The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 12

I follow Edric in a comfortable silence, enjoying the sounds of the birds, the tree branches rustling in the slight breeze and the smell of fresh air.

We reach the edge of the forest and Edric suddenly grabs my hand, startling me from the warmth that instantly heats where we are connected. My wolf has been anticipating this run. She is excited to spend time with her big fluffy male.

“It gets really narrow for the first few minutes. Is your wolf prancing around in your mind the same way mine is?” Edric chuckles and shakes his head at his wolf’s antics.

“He has never been giddy like this before, but then again he has yet to run with his mate so I get the excitement. As soon as we reach the small clearing, there is a burrow at the base of a large tree where we will put our clothes when we shift and if you want to follow me, we will do a run around the territory so you and your wolf can get a feel of the land.”

I laugh under my breath at the picture of his wolf dancing around, waiting to be released to show off to his fluffy other half.

“I know how you feel, my wolf is prancing around like a prima ballerina on four legs. She is starting to give me a headache with all of her yipping and the howls of excitement.” I inform him that my wolf is just as excited.

Give or take ten minutes later, we reach a small circular clearing with tall grass and random flowers here and there. There is a very tall, old looking tree that is bent slightly to the side and I can see the burrow that Edric mentioned at the bottom. We walk to the tree and Edric instantly starts removing his clothing. I stand completely still, staring at his gloriously inked skin. I could have drooled a bit also. I discreetly wipe my chin to make sure there is no noticeable wetness. Thankfully, there wasn’t.

“Gia... I am trying to be a gentleman and not act on what my wolf and I both want to do to you out of respect for what you want. So please stop testing my resolve woman, or I won’t always have the strength to fight what we want to do to you.” His warning comes out more gruff than normal and snaps me out of my examination of his sexy body.

I bite my lip and look at the ground, “sorry. I can’t help it sometimes.”

“I know the feeling but I am respecting your wishes, so please don’t make this any harder than it already is.” As he says this, in my peripheral vision, I see him adjust his hardened dick.

“I will try harder to not stare at you, but you don’t make it any easier mister. It’s not my fault you have the body of a fucking sex god.”

I get a grunt for a response as he continues to undress. I turn around and go to the other side of the tree so I’m not as tempted to watch him strip. I know if I didn’t, we would never end up going for our run today.

My wolf is still drooling from the sight of our half naked mate. We have a thing for tattooed skin, we plan to get some ink also, but not until the timing is right as we want to get something special for our mate.

A deep bark from the other side of the tree lets me know that he has shifted and is waiting for us. I fold my clothes and stick my panties in between my pants and shirt. The last thing I want is for anyone to smell the effect Edric has on me with a simple touch of his hand. The shift into my grey wolf is effortless.

We look around to the other side of the tree and see wolfy sitting on his hind end, waiting patiently for us to come out. I give the reins to my wolf a little more than I normally would, I want her to have fun with her mate as well.

She stands completely still, watching him with his head held high and proud. I know he can feel her eyes on him but he is showing her the structure of the male he is. I snort in my wolf’s mind, he is just as cocky as his skin side is.

Please don’t do anything sexual with wolfy, girl. I know you want him and I don’t blame you, but we need to be on the same page if things are going to work between all of us. You and I need to be a united front on making him wait, so do this for us. Let’s show this male why what he did was wrong and how we are going to make him work for our pussy.

Let us show these males that we aren’t an easy female and that we deserve nothing but the best. Trust me, once we are happy with the progress he has made, you can have wolfy all to yourself in any way that you want, alright?

With my last promise, she yips and darts out from behind the tree before coming to a complete stop in front of him, sitting on her haunches and looking up at our mate with admiration in her eyes.

He looks down at her before he calmly stands and circles around us. It is now our turn to sit tall and proud as he examines us by digging his nose into our neck and breathing in our feminine scent.

He nudges our back end and my wolf turns her head his way and snaps before she growls out a warning. He growls lowly, making her whine before she stands on her paws right before he shoves his nose into our wolf’s lady parts and inhales deeply, letting out a purr at the fact that we still have our virtue intact. He attempts to shove his nose deeper but we sit down abruptly, preventing that from happening.

Wolfy growls in his chest before we bare our teeth to him and growl back. He huffs and proceeds to do whatever he plans next. He headbutts our backside, wanting us to stand but we refuse to give in until he whines. We stand to our paws with a quiet warning growl. He licks our leg when we stand, we take it as a thank you.

Wolfy proceeds to rub his body along ours and licks us as he goes, transferring his scent in case we come across any other males, so they will know who we belong to. He finishes thoroughly licking and rubbing on us before he sits on his ass, yips and tilts his head to the side as if asking what we are waiting for. My wolf rubs and licks all over him, stopping at his large, heavy balls and purrs into them.

He turns to face us and widens his stance, wanting us to take it farther and my wolf gently licks them before resuming the scent transfer. When she gets to his neck, she shoves her nose into where his shoulder and neck meet, licking it before she licks his maw and turns to walk away.

Wolfy trots up to us and nips at our flank before taking off in a sprint, barking and smiling a wolfish smile, taunting us to catch up to him. We raise our head to the sky and howl before we go off in a run, leaving Wolfy behind. He catches up to us within seconds and gently bites our hind leg before running up to our side, licks our ear and runs slightly ahead.

He twists the upper half of his body to look at us and yips, wanting us to follow him. We respond back with a playful bark and do exactly that. We run for what seems like hours before we stop along a little flowing creek, plopping down into the shallow end of the water, drinking enough to rehydrate.

We haven’t run that much since before we were chased away from our friends, because of Alpha Sterling. I never had the need to do anything more than let her out for an hour or two, in which we mostly spent our time playing around with Malin or Shalay.

Even though we are in good shape physically, it is still tiring and the coolness from the running water feels amazing against our skin. Wolfy comes up behind us and hovers over us, right before he lowers his back end toward ours, nipping at our neck and growling into it.

We growl out a warning in our chest, not wanting him to think of going any further. He doesn’t heed our warning and thrusts his hips forward.

We dart forward from under him, making him let go of our neck as he didn’t expect us to get away from him at all. We swiftly turn around and bare our teeth, growling as he gets into a defensive stance.

Barking at him for the shit he tried to pull, he lowers his head and whimpers, lowering his body to the ground and slowly starts crawling toward us. We stand our ground and keep our eyes on him so he doesn’t try pulling that shit on us again.

We don’t trust him in the moment to not continue trying to mount us and by the look he is giving us, he knows he screwed up. He whimpers as he continues to crawl forward, giving us sad puppy eyes as if that will make up for what he did. We keep our guard up but relax our body and sit on the ground. He makes it to our paws before he licks them, apologizing for the way he acted.

Wolfy continues to lick our paws, slowly inching up our legs until he slowly lifts himself and licks our fur, cleaning it as he makes his way up. When he reaches our neck, he inhales deeply and releases a growl from the back of his throat. We give one out in warning, making him whine before he uses his tongue to clean our muzzle.

He freezes before lifting his snout away from us and inhales sharply, we tilt our head in confusion before we smell it as well. A deer is close. We both crouch low to the ground and follow the scent while walking as low as we can, until we reach the forest where we can blend in more with the foliage. Thankfully for us, the wind is blowing toward us, so it will help in preventing the deer from smelling that we are around.

We follow Wolfy in the direction of where the deer is and see a large buck grazing alone. He turns to us to make sure we are crouched low to the ground before he starts to inch forward. Every time the buck would lift his head, we would freeze so he wouldn’t be aware of our presence.

I start to go off to the left to chase the buck right into Wolfy’s path. He watches me go with his head tilted to the side, probably wondering what we are doing, but I just continue going in the way I know will benefit us the best and will be the easiest for him.

I’m hidden well and low in the waist high brush in front of the buck when I growl and jump out, making it seem like I’m going for the kill. The buck doesn’t back down at first and lowers his antlers in my direction, trying to catch me one on one but we are quicker and dodge his attack.

We manage to grab a hold of his front leg and bite down hard enough to crack his bone so he does exactly what we want him to do; run right in Wolfy’s direction. The buck doesn’t even realize that our male is standing in the attack position, waiting for him to come.

I give chase to the buck, pushing myself to go faster to make him focus on the distance between him and I, instead of the trap we are running him into. The buck makes the mistake of turning his head back to glance at us and that is when Wolfy makes his move.

Before the buck has a chance to turn his head back, Wolfy is attached to his throat. The buck is using its hooves to try to kick at him but my mate is agile for a large Alpha male. The buck is putting up a good fight and for his size, it is to be expected.

I decide to bite at his hind legs, avoiding his kicks but tiring him out that much faster. He is starting to tire, as his fight is getting sluggish and Wolfy is constantly shaking his head to tear at the throat, growling, loving the taste of the kill in his mouth.

A few minutes later, the buck is on the ground breathing heavily with a terrified look in his eyes. He knows what’s going to happen. Wolfy makes eye contact with me and nods his head slightly. He wants to let my wolf and I have the kill, so we do.

I walk up to the buck and rip right into his jugular, ripping it right out. The eyes of the buck go dull as he takes his last breath.

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