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Chapter 17

I’m in complete disbelief. He truly does believe that I am to be his mate. My hand is slightly shaking and as I am staring at the paper in shock, I see a males hand pry it gently from my fingers and a femenine one grasp my hand. I look up and see Donny reading the paper with Mac and Benny beside him, they are shaking with barely contained rage.

Brianna grabs ahold of my other hand and gives it a slight squeeze, whispering so others around us don’t hear her. “Luna? Are you alright? I read what the note said and you know that we will not let anything happen to you right? You must also know that Edric would kill anyone who would even think of taking you away from him.”

I inhale a shaky breath and release it, letting my fear go with it. I close my eyes and my wolf is standing tall, showing her teeth. It’s her way of reassuring me that she won’t go with that Alpha without a fight either. I know as long as I have her on my side, along with everyone else, we will be okay.

I open my eyes and shake my head slightly, squeezing Clover and Brianna’s hands back and walk to where Donny, Mac and Benny are hovering. I see him take a picture of the note and I’m assuming he is sending it to Edric. I gently clear my throat and inform them of what we are going to do. “Clover, Bri and I are going to quickly buy the items we had all and then we will head to the department store. I think it would be best if we divide into two groups to grab things quicker while there.”

“Alright Gia. Make it quick. Edric is putting more security in place, so the sooner we can get you home, the safer you will be.”

I nod in agreement and after paying for the items I dropped when Donny threw me over his shoulder, we swiftly go to the department store across the mall. Donny, Mac and I get everything from the main floor and the other three retrieve the items from the second. When we get to the til, I notice Mac and Benny leave and I’m guessing it is to get the vehicle.

My nerves are on edge and I’m constantly looking over my shoulder even though both Bri and Clover are behind me. I feel as if there are constantly eyes on me and I don’t know if it is because the note has me feeling like someone is watching me or if there actually is. Donny and I pile everything onto the belt and as he is paying, I see Mac come back in.

Over nine hundred dollars later, we are making our way outside to the suv and the men pile everything into the trunk as Bri goes to the backseat, while Clover decides she wants to sit beside me. The look in her eyes now that we are safely tucked away, has me mentally preparing myself for a lecture. My wolf lifts her head from where she was resting it on her paws to narrow them at Clover and lift a corner of her lip.

I reassure her that anything Clover says, she is only saying because of what we did. I know that I never should have tried to keep the note from them but I didn’t want it to ruin our trip. Sterling would not harm me, that I know for certain, and his men are not stupid enough to draw attention to themselves in front of humans because that would cause a whole different problem. Not only for us, but for werewolves as a whole species.

As soon as Donny has taken his seat in the front and Mac is sitting beside Bri, Clover turns to face me. She takes a deep breath, “what you did was wrong Luna. You should have never tried to hide the note from us. What if he had men out here waiting for you? How could you be so irresponsible when it comes to your own life?”

I let out a deep breath at her little speech, “I planned to give it to Donny when we got out here and now that I think about it, I know that was wrong, but there is no way that I was going to let some stupid threat ruin our shopping trip or a delusional Alpha ruin our bbq tonight. I really don’t need the lecture Clover, I know I fucked up and it won’t happen again.”

She nods her head in approval. “Good. Just so you know, anytime you fuck up, I will lecture you. You are new to being a Luna and I’m assuming you have never been in this kind of situation before, have you?”

I don’t like being lectured, but I know I messed up. So I’ll take it from her this time, “no, never.”

She nods her head as if she already knew the answer, “we need to stay ahead of the game if we don’t want to be caught unaware. Just make sure that you don’t hide anything like that again from anyone. You just assumed that we would drop everything and go home as soon as the note was read. Granted, that is what Donny wanted to do, but with a simple phone call to let Alpha know what was going on, that didn’t happen, now did it?”

I shake my head as if I’m a child being scolded, knowing she is right.

“So please, moving forward Luna, just remember to not keep anything to yourself when it comes to your safety. By doing so, you might be risking the lives of others and that is not something you would want on your conscience.” She reaches over and gives my hand a light squeeze before facing forward, ending the discussion.

Bri pats my shoulder reassuringly, just as Donny speaks up, turning in his seat to make eye contact with me.

“Alpha sent some brothers to ride behind us for extra security for the way home. I doubt that Sterling would leave it as just giving you the note. I know Clover already laid into you Luna, but please anytime you receive anything at all, let someone know alright? We are only trying to keep you safe.”

“I know Donny, I appreciate it. Thank you and I’m sorry.” He lifts his chin in acknowledgement before turning back around to face the front.

With that being said, the only sound heard is the rumbling from the two motorcycles that have joined us, following from behind and the radio lightly playing through the speakers.

We make it back to the clubhouse in record time, the two prospects at the gate nod and let us through. Edric and a few other men are standing outside with stoic faces. I meet Edric’s eyes and I can tell he is worried and angry at me.

Benny puts the vehicle in park and the men, Bri and a few other old ladies are at the back grabbing everything to take inside for the bbq, leaving me alone with Edric. Neither one of us moves and this just pisses him off even more.

Having enough of the stare down, he storms up to me and stops a few inches shy of touching me, leaning forward into my space, he growls into my ear. “What the hell were you thinking hiding that note Gia? Do you have any idea of how bad that situation could have turned out had the note been something more than a warning?”

“I know what I did was stupid. I wasn’t thinking properly alright? I got lectured from Clover already on the way home, I don’t want to hear it from you too.”

I start to go towards the clubhouse but I’m stopped by an arm around my waist, holding me to his hot body. “Don’t walk away from me. I wasn’t done speaking to you, woman.”

“Yeah, well, I was done with this conversation. My wolf and I have been on edge since we read the note and I just want to go inside, have a bath and then help the other women get everything ready for tonight.”

“I get that Gia but you have no idea how worried my wolf and I were. Wondering if he was going to stage an attack on your way home, if he would have gotten to you before you even got into the vehicle. I was going to ride out there myself but Donny and Mac had reassured me that you were unharmed and you guys were safely in the vehicle, but I sent out four other men, just incase. Please don’t be so careless again.”

I exhale a deep breath to calm myself down, I know I’m not making this any easier for him or myself by arguing with the man. I also know he is only pissed off at me because he was scared to lose me. I turn around to face him, our faces only an inch apart causes me to lose my train of thought as I study his gorgeous face.

His low growl brings me out of my perusal and back to the issue at hand. Letting out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding, I make him fully aware that I get it. “Look Edric, I am sorry, really. I know that trying to keep the note from anyone was stupid and wrong. I didn’t think he would be desperate enough to have men follow me to human territory. Now that I know he has something planned and he isn’t giving up, you can trust that I will be taking any and everything that is out of the ordinary, seriously.”

He still doesn’t release his hold on me. “Can you please let me go so I can freshen up and start helping in the kitchen. Plus, I’m pretty sure Donny will want to talk to you more about the note, which he has by the way.”

He mumbles under his breath before he grunts, “fine. Just don’t be so careless again. You’re my mate and it is my job to protect you, but I cannot do that if you put yourself at risk. I’ll see you outside when you’re done.”

He unravels his arm from around my waist and I smile up at him, “thank you.” Turning around, I sprint into the house and through the group of people, making it into the bedroom without being stopped. I am not in the mood for any more conversations yet. I need to wash the encounter down the drain, so I can meet my mates family feeling clean.

I spend extra time in the shower to think about my actions. I can’t be mad at Edric or Clover for being upset with me. I made a stupid mistake that could have ended up a lot worse. I need to be more careful now that I know he hasn’t given up on me.

After I’ve washed myself, I step out of the shower and make my way to where my bags of clothing have been put. I grab a light green sleeveless top and black leather pants. After I have put them on, I quickly do simple black eyeliner, lipgloss and mascara before heading downstairs.

I walk right into the kitchen to see that the old ladies are already prepping three different kinds of salads, they have prospects taking trays of the various meats we got, outside to be smoked or grilled. There is a platter of raw vegetables and fruits with dips in the center being taken out as well.

“Good afternoon Luna.” Dahlia greets me, causing the other females to glance up with warm smiles, either waving or greeting me in the same way.

“Good afternoon ladies. Since I can see you guys are almost done with the salads, what’s next? I believe we have the baked potatoes to be wrapped in tinfoil, the asparagus wrapped in bacon and the cauliflower to be mixed with spices and put in the oven left, correct?”

Dahlia nods her head, “you are correct, that’s all that is left to do. I am getting a few of the sweetbutts to work on the asparagus once we get these salads out of the way. If you want to poke holes in the potatoes and wrap them in tinfoil, that would be great. We are also doing mini potatoes, so those still need to be wrapped in tinfoil with butter and seasoning salt to be thrown onto the fire and cooked. Brianna will join you once she gets back from setting the tables up outside.”

Smiling her way, I rub my hands together to show I’m excited and eager to start. “Alright chef, where do you want me?”

She giggles and points to the fifty twenty pound bag of red potatoes and the twenty pound bag of baby ones. My eyes widen, “holy shit, that’s a lot of potatoes. All of those need to get poked?”

I bring myself out of my stupor and get to work on poking a shit ton of potatoes for the barbeque. Twenty minutes later, Brianna joins me and we work like a well oiled machine. I wash and poke holes into the large potatoes as she wraps them in tinfoil and puts them into the bin to be taken outside and thrown onto the fire, along with the buttered and seasoned mini ones.

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