The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 11

As we leave the clubhouse, I’m blinded by how bright the sun is. We head North to where the forest is, so we can shift without the risk of putting ourselves in danger. He slows down his stride so we are walking side by side, not close enough to touch but enough to feel each other’s body heat.

“So, tell me about the kind of finances that we will be handling.”

“We own four different businesses. We have a bar in the city that turns into a strip club on Friday and Saturday nights that Mac, the Enforcer and lead warrior manages. Fridays, we have male human dancers and strippers and then Saturday, we have females. The bar is very welcoming and has a totally different vibe throughout Sunday to Thursday. It is also kid friendly, whereas anytime past ten in the evening, no one under the age of twenty one is allowed in.

“We have six rooms for any sexual kinks that people prefer to keep hidden or for anyone wanting to have sex with humans, who have signed a NDA and know about werewolf existence. Anyone who wants to use a room has to have a background check and have to bring any extras that we don’t provide that they will use within the room. The only limitations we have is if you want to use any of the private rooms, you have to pay for them in advance and if someone uses the safeword that is written above the door inside, they have to stop everything immediately. If not, they will be banned from the club and we will warn other clubs about them so they can keep an eye out in case the person wants to use their rooms for ill intentions. We provide towels, larger items such as a St. Andrews cross, a spreader bar, whips, bed restraints and a few other bigger items that people cannot bring in without others noticing. We also have a sink, a couch and a large bed in each room. After every use, the whole room gets wiped down and that’s what some of the sweetbutts get paid for.”


“They are tame versions of clubwhores. The sweetbutts, of course go to the brothers for a good fuck too, but they also help the old ladies with anything they may need or they work at the bar as waitresses. We pay them a small amount if they work as a waitress but not as much as the humans, since we provide a home and food for them. The old ladies respect the sweetbutts because they respect boundaries. Clubwhores, not so much.”

“Okay, I got it. So clubwhores are only around for the dick and ladder they are hoping to climb?”

Nodding his head, “exactly. We only have maybe five or six clubwhores who sit around and do nothing useful. We let them do their thing because at the end of the day, some brothers who have lost their mates or don’t believe in waiting for theirs, need a release. The rest of the females are either sweetbutts or old ladies. We have a total of two hundred and thirty six pack members, two hundred and thirty seven now, including you.”

He bumps my shoulder when he mentions me and I look at him with a soft smile. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to hold my hand as of yet. “We also own a diner, a mechanic shop and a high end restaurant. My parents run the diner since they are retired and it gives them something to do. My father also helps with running the pack once in a while when I am busy with MC business.”

He takes a break and inhales before telling me more about the businesses the club owns. “My sister owns the restaurant in every way that matters, except the deed of the building is under the pack name. She designed it and takes care of everything but the finances. We only hire Omegas at the restaurant and diner, male or female, it doesn’t matter, because we want them to be proud of who they are and to be able to make eye contact with any wolf, even if it is for a split second and we feel this will slowly help them gain some confidence.”

I nod to let him know I’m listening as he continues, “the mechanic shop is run by a few brothers and managed by our Road Captain, Tank and Cason who you have yet to meet. We have a total of nine prospects wanting to join so we have three at the shop and bar doing the grunt work and then three running around doing random MC odds and ends.

“The Treasurer of the club deals with all of the financial stuff, but since he is on leave for a while, that will become our job. So every Sunday we will be going over all of the financial paperwork from each establishment to make sure everything adds up and I am in charge of paying the managers who run the businesses.”

“Okay I got it. I will gladly help with that. I loved managing Shalay’s finances as it helped take one more burden off of her shoulders.”

A few minutes go by in silence as we continue walking to the tall trees. “What do your parents think about how you were sleeping around while your mate was out there somewhere? Do they not believe in waiting for your other half of your soul?”

Edric looks down at the ground and shoves his hands into his jean pockets. He clears his throat gently, “they do believe we should wait. They told us growing up that we will regret being with anyone else, and I do. My parents know that I have, uh, been messing around on my mate but they never knew who, as they never come to the clubhouse. They think I went into the city.”

He releases a strained sigh at the subject, but I need to talk about it and try to understand why he didn’t wait for his mate, for me. “Why would they think that?”

“To be honest, I’m not sure. I’ve never openly talked about it. I was twenty four when I had sex for first time and my father was training me to become the next Alpha, plus I was the VP of the club and so I had a lot on my shoulders. I’m not making excuses for what I did and have been doing since then, but I want you to know that I wasn’t out sleeping with any and everyone.”

My words come out bitter and angry. “No, just a bitch who wants you for herself. You must have fucked her more than a few times for her to think she was yours in any way, Edric. She may be a clubwhore, but she truly does believe that you were hers. She is probably trying to find a way to get rid of me as we speak.”

Edric is shaking his head in denial, “She won’t fucking touch you. Not only do I know you can handle yourself, but she knows what I am capable of. She won’t fuck with me or my mate. I’m the President of the second largest MC in the country and I didn’t get here by being nice.

“We have only had sex a few times, -not as many as you think- and besides her, I have only been with one other female who is human and lives in the city. I cut off ties with her a year ago.”

Deeply inhaling, he carries on telling me his story. “For the first year and a half after Valerie’s pops and brother died, she was relentless and wouldn’t accept that I wasn’t interested in her in a sexual way. I gave my word to her old man and brother that I would take care of her and so I did as an Alpha, until six months ago. I promise it was no more than a handful of times. If I was a stronger male I would have waited. I won’t give you the details on how or why it originally happened, but now I wish I would have waited.”

I keep wondering how different things would have been had I not caught him in the act. “What is bothering me the most is the fact that I met you right after you were done fucking her, with her scent all over you and yours all over her. Growing up I always dreamt of meeting my mate, of him taking me to our room and fucking me for days and days on end.”

I’m trying to keep my emotions stable but it is hard to prevent my lip from trembling. Even though he seems like a great male, the pain is still so fresh.

“I mean, part of me wanted my mate to be a virgin so we could lose it to each other, but the fact that our first time meeting was after you fucked the shit out of Valerie is what hurts so much, more than the fact that you’re not a virgin at all. If you didn’t smell like her or if I didn’t hear her scream out your name, I could have been oblivious to the fact that you fucked a bitch in the place where your mate would be staying.”

Edric flinches from the words and the harshness of my voice. Every time I think of how we met, it makes me feel ways that I never thought I would experience with my mate. Betrayal, insecurity and doubt. Even though we never met, he knew he had a mate, why didn’t he wait? Why would he fuck someone where he knows I would be staying?

Did he think that his mate wouldn’t be able to satisfy him? Or was he just bored. Will he actually be satisfied enough with me to not want to run to another female to get his dick wet? So many say that once a couple is mated and marked, all of these doubts disappear but do they really? I highly doubt they had a constant reminder of their mates whore rubbing what they did in their face.

I’m brought out of my contemplation by Edric’s voice. “I didn’t think about anything except getting my dick wet when it came to Valerie. It was extremely stupid and it is my only regret in life, but it’s not at all who I am as a man. I may have betrayed you sexually, but my heart always belonged to my mate and so did my wolf. He fought me quite a bit when it came to what I was doing, so I learned to block him out. I was being selfish.”

Silence descends upon us and I can’t help but feel a little bit of happiness that Wolfy fought against his skin side. My wolf is bouncing up and down on all four paws like a fox. It’s adorable how giddy she is at learning this about our male wolf.

“Go out with me Friday evening. Let me start showing you the male who will love you with his whole heart, a mate who doesn’t deserve you but will cherish every day we are together and an Alpha who will prove to the Luna of our pack that her mate isn’t a complete asshole everyday for the rest of their lives.”

I ponder on what he said. I might as well give him a chance. I know that I am not going to reject him nor am I going to forgive him wholeheartedly and jump into bed naked with him yet. He needs to prove to me that he won’t be wanting other females while he is with me.

I nod my head, “alright. Friday evening it is. Is there a certain way I should dress in case I need to get anything specific when I go shopping with Bri?”

“A cute dress is all that’s needed. You would look fucking sexy in anything, but there is a little bit of a dress code where we are going.”

“Okay, I’ll go on a date with you.”

I’m rewarded with a wide genuine smile and the brightest pair of green eyes. I feel the heat creep up my body as I look at the ground to try to distract myself from thinking about anything sexual. Now is not the time for thinking about sex with this beautiful male of mine.

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