The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 13

We sit back and let Wolfy have his fill first. In most packs, everyone waits until the Alpha takes the first bite out of respect, but there are some Alpha’s who encourage their pack to eat all at the same time. It varies per pack. I noticed that Edric ate with everyone else at the same time, he didn’t expect anyone to wait for him to take the first bite. It shows how much respect they all have for each other.

He surprises us when he moves over and makes room for us, swinging his head for us to come forward and eat with him. We do so, but not before licking his jaw in thanks. We dig right into the underbelly of the buck with Wolfy to the left of us.

When we get to the heart, we eat half of it before dropping the other half at his feet, showing him that we are willing to share as well and he should get some of the juiciest part of the buck as without him, it wouldn’t have happened.

With our stomachs completely full, our male starts to lick at my jaw, my nose and anywhere else there seems to be blood. We return the favour until his face is clean. Right as we finish, we see the patrolling wolves passing by and yip their way in greeting.

They bow their heads, yip back and trot to where we are standing. We move away from the buck and bark to let them know to eat. Edric must have mindlinked them as they bark back and dig into what is left of the dead body. There isn’t much, but it is something to hold them over until their shift is done.

Wolfy nudges my side to get me to follow him and as we leave, the two patrolling wolves howl their thanks and leave to finish their rounds around the territory. We walk slowly, enjoying the serenity you can only get in a forest.

We reach the little creek once again, lapping up some water to hydrate our bodies and clean off any dried blood that we may have missed while cleaning each other. He trots up to us and starts to lick the blood from our fur that didn’t get removed from the water as we do the same to him.

We lay down a little distance away from the water, feeling sleepy from being so full and relaxed. Putting our head down on our paws, we feel Wolfy lay snug right beside us. He licks our ear before he relaxes, covering our neck and we fall asleep in the comfort and safety of our mate.

A low warning growl from our side where our male is lying, wakes us with a start. The vibrations from his growl are felt against us and we raise our head to see him looking into the forest across the creek, right past the pack’s territory line.

We slept longer than we intended to, it is now evening and two sets of golden eyes are seen in the darkness of the tall trees. Noticing that we are now awake, Wolfy stands to his full height and lets out another warning growl to the two wolves standing there, not moving an inch.

What are they doing? Why are they just standing still watching us?

We slowly stand up as well, or at least try to before he hastily comes over and stands above us, preventing that from happening. I look up at him and as I do, he looks down at me and licks the top of my head before looking back in the direction the wolves are still in and letting out a rumble of displeasure.

I keep my eyes on the stalking wolves and tilt my head to the side in curiosity, wondering if they plan to make a move or just sit there and watch us. I hear paws thundering through leaves and fur brushing against the trees as they make their way to us. The two other wolves’ heads turn to where the sound is coming from.

Edric must have called in reinforcements from the pack. Four wolves come to stand behind Wolfy and I in a defensive line, ready to attack if those two wolves are ballsy enough to cross over. Within seconds, the four furry paws that were standing above my wolf form are now two human legs.

“Shift and show yourselves!” Edric orders, using his Alpha tone. The wolves refuse his order and continue staring my way before a large chocolate brown wolf steps up beside Edric, shifting into a very naked Donny. I look away and back to the other wolves. A light breeze brings their scent our way and by inhaling deeply, I know they aren’t rogue as they don’t smell off in any way, but they smell like nothing. They have no scent whatsoever.

The three remaining wolves slowly stalk toward the creek, defensive and growling, warning these two wolves that if they are planning to come closer, they are ready for them. The strange wolves growl and flash their teeth and howl before taking off back through the forest. Our three wolves take a step forward before Edric stops them.

“No, let them go. Gia, did you recognize their scent from any of the other packs you have been to?” We shake our head no. Edric releases a sigh and moves to the side so we can raise up to all four paws. We shake out our fur and shift into our skin as Donny and the three men in wolf form look away out of respect.

A disturbing thought enters my mind. “Do you think it could have been men that Alpha Sterling sent to try to stake out the area, to see who they were up against? One of his men warned me that they would be back, that Sterling wouldn’t give up on trying to get me to become his.”

Edric growls in displeasure and grabs my waist, pulling my body into his and inhales my scent. It works in calming down his wolf at the thought of another male threatening to take who belongs to him. I snuggle closer to him for warmth, completely ignoring the hard on he is sporting and the way my wolf is purring her appreciation for his size. Fucking horny female should not be thinking about his cock at a time like this.

“Let’s shift and run back home. I need to try to figure out who those wolves were and what their intentions are, especially with Sterling’s threat to take you for his female. Donny, call everyone for church. I want all of the brothers present and the old ladies as well and even though they aren’t usually included, this case is different as I need them aware of what is going on.”

Donny simply nods his head before shifting back into his large wolf, barks and stalks off to where the others are, ready to run back home and try to get shit sorted. I instantly shift into my wolf and wait for Wolfy to make his presence known, which he does within seconds.

He licks our neck, barks and starts off in a sprint before running, once he ensures all of us are following behind him. As we reach the clubhouse, Bri along with Clover, Dahlia, Iris and Lilac are all standing outside with clothing for all of us to change into so we aren’t walking into the clubhouse naked.

“Everyone to church! Now!” Edric’s voice bellows across the field and everyone within hearing distance comes to see what’s going on.

“Alpha Edric? What’s going on?” Valerie asks sweetly. Of fucking course she tries to sound raspy, thinking it’s sexy, when all she sounds like is someone who smoked too many packs of cigarettes. I roll my eyes and before I can say anything, Edric beats me to it.

“I need all of my brothers and the old ladies in church right now. Everyone else can hang out in the lounge and wait until we tell you what you need to know or go home. If needed, we will mindlink you. The choice is yours. Men, get your old ladies and let’s go.”

Valerie huffs before pushing her way past everyone and drops herself onto the couch. I ignore her childishness and walk alongside Edric into the giant room that holds a rectangular table large enough to seat at least 20 people. Edric takes his seat at the head of the table where there is a gavel situated.

Donny sits to Edrics right with Clover and Bri on his side as I sit to Edric’s left. I’m assuming everyone else sits wherever they usually do when Edric calls church as they sit wherever, no matter the rank. With everyone seated, Edric informs everyone of what happened this evening and to remind them about Sterling.

“This evening while our Luna and I were on our run, there were two unknown wolves sitting right outside of our territory. We don’t know what pack they are from and they were not rogue as they had no smell to them, nor do we know what they wanted as they took off as soon as reinforcements arrived. I was not going to risk them attacking and there be hidden wolves to get to Gia as soon as I was distracted.”

Taking a breath, he continues, “As you all know, Alpha Sterling wants my mate for his own and we know that shit won’t be happening as long as I’m alive. He will have to go through me to get even close to my old lady and your Luna. I am sure that you all feel the same way.” There are growls of agreement, some “damn fucking rights”, and “hell yeah’s” echoed throughout the room.

“I have a feeling that those wolves were sent by him to scope the place out, but because of us being out there and seeing them, they didn’t cross the border. Gia, do you have any way to contact Shalay? To get in touch with her, to see if she is still at that pack and if she has heard anything regarding Sterling?”

Everyone’s eyes turn to me, “no, unfortunately I have no way to reach her from this distance. If we were closer to each other than I would be able to mindlink with her, but we are too far. I could always send a letter to Malin, pretending to be from his pack if I could get a cell phone number for him to call me on?”

Nodding his head, Edric agrees. “Okay, that will work. We will get you a cell phone first thing tomorrow. One will be available to you before you go into the city. I will be sending Donny and two of our top men with the three of you females. I know that you can fight well as you have the training, Brianna and Clover, but with this new development, I won’t take the risks.”

“I want everyone to have their eyes and ears peeled for any other wolves hanging around the borders or anything suspicious going on within the pack or businesses that may seem odd. My wolf is antsy and we don’t like how they were testing us. Also, I don’t want anyone outside of this room to know any details. Only tell them to report to any one of us if they see or hear anything about an outside pack or MC as we do not need to create any panic if it is not necessary.”

Brianna raises her hand to get Edric’s attention. He nods his go ahead. “Do you think we will be okay to still go into the city? I don’t want to risk anyone’s lives.”

She pointedly looks my way and I just raise an eyebrow at her. “Bri, I know you mean well, but with your mother, father, the two extra men, plus the two of us, I doubt they would try anything in a mall full of humans. We just have to keep within each other’s reach and stay in crowded places. We will be fine and this might be nothing or it could be something unrelated to me at all. Either way, I refuse to let them keep me from living my life. I am the Luna to this pack and the President’s old lady. I refuse to be a tuck tail wolf when it comes to anything this man has planned for me.”

Bri sits straight in her chair and gives me a beaming smile in return. Donny chuckles and mumbles quietly, “I can see why the Goddess made you two mates. You’re both proud as fuck and stubborn as hell.”

“Why, thank you VP. I take that as a compliment.” My wolf is standing tall and proud at what our Beta said as I give him my happy grin.

“Does anyone else have anything to say?” Edric’s voice carries across the giant room. Everyone shakes their heads no or replies, “no Alpha.”

“Alright then, remember what I said. Everyone go home to your families and relay the message to keep their eyes and ears peeled for anything odd. Church is dismissed.”

I go to leave but he grabs my hand, preventing me from doing so. “I want to talk to you when we get upstairs, but first I need to talk to Donny so I’ll be up in a few.”

I nod my agreement and walk to where Bri and Clover are standing, having a discussion amongst themselves. “Hi ladies, I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.”

Bri walks up to me and puts her arm over my shoulder, “not at all Luna. We were just discussing what time we should leave tomorrow morning.”

“Okay well, how long does it take us to get into the city to the mall where we will be going?”

Clovers replies before Bri can, “only about forty or so minutes there and then back. I figured if we leave right after breakfast, we can get your phone first thing, then to the lingerie store, and the main store to get a few outfits to hold you over for a week or so. What do you think?”

“I think you have tomorrow planned out perfectly. I also want to make a yummy dinner tomorrow evening. I am going to ask Edric to invite his family over, so Clover if you could get the sweetbutts and clubwhores to dress a little more modestly, that would be wonderful. I don’t want my first time meeting the in-laws to be surrounded by scantily dressed women.”

“Consider it done Luna.”

“Thank you. Now as for the food. I’m thinking to have barbeque chicken, steak, lamb, fully loaded baked potatoes, bacon wrapped asparagus and whatever else we fancy. So we need to make sure we have everything before we leave the store and I’m going to get the men to grill the meat while we make all of the extras and side dishes.”

Bri moans out at the mention of the food being grilled. “Oh my Goddess, we haven’t brought out the grill in so long! We need to get beers and liquor as well! We can celebrate our Alpha finally finding his mate!”

Bri’s mate comes up behind her and wraps his arm around her waist, purring in her ear. “Woman, you know what that moan does to me. You also know that those sounds are for my ears and my ears only.”

Clover and I chuckle as we look away from the couple as he grinds into her ass. Bri giggling and then clearing her throat, gets our attention, “Luna Gia, I would like to officially introduce you to my mate. His name is Lync.”

I reach out my hand to shake his and he grabs it in a firm handshake. A growl loosens his hand from mine as he straightens his back, lowering his gaze from behind my shoulders. I roll my eyes as I can feel that Edric is really close.

“Edric there is no reason to get all possessive. The man was only shaking my hand and he is mated to my new best friend, for Goddess sake. I also don’t have any interest in other men, thank you very much. Clover, Bri, I will see you ladies for breakfast. Lync, it was nice to meet you but I am going to bed now.”

“Goodnight Luna, see you in the morning!” Bri exclaims as she rushes to me, squeezing the shit out of me. I return her hug and pat her back to let me go.

Everyone chuckles at her enthusiasm as I turn and make my way out of the room. As I reach the lounge, the last person I want to see is standing against the bar and when she sees me leave the room, she peeks up and smiles sweetly at me. What the fuck is this bitch up to?

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