The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 16

We enter through the sliding doors and the outside does not do the inside justice. Not only is it gorgeous in here, but it is huge! I walk towards the large screen that has all of the mall information, including a directory. We want to get what we need and get out as fast as we can.

The first place I look for is a phone store and see that there is one close to where we are. “There is a Zelus store right around this corner. I will get a phone from there, as I have an account with them from when I was with Shalay. We can go to La Sensa which is right beside it and then from there, go to the department store near the east exit. I was thinking that while we are paying for the items, Benny or Mac can go get the SUV and bring it to that exit so we don’t have to walk through the mall with so many bags in our hands. What do you guys think?”

I turn around to spot Clover, Donny and Brianna staring at me with pride in their eyes. “What? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“That is the perfect plan Luna! I guess we only need you here for the muscle, huh pops?” Brianna’s smart mouth makes her mother and I chuckle, while Donny mockingly narrows his eyes at her.

“Great idea, Luna Gia. While you girls are in the phone and lingerie store, Benny, Mac and I will be right outside, keeping an eye on our surroundings. Before you guys leave Zelus, I want you to put our numbers in your phone. You can get Bennys, Macs and mine from my old lady.” With a nod in the direction we need to go, Clover and Brianna loop their arms through mine and start to walk towards our destination.

We make it to the store within a few minutes and walk right up to one of the sales associates that is the first to greet us. “Good morning, what can I help you with today?”

I speak up as Clover and Bri walk around, engaging with another associate. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Donny leaning against the outer wall on his phone. I can’t see Benny or Mac, but I know they are close. “Hi, I need to get a new phone. I lost my old one while traveling but I would like to keep my old number.”

With a nod of her head, she starts to walk to a desk to our left. “If you would follow me please, we can get you set up and out of here within twenty minutes.”

I nod in approval and follow her to her desk. Looking behind me, I see that Bri and Clover are now apparently shopping for phone cases, Donny has moved to a bench right outside of the store, pretending to read a newspaper and I can see the back of Mac’s head on the other side of the little island behind Donny. I can’t see Benny, but I’m assuming he is to Donny’s left as I cannot see in that direction.

Fifteen minutes later, with my new phone in hand, I make my way to where Bri and Clover are standing at the exit as they appear to be texting on their phones. I clear my throat to get their attention and Bri startles, making me chuckle. “Okay, I got a phone so what are the numbers that I need to save?”

Clover narrows her eyes at her daughter and I understand why. She knows to be alert and aware at all times and anyone could have snuck up behind her while she was on her phone. Bri looks sheepishly at the floor and mumbles quietly to her mother, “sorry mum. It won’t happen again.”

“It better not Brianna. You need to be more aware of your surroundings when in crowded places, you know this.” With that warning out of the way, Clover takes my phone and enters everyone’s numbers before handing it back to me. I put Edric’s number in the contact list and put it on the inside of my jacket.

I grab both of their hands, start swinging them as if we are just regular shoppers and head off to the lingerie store. I notice a female and male that were sitting on a bench near Donny, stand up and slowly walk the same way we are. I don’t say a word to anyone because the two have yet to do anything to make the others aware of their presence. There is no other scent of anything other than extremely strong colognes, perfumes and body odors, causing my wolf to gag and sneeze at the intense smells.

The three of us pretend not to know Donny, Mac and Benny. I know they are following us, as it will be better if others think that we are unaware of the possibility that Alpha Sterling would have wolves stalking me here in human territory.

Upon entering the lingerie store, I see a gorgeous, sexy red babydoll on a mannequin and I decide to get it for our first night together. Clover, Bri and I walk to where they have a ton of panties, thongs and g-strings on a platform and after sifting through them all, choosing some sexy ones to go with a few matching lacy bras. I also purchase three sateen pajama sets and two silk nightgowns.

I notice to my right that the couple who were walking behind us are huddling in the corner, not so discreetly glancing at me. Narrowing my eyes at them, the male straightens his back and stiffly walks my way as if he is on a mission. His body odor and the scent of fear is so foul that I have to breathe through my mouth to be able to inhale oxygen. The fact that he is terrified shows that he is human.

I glance to where I last saw Clover and Bri and they are nowhere to be found, but I see Donny right outside talking to Benny while constantly checking on me. I won’t cower from this male. I doubt he has the balls to hurt or kidnap me in a mall full of people.

My wolf growls out a low warning and I have to harshly swallow to keep it from leaving my mouth. The male falters a little when he sees me square my shoulders in preparation for his approach and what I am preparing myself for, I’m not exactly sure of, but you can never be too prepared.

He halts a few feet in front of me, opening and closing his mouth a few times before taking a deep breath. Why is he so nervous? I take a quick peek to where the guys are and they take a step my way but I subtly shake my head no. I need to see what this male wants and he obviously isn’t going to harm me, he barely has the balls to stand in front of me. Donny narrows his eyes at me, not liking the fact that I told him to stay where he is.

I take a step forward and the smell of fear becomes more potent. “Who are you? Is there something you need from me?”

“I...I have something for you. A man standing outside of the mall paid me five hundred dollars to give you this note. I...I promise I didn’t read it or anything. H...he told me all I had to do is give it to you and then I could leave.” He shakily thrusts out a simple piece of paper. I quickly glance at Donny and see that he is looking in the direction where Clover and Brianna went to, so I quickly snatch the paper from his fingers and shove it in my jacket pocket.

I refuse to let an obsessed Alpha use fear to try to prevent me from living my life. I won’t let him scare me by sending people to do his dirty work, so he can try with a little paper to frighten me all he wants, but it won’t work. The second the male sees Donny storming my way, he rushes back to the woman and they make a swift exit out of the store with Mac following close behind.

“What did the human say to you?” He gruffly demands. I know he doesn’t mean to be rude but with a demented Alpha trying to steal not only his Luna, but best friends mate, it’s expected from him at a time like this.

I shrug my shoulder, not wanting to make it a big deal until we get out of here with everything we came for. “He gave me a piece of paper. Saying a man paid him five hundred dollars to give it to me.”

He holds out his hand as Benny comes to stand up beside him, “give me the note, Luna.”

I raise a brow at him, “uh no. We are going to finish shopping here, then going to get the groceries and other shit we need, and only once we are in the SUV, will I give you the note.”

Donny has rage in his eyes as he swiftly grabs me by my waist and throws me over his shoulder, swiftly going to the exit of the store. “Donny put me down! Now! I’m not going to let some fucker ruin my day of freedom with my friends.”

He doesn’t listen and continues toward the doors. I see Clover and Bri come out of the change rooms, they look confused until shame covers their faces when Donny growls something unintelligible that I don’t catch, as I am too busy reassuring the humans that I’m fine with a roll of the eyes and a smile.

“Donny please! Put me down! I swear if you don’t put me down I will never forgive you! I’m not a fucking invalid and I have five fully capable protectors with me. I didn’t even buy the things I need!”

He grunts as I slap his back, “I don’t care. Your old man would be pissed if he knew we stayed when you received a note pertaining to them wanting to take you away from him.”

I growl in annoyance even though he has a point. “We don’t know what the note even says! Ugh! dammit Donny, at least let me call Edric before you fucking haul me out of here like a god damn caveman!”

Instead of putting me down, he nods to Benny as Mac makes his way back to us with a stoic look until he sees me hanging upside down. Amusement lines his face as I wave and mock glare at him for silently thinking this is in the least bit funny.

Benny talking gets my attention directed his way, “Prez, we have a situation. A male… no, he wasn’t one of them… yes… I’m not sure. They gave your old lady a note and she is being difficult, denying Donny from seeing it. Alright, yes sir.” He holds the phone out to me, expecting me to take it.

I grab it and try to calm down and keep the annoyance from my voice because I do understand where they are coming from but I fail and before Edric can say a word, I “Edric, I know you want me safe and I am, but I will not leave this mall until I get everything I came for. You don’t know how stubborn I can be and if Donny doesn’t put me down so I can finish shopping, I’m going to be pissed. Not only at him but you as well.”

“Are you done, woman?” All he gets for an answer is a huff. “I wasn’t going to say that you have to leave but I want you to give Donny the note. You can finish your shopping, but the brothers will be staying close to you now and please try to hurry. I just got you Gia. I don’t want to risk your life since we don’t know where his influence reaches.”

I sigh in relief that he is being understanding and not arguing with me about this. “Thank you Edric. I promise we will be as quick as we can and I will keep everyone close to me.”

“Okay good. Give the phone to Donny please.”

I hand Donny the phone, “you can put me down now caveman.”

He gently puts me down before talking to Edric about whatever. I don’t listen and retrieve the note from my pocket. Clover and Bri join me and flank me on each side. Mac and Benny stand around us, keeping an eye on everyone.

I pull the little piece of paper out, unfold it and hold it out so they can read it over my shoulder so I don’t have to read it outloud.

My sweet Gia, I am waiting for you to come to your senses and join me in leading our pack. I will be sending some men for you when the timing is right. Please come without any hesitation on your end, I don’t want things to get ugly. The last thing I want is for you to get hurt. See you soon, my beautiful female.

With love from your future mate, Alpha Craig Sterling

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