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Chapter 14

I ignore her completely and just as I go to walk past her, she reaches out and grabs my forearm gently, halting me in my steps. I raise an eyebrow at her as I look at the spot where her hand is gripping my arm.

She quickly let’s go as if burnt, saying what must have taken a lot of courage for someone like her to say. “Luna Gia, I know we got off on the wrong foot, but I want to apologize for how I have been acting. I have had time to think about my actions, and I realize that I am in the wrong. I… I don’t have many friends and to be honest, I was jealous. Alpha Edric was the only one who didn’t treat me like I was only good for what was between my legs.”

I furrow my eyebrows, doubting every word coming from her mouth. She looks down shyly before continuing,

“I didn’t want you to steal him away from me and I got angry and acted childish. I hope you can forgive me and one day we can become friends despite how we met. I don’t expect it to happen anytime soon, but eventually, I would like to be your friend.”

She looks forward and her eyes nearly bulge out of their sockets. She clears her throat, looks down to the floor whispering, “please give me a chance to show you I can be a great friend,” and swiftly leaves the clubhouse.

Edric is standing closely behind me. “What did she want?”

“To be honest? I don’t have a clue, but she is up to something.” I leave him there confused as I continue my way upstairs to get into the steaming shower, needing to relax my tight muscles.

I’m not going to tell Edric everything Valerie said. He doesn’t need to worry about what she is planning on top of everything else going on, so I will just have to be wary of her with the help of my new friends.

Stripping out of my clothes as soon as I enter the bedroom, I grab a towel and turn on the taps for the water to get to my desired temperature. I stand staring in the mirror, wondering about the one eighty that Valerie is trying to pull. What is she planning? She cannot honestly think I’m stupid enough to believe she was sincere. Two can play this acting game, but she won’t be the one to win in the end.

The steam from the running water has fogged the mirror, telling me to get my tired ass in and get clean. I step under the spray and relax my tense shoulders, needing to loosen up before going to sleep as tomorrow is going to be a long day as well.

I wash my body quickly and thoroughly before washing and conditioning my hair. I stand under the water for a little while longer, just letting the pressure from the spray massage my upper body. Exhaling slowly once I realize the hot water is starting to get chilly, I shut the taps off and wrap myself in the towel that is hanging right outside the tub.

I smirk to myself knowing that Edric will need a shower as well and there is no more hot water. Chuckling at my thoughts, I figure he will need the cold water anyway.

I blow dry my hair and exit the bathroom to see Edric sitting on the couch, leaning back with his eyes closed and hands behind his head. Mentally sighing at the image before me, I scan his body slowly, starting at his sock clad feet and make my way up.

I stop at the obvious bulge in his jeans, swallowing the saliva that has pooled in my mouth. I continue the appraisal of my mate and when I reach his scruffy face, I see the knowing smirk on his sexy lips.

The bastard caught me red handed and he knows what he does to me as well. He inhales deeply and a heady sound rumbles from his chest. I take a deep breath, close my eyes and turn away from him to head into the walk in closet.

I hear him stand up before mumbling that he is going to have a shower as I catch the sound of the bathroom door clicking shut. I smile to myself as the taps get turned on and a yelp leaves from where Edric is. He must have gone to stand in the shower, realizing too late that the water won’t be hot.

I grab one of his large t-shirts and throw it over my head before I start brushing out my hair. I put my wild hair into a loose ponytail and hop into bed, relaxing into the body hugging mattress and down-filled comforter. With my eyes closed, I listen to Edric in the shower as he hums to himself a relaxing, soothing tune. I don’t know when I actually fell asleep, but I know that I had a small smile on my face when I did.


I wake up to some bouncing on the bed. Grumbling sleepily, “Can you please stop jumping on the damn bed?”

It doesn’t stop and now I can hear panting. “Dammit Wolfy, can you fucking stop jumping on the damn bed! I am not a morning person and would really appreciate it if you could piss off any time now.”

I get ready to pull the blanket when he lands on it from his next jump. I plan to send his ass either to the floor, or onto his side of the bed by pulling the comforter from under his paws. I don’t want to hurt him but he is getting on my last nerve with all of his bouncing. My wolf seems to find her other halfs antics quite funny.

I wait until he jumps once more before I ready myself to yank the covers. Just as he lands, I use all of my strength and pull hard, knocking Wolfy’s ass on to the floor with a yelp again this morning. “You seem to like being on the floor don’t you? I need my morning caffeine before I have any energy to function properly.”

He stays at the bottom of the bed, not getting back on and with the mood I am currently in, he is safer where he currently is. He whines before he comes up to my side of the bed and licks my fingers that are holding the comforter to my chest. Releasing a sigh, “don’t wake me up like that anymore alright? I get you are a morning guy but I am not a morning kinda girl. You want to make me happy in the mornings? Don’t jump on the bed.”

I narrow my eyes in warning, letting him know I am not kidding around. Wolfy goes into the walk in closet and comes out as Edric. “I’m sorry for how we woke you up. He wanted to play and to see how you would handle his playfulness in the morning. Duly noted that you would rather wake to breakfast and coffee, instead of a giant wolf pouncing on the bed.”

“Exactly. Thank you.” I get out of bed and stretch, the tshirt coming just above my thighs and I feel where Edric’s eyes roam. The heat from his gaze starts at my feet before making its way ever so slowly up my calves and higher, ending right at the junction of my thighs.

I squirm at the heat that is starting to build within my core. I quickly tug the shirt down as far as it will go and cross my arms across my chest, putting an invisible barrier between our bodies and the lust I feel when I glance at his noticeable bulge. Edric lets out a tired sigh as he rubs his hand across his face, obviously not knowing what to do when it comes to the sexual frustration between us. That is no one’s fault but his own, and the bad timing of me walking into the clubhouse.

I get my wits together and head to the closet where I put black leggings and a lavender wool sweater that Clover had given to me on a little shelf. I put them on with my back to where I left Edric in the room, and hear him getting dressed as well. As I leave the closet, Edric is standing in the same place I left him but is wearing a pair of fitting dark blue jeans, a tight black t-shirt and his leather cut. Goddess, he is fucking sexy.

He clears his throat to get my attention, “let’s go down for breakfast and then we can get you on your way to the mall for your shopping trip. I am going to give you my express card and I want you to use it to get everything you need and a dress for tomorrow night. I mean it Gia, anything you want, get it, alright?”

The need to provide for his mate can be heard in his voice. I did say that I would give him a chance so I can’t fight him on everything. Plus, what female wouldn’t love to spend her males money for a shopping spree? I look into his hypnotizing green eyes and nod my head in agreement, giving him a small smile in return as well.

“Thank you Edric. You really don’t have to give me money though. I have some saved up from when I was working with Shalay that I can use, it’s really not a problem.”

Edric takes a step closer to me and tucks some stray hairs behind my ear, gently running the back of his knuckle down my cheek and rubbing his thumb along my cheekbone as he goes. “I know I don’t have to, but I want to. Let me take care of my mate. You have taken care of yourself for the last few years while you have been traveling and working, so now all you have to do is be the Luna of our pack, and help me when I need it as my mate and old lady.”

I relax my face into his hand and let out a content sigh. “Alright, I am capable of letting you take care of me. Just don’t make me regret it, okay?”

He drops his hand to my shoulder, running his warm palm down my arm to intertwine our fingers before pulling my hand up to his lips. While making direct eye contact with me, he gives the inside of my wrist a slow, sweet kiss before flicking his tongue out to taste my skin.

I don’t have a chance to react before he is giving me a cheeky grin and walking toward the bedroom door. “Come on, let’s go see what was made for breakfast. You need to eat.”

Oh right, that reminds me. “Hey Edric?”

He turns his head slightly my way while keeping his eyes forward to show that he is listening. “Yes, Gia?”

“So I was talking to Bri last night and I want to have a barbeque tonight. Can you talk to the pack to invite them? Invite your parents as well so I can meet them along with your sister and her mate? When we are in the city, I can buy all of the meat we will need and Clover is going to talk to the other old ladies to see if they will be willing to help also. Bri and I can help cook and prep all of the sides to go with the meats while you man the grill. I was thinking that a bunch of beef steaks, chicken and lamb chops would be a good variety right? The girls and I could figure out what else to make while we are there.”

When I get no response back from him, I slow down my pace so he has to look at me to see why I’m not in such a hurry to get food all of a sudden. “Edric? What do you think? Should we wait until a later date to invite your family?”

The smile on his face has my wolf yipping proudly as she wags her tail back and forth. “That’s a fucking awesome idea. It is the perfect way to bring everyone together and for you to meet my family. Don’t worry about grilling the meat, us men have it covered. We have a smoker also, so we can do some in there, some on the barbeque and some over an open fire on a wired grill. I will let my family know about it and to come over before so they can get to know you and mingle. Now come, let’s go eat.”

He winks before turning back around and leading me to where I hear conversations happening and dishes clanking. Bri waves at me from where she is sitting on Lync’s lap who is sitting on a plush chair in the lounge as he feeds her, I wave back before walking into the kitchen.

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