The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 15

Dahlia winks at me as Lilac is giving Georgie a glass of orange juice.

“Luna Gia!”

The next thing I know, she is barreling towards me and wrapping her tiny little arms around my legs. I look down and make contact with beautiful Hazel eyes as they peer up at me and a dazzling smile on her chubby face. I ruffle her hair, “hi little Georgie. Have you eaten all of your breakfast so you can grow big and strong?”

She nods enthusiastically, “I did Luna! I ate all my food like my sister said and so I can be like you and her! Luna?”

“Yes munchkin?”

She tilts her head to the side in curiosity, “what color is your wolf? Can I see her some time? I can’t shift into my wolf yet but I can feel her and talk to her. She said she wants to meet her pack mother.”

I smile lovingly at this little female and crouch down to her level so I am eye to eye with her. My wolf makes herself known and Georgie also let’s her wolf come forward, wanting to meet her Luna for the first time.

“How about this weekend, your big sister, you, myself and Baron, if it is okay with his parents, go for a run? You and Baron can ride on the backs of mine and your sisters wolves. We will then have a picnic somewhere special to us. Does that sound like fun?”

She screeches and jumps up and down before attacking my neck with her arms. My wolf flinches at the high pitched noise entering our ears, but she doesn’t mind much since she loves this little pup as if she were our own.

I stand up while holding her around the waist and under the butt. She has a tight hold on my neck and doesn’t seem to want to let go anytime soon. I look around me as there is barely any sound throughout the kitchen, to see that everyone is watching us with warm smiles on their faces.

Smiling at them all in return, I make my way to where Edric is standing with his shoulders straight, his muscular chest is puffed out and he has a large smile on his gorgeous face. I blush and dig my face into Georgie’s shoulder and whisper so only she can hear me.

“Hey pretty girl, I’m going to put you down now so I can eat and then I have to go shopping for some big girl things. You be a good girl and go find Baron to play with. Tell him about what we are going to do on the weekend and your sister will talk to his parents alright?”

She nods her head hastily and let’s go of my neck as I gently put her on the floor. She reaches over and kisses me on the cheek. “Thank you Luna! I am going to go find Baron now! I love you!”

I bite my lip to stop the tears from forming as I never expected to hear that from a child other than my own and only knowing them for such a short period of time. I inhale a deep breath and let it out slowly to get my emotions in check. I glance at Edric on my left and see the warm smile he is wearing while watching me. Everyone else has either left the kitchen or is getting their food and giving me the privacy they can, as I am still crouched down in the spot Georgie left me in.

I stand to my full height and smile at my mate, letting him know I’m okay. He holds his hand out for me and I take it without hesitation. We grab our plates and fill them with plenty of breakfast foods before going to sit in the lounge to eat. Bri is sitting at the bar with Clover and some other females as others are just hanging around.

Edric chooses to sit in a section off to the side where it is a bit secluded and eat our food. Half way through, Valerie comes in with a young male and meets my eyes for a second, gives me a smile before nodding and heading off towards the kitchen with the male in tow.

I shake my head as I still don’t understand what game she is playing, but I will worry about that another day. Today is all about everyone getting together and having a great time.

We finish our breakfast and Edric grabs my plate just as I’m about to stand, “I got it. You go meet with Brianna and Donny’s old lady to figure out when you guys want to go. I need to talk to Donny, Mac and Benny before you all leave.”

I see that both Bri and Clover are still where I saw them last, but the other female is no longer there. I make my way to the bar. “Hey ladies. Are you both ready to go?”

They turn to me and Bri speaks up, “we sure are! We are just waiting for pops to get the two brothers who went to get the SUV gassed up. We can go wait outside as soon as you inform Alpha that we are ready to leave.”

“Alright. I’ll be right back. Oh and Bri, do you mind talking to Baron’s parents later about us taking him with us on saturday for a picnic?”

She beams at me, “of course, Luna.”

I turn to go find Edric and see him walking our way, so I just let him come to me. He leans in close and whispers quiet enough for only me to hear, “don’t forget to get a dress, beautiful. I want to see that sexy ass all dressed up when I take you out on a date friday.”

He leans away from my ear, putting his lips barely an inch away from mine before he releases a lustful growl, adjusts his hardening cock and informs me of what is on his mind. “Just imagining you in a sexy, tight little dress has me thinking of all kinds of filthy things, woman. I cannot wait to see what you choose for our date and maybe buy something sexy to wear under it to give my wolf and I something to fantasize about until we can actually taste you.”

“Oh Goddess, Edric. You cannot be saying shit like that to me right before I leave!” I slap his chest in mock anger. “Don’t you worry though, I know exactly what I am going to buy and I promise you won’t be able to think of anything else that I would be wearing… or maybe.. I won’t wear anything underneath at all.” I wink at him and giggle as he throws his head back on a groan, rubbing himself through his jeans.

He shakes his head to prioritize his thoughts as I don’t think it is a good idea for him to be walking around with a hard on throughout the clubhouse. “Make sure you get everything you need as it isn’t safe for you to be out too long until the situation is dealt with. Donny and two other brothers will keep you guys safe, but be aware of everything and everyone around you and if you see someone who gives you the wrong vibe, text me their description right away. Here is a paper with my number on it. The second you get your phone, text me.”

I take the little paper with his number on it and put it in my back pocket. “Got it. You will be the first one I message when I get it and if I feel like someone is watching me or if they are creeping me out, I will text you their details and let Donny know about them asap. Don’t worry too much, I’m sure everything will be fine. Also, Don’t forget I also have two bad ass females with me and I’m not so bad myself.”

Edric exhales a breath of relief, “alright good. Donny and the two men are outside in the SUV, so get your fine ass out there and get me some food to cook, woman.”

He slaps my ass, making me squeak at the unexpected move to get me going. I see Bri and Clover standing by the front door, waiting for me with knowing smirks. I look to the floor and slightly shake my head with a small smile pulling at my lips.

I raise my head right as I reach them and lift it high in pride. Clover nods her head in approval and does the same before Bri follows behind her mother and I out the door. Just as the door is about to close, I look back to catch Edric watching me, he bites the right side of his bottom lip while he winks with his left eye. Fucking hell my male is sexy.

The door closes fully and we make our way to the awaiting black SUV that has tinted windows all throughout. “Clover and I will be sitting in the very back. Luna, you and Brianna will be in the center seats as those are the most secure and safest, and then we have Benny driving with Mac sitting shotgun.”

We all get into our designated seats and Benny starts to drive off. We reach outside of the gated walls before Donny informs me of what will be happening while shopping in such a crowded place.

“Luna, when we are in the mall, I want you to make sure that you are within our sights at all times. We don’t exactly know what Sterling is capable of and with this mall being in neutral human territory, anything goes. Until he either gives up on you being his mate or dies, you will need security with you at all times, alright? The three of us men will be close to you, but not close enough to make it obvious we are with you. We want to see if he has men following and to do that, we will have to blend in with the humans from a distance.”

At that being said, I let out a slight chuckle. “I’m not sure how well you will blend in with the humans, Beta. You guys are kind of big and intimidating.”

“Don’t worry, we have had to blend in before. Humans are more oblivious than one would assume and it’s kind of sad. You will always have either an old lady or bodyguard with you until he is put down or the threat is neutralized. Everyone needs to keep their eyes open and as soon as we get you a cell phone, you will give your number to Brianna, Clover, myself and obviously Alpha Edric. Trust us to keep you safe. You are not only our Luna, but you are also my best friends mate and I won’t let that sick bastard get to you.”

I nod my head in acceptance. “Thank you Beta. I trust you guys completely and I will give everyone my number as soon as I have it. I want to try to have a normal day while we are shopping but I will keep an eye out for anyone that is out of place, or if I feel like I’m being watched, I will let you know if you haven’t noticed beforehand”

Brianna has turned slightly in her seat, facing me and has a sympathetic smile on her pretty face. I return the smile and reach over to grab her hand, giving it a light squeeze before putting it back in my lap with my other one. “Don’t worry pops. Our Luna is a tough cookie.”

“I know that, but as we are not aware yet of what Sterling is capable of, we cannot be too careful with her. Luna…”

I know it’s rude, but I interrupt him before he can finish that sentence. He constantly keeps calling me Luna and because we are in private rather than with the rest of the pack, and he is the pack Beta and VP, he can call me by my name. I turn to look behind me where he is sitting with Clover, “Please Beta, call me Gia when you aren’t addressing me in front of the pack, or at least Luna Gia. You are not only my my mates VP and Beta, but you are also his best friend and it feels too impersonal to keep calling me by my title. So please, when it is just a few of us, try to call me Luna Gia or even just Gia.”

He gives a curt nod, “alright. As long as you call me Donny rather than Beta all the time as well.”

“Already planned on it, Beta Donny.” I smile big at him before turning back around in my seat and notice the huge building we come to a stop in front of. Benny finds the furthest parking spot, closest to the exit so if we end up needing to get away quickly, it is easier to escape a parking lot on foot then it is in a vehicle.

“If you three ladies happen to get seperated from us, do you see the sign to our right that says 1N? Remember that our vehicle is parked right beside it. I will be giving you a key, Luna Gia, in case things turn sour. I want you to get in and immediately climb into the very rear of the vehicle until we pull out of the parkade. We will leave no one behind and until we leave the city, you will stay hidden until it is safe to come out. Do I make myself clear to everyone in this vehicle?”

We all answer with complete understanding of what we must do. “We understand Vp.”

With a nod of approval, he leans forward to talk into my ear and the fact that he doesn’t use my title, shows how serious he is. “Gia, anything, no matter how minuscule it may seem to you, please let me know. It could be a bigger deal than you think and the last thing we want to do is brush something off when we could have prevented anything from happening in the future alright?”

I nod my head in compliance. “I will inform you of what I see or hear, Donny. I won’t risk my life nor anyone here because of a mentally ill Alpha. You want me to trust you? I expect the same trust back to know that I am well aware of what needs to be done for my safety and to know when someone could be a danger to me in a crowd of people.”

With that said, I notice that Benny and Mac have already exited the vehicle and are standing at the passenger side doors, waiting for Bri, Donny, Clover and I to get out.

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