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Chapter 18

An hour later we are finally done poking, buttering and seasoning all of the potatoes. We make our way outside to see most of the men sprawled around the yard with beers in their hands, the old ladies are manning the tables that are full of fruit and vegetables, as the children run all over the place chasing the pitbull pup.

Edric and Donny are standing at the grill, handling the chicken, lamb and beef steaks. My male changed into black leather pants, his white t-shirt is thrown over his shoulder, probably to prevent anything from being spit on it. I bite my bottom lip to prevent a moan when I get down to his ass. Fuck, I love his round, tight ass.

A low chuckle is heard before Edric has turned around and I’m staring right at his crotch. My eyes refuse to move away from the slowly growing bulge. A hand coming down to adjust it has me finally able to look away. I slowly trail my eyes up, seeing a smirk on his sensual lips, and I keep going until I make direct eye contact. Amusement is shining back at me through his beautiful green orbs and I close my eyes, throw my head slightly back and growl in need. With all of the talking around us, the only thing I am currently aware of is footsteps coming closer. I know it’s Edric making his way to me.

I open my lids to the sexy view of a powerful male coming for me. My wolf is purring as she watches through my eyes. She loves the dominant vibe our mate gives off and the way he carries himself, as if he is invincible to everyone around him. She knows that when we finally let him fuck us, it’s going to be remarkable.

“Hey baby girl, you looking fucking edible. You’re going to make this night really hard for me, aren’t you?” To prove his point, he takes my hand and places it on his hard groin that is being suffocated by his leather pants.

I gently squeeze him before looking up at him through my lashes, my wolf making herself known as well. She rumbles out her approval at our males size and I bite my lip as a quiet purr comes from our chest. She greatly approves of our male and wants him to know it.

He rocks his hips into my hand before taking a small step back, staring me down with lust filled eyes. “Gia…” The warning in his voice has me smiling innocently at him. He shakes his head and looks over my shoulder when a loud clash is heard and chuckles at something happening behind me, “I have to get back to the grill, and I think the ladies could use some help over there.”

He juts his chin forward, so naturally I have to check what’s going on. Looking over my shoulder, I can’t help but to burst out laughing at the sight. Clover has Baron on her hip trying to organize the veggies that are spilt all over the table as he takes the ones that she picks up, and puts them back on the table. Bri is chasing Georgie who has the whole container of fruit dip, giggling her little butt off and Lync has two pups in his arms and one crawling up his leg, just before he falls back with an ‘oomph’.

“I… should probably… go help them.” I manage to get out between deep breaths of laughter.

Edric shakes his head in amusement, “yeah, you probably should. Someone needs to take control of the situation over there.” He lays a hard kiss on my lips, gives my nose a quick peck and saunters off with a puffed up chest to the grill where Donny is standing talking to another male.

I jog up to Clover and take Baron out of her arms. She exhales an exhausted breath and thanks me as the little man yells, “Luna!” into my ear, causing Georgie to stop in her tracks. Bri runs into her and is able to grab the dip right before it is dropped from the hyperactive little girl running up to me talking miles a minute.

“Hi Luna! Can I have some fruit? Brianna won’t give me any more, so I was running away from her with the dip because she was being a meanie. She said I had to wait until I had dinner but she let me already have some, so why can’t I have some more?” A pout is on her adorable face as she crosses her arms in annoyance.

I chuckle as I rub her head, “it is a good thing your sister stopped you from having anymore. If you eat too much fruit before dinner, you will get a tummy ache and we don’t want that, now do we, little one?”

Baron wiggles in my arms, wanting to be put down, so I do just that and he whispers something in Georgie’s ear. She looks up at me with an evil smile and I know I’m in for it. I see Lync still on the ground with the pups and decide to run to him as Georgie yells out, “get her! Don’t let her get away Baron!”

“Lync, help! I’m getting chased by werewolves!” He is sitting on his ass laughing at me as the three pups that were with him watch me with curiosity.

“Bella, Liam, Eli! Help us get Luna Gia! Don’t let her get away! She said we can’t have fruit until dinner time! We have to tickle her to make her give us the fruit!” Georgie can’t stop laughing as she yells this to the three smaller pups that are all over Lync.

I run between tables, trying to get to the open area and away from everything that is set up so we don’t accidentally knock things over. I reach the park and quickly climb up the ladder to the slide. “Ha! You are stuck now Luna!”

I look behind me and see Georgie, Eli and Bella standing at the bottom, slowly and carefully making their way up the ladder. “You guys stay down there, I will come down so it is fair, okay?”

Georgie nods her head and makes her way back down, Eli doesn’t move. He is in the middle of the ladder and seems to be frozen in place. I slide down the slide, getting caught by Baron and Liam. “Georgie! I have Luna Gia! Come on! Let’s tickle her until she gives up the fruit!”

Bella, Liam, Georgie and Baron all start digging into me as I pretend it actually tickles, laughing so hard and dropping to the ground as they doggy pile on me. The feeling of multiple fingers on my arms, back, neck and waist is the cutest thing because they are so gentle, as if they are afraid to actually hurt me. I notice that Eli isn’t among the attackers, “Eli? Where are you? Baron, do you see Eli anywhere?”

They all stop tickling me at the sound of a whimper coming from the slide direction. I instantly lift my head from the ground and see that Eli has somehow made it nearly to the top of the curved ladder and is shaking in fear. I gently pry Bella and Liam off of me and set them on their feet beside me, looking at both Baron and Georgie to assure them that I am depending on their help.

“Georgie, I am going to get Eli from the slide. He is scared and needs my help. I need you and Baron to be the big boy and girl that I know you guys are and keep Bella and Liam calm and beside you alright? When I get him down, we are going to play tag until dinner is ready, okay?”

They look up at Eli and nod their heads, Georgie bites her lip with worry shining in her little eyes. “Don’t worry little one. He will be fine, he is just scared right now. I will be right back okay, so stay right here.”

I stand up and go to the ladder where Eli is. “Hey little man, do you think you can come backwards on the ladder or can you make it to the top and come down the slide so I can catch you?”

The little guy is no more than three years old and terrified out of his mind. He whimpers and shakes his head no. “Alright. That’s okay. You stay right there and I am going to come get you. If you get too scared before I get to you, you take deep breaths and pretend I am right there beside you. I am coming up now Eli, so remember, deep breaths and you will be fine.”

I climb up the ladder to get to his side. He startles when I touch him, pulling him to my chest as his arms go around my neck and his little legs wrap around my waist as much as they can. I stay still as I whisper reassuringly in his ear, “don’t worry Eli. I have you. I promise I won’t let you go okay? Hold on tight to my neck because I am going to climb back down the ladder slowly. Close your eyes and tell me, what kind of fruit is your favourite?”

I am trying to distract him as I slowly make my way down to the ground. He nuzzles into my hair and whispers, “Stwawbewwies.”

“Strawberries? Why strawberries?”

I feel him slightly shrug his shoulders, “they awe wed, big and yummy. I like wed.”

“You like the color red? Really?! That is one of my favourite colors too!”

He swiftly lifts his head off of my shoulder and has a broad smile on his face, his fear suddenly forgotten. “Weally? Favouwite is wed, just wike me?”

“Yes handsome boy. Just like you, my favourite color is red. Can you do me a favour Eli? Can you look to where your friends are?” I ask of him, knowing they are at my feet. He hasn’t realized that we are on solid ground as of yet. He looks down and quickly looks back up at me and I instantly see the excitement light up his beautiful blue eyes again.

“Luna! Luna! We made it! You saved me! Tank you!” Eli wraps his arms around my neck even tighter and I tickle him to get him to loosen his hold on me. He wiggles and squirms until I let him down, as soon as I do, the four other munchkins circle Eli in a group hug.

I stand there watching them until Liam suspiciously walks up to me, I mockingly narrow my eyes at him, knowing he is up to something with that cute little smirk on his face. He touches my leg and runs away yelling, “Luna is it!”

The others all run around in different directions, I decide to chase Bella, “I hear you Bella girl. You better run because when I catch you, the tickle monster will come out and tickle you…” I sing-song the last part, hearing a slight giggle behind the giant tree heading toward the front gate.

I slowly sneak up on the other side of the tree and whisper yell, “Bella… I know where you are and if you don’t run, I will catch you. The tickle monster likes adorable little girls that love to laugh.”

This makes her full on laugh before she runs as fast as her little feet can carry her toward the front gate, yelling behind her, “if I get to the gate before Luna, I’m safe!”

I pretend to run as fast as I can behind Bella, reaching out for her without actually trying to touch her. I see Georgie and Baron running, holding hands from the right. Baron is pretty much dragging the poor little girl behind him and following them is Eli and Liam. Eli is slowly trailing behind before Georgie yells to him, encouraging him.

“Hurry Eli and Liam! Luna is going to beat us to the gate and if you are last, you are it! Hurry!” I slow down my pace while being dramatic and make it seem like I’m running out of breath.

“No, I won’t let you beat me there! I won’t let the tickle monster lose to you little munchkins!” I reach to the direction where they are running from, wiggling my fingers to get them to think the tickle monster is coming. Baron and Georgie burst out laughing after I say this.

“Silly Luna! Did you forget we are werewolves? We aren’t munchkins! Munchkins are slow and we are going to beat the tickle monster to the gate so she will still be it again!”

A few minutes later and slow running on my part, all five children are at the gate when I catch up to them, drop to my knees and try to catch my breath. As soon as I get some of the breath back in my lungs, I am tackled to a group of hollering and laughing, crazy pups.

“Noo! I won’t let you win! The tickle monster will get you all! Muahaha!” The little ones all run away laughing as I plop down on the ground, chuckling to myself and then laying down to relax for a few seconds with a content smile on my face.

A throaty chortle and a feminine giggle coming from above my head, has me lifting my face to see who is laughing at me. If that is who I think it is, I sure do know how to make a first impression.

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