to die because of humans fearing things they don’t understand.”

“Precisely. So that is when Donny’s father made it clear that any shifting will need to happen in the woods or inside our homes. We cannot risk it. There are some humans who know about us but the majority do not, so it’s safer this way.”

“I understand.”

It is silent for a few minutes while I think about that poor girl and Donny. Such an unnecessary loss.

“Alright, I’m finished. Let’s get out of here and let our wolves out to play. My wolf is tired of being cooped up all day. Usually we go for a run every morning but I had to get this paperwork done quickly before I forgot about it.”

He bows dramatically as he stands by the side of his desk and waits for me to get out of my chair before slapping my ass. “After you, my Luna.”

I glare at him over my shoulder, pretending the smack annoyed me, when really I had to bite back a moan at the tingling sensation it spread throughout my body. He chuckles and walks up to me as only a proud, confident Alpha can, grabs my hand and leads me out into the hallway.

As we enter the lounge area, I instantly see that Valerie is sitting at the bar and looks at our joined hands. She narrows her eyes at me while I grin widely at her, throwing her a saucy wink. I will be a petty female just for her, as I have the right to be for a little while longer.

A few chuckles come out as coughs as we make it to the doorway leading to the outside. Edric watches the whole thing and laughs under his breath, “you’re definitely my Luna.”

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