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Chapter 19

My cheeks tint pink when I see an older gentleman, a beautiful woman, one gorgeous brunette female and a male from the night I first got here, Ink, standing above me. I hastily sit up and get off the ground, seeing from the corner of my eye that Edric is making his way toward us with an amusing smirk on his handsome face. The asshole thinks this is funny.

I wipe my hands on my leather pants and fix my hair before I stand tall and give his family my most charming smile. Edric makes it to my side in no time to introduce us. “Mom, dad, I see you have met my mate. Gia, this is my father, Stephan Colson, my mother Idelia, my baby sister Janelle and her mate, Landon. You might know him as Ink. Family, meet my mate, Gia Nealey.”

He stands tall and proud in silence as I feel the scrutiny of his mother and father’s eyes. His sister on the other hand, bounces on her toes before she skips up to me and gives me a big hug. For such a small girl, she sure as hell is strong.

“Oh my Goddess! Edric, why didn’t you tell us your mate was so gorgeous? The way you played with those pups, I can tell you’re going to be a great mother. I want to be a mom, but Ink says it is too soon right now since I am only twenty three, and he is just recently patched into the club. Did you know that my dad used to run the club along with…”

Landon grabs her by the waist and covers her mouth with his in a passionate kiss. We all look away to give them the privacy they need, a low moan escapes her mouth before Landon pulls back with a cocky grin on his face, “baby doll, you need to breathe. Don’t go scaring Edric’s old lady off before she is given a chance to get to know us, alright?”

I snicker at the look on her face as she stares up at her male in awe. I can tell that he is her anchor in this crazy world. She leans into him as he puts his arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his side. Janelle takes a deep breath and holds out her hand, “hi! It is nice to meet you Gia. Or would you rather I call you Luna?”

I smile warmly at Janelle and grab her hand, pull her out from under Landons arm and give her a hug before I step back into Edric’s space. “Hi Janelle, it is nice to meet you as well. Gia is just fine.”

I turn to look at Edric’s parents and their faces show no emotion. “Hello, it is nice to meet you both. I hope it is okay that we had this barbeque in the backyard of the clubhouse. I wanted to meet you all, and I wanted everyone to get together as a family.”

I bite my lip in trepidation of their response. They are a power couple with how they hold themselves and stand beside one another as a single unit, my wolf and I already feel as if they are our family. Like an instant connection and it has nothing to do with the fact that Edric is my mate either.

Edric stands silently, waiting for his parents to say something, to show us a glimpse of what they are feeling. His mother slaps her males chest in a playful manner while giggling, “enough with the overdramatics dear. You know we already approve of her, stop making the poor girl nervous.” She then faces me, “Hi Gia, it’s great to finally meet you. Edric has talked about you every time we spoke. It is nice to finally put a face to the woman who makes my son so happy.”

She glides up to me and hugs me in her warm embrace. I wrap my arms around her and the comfort of a mother that I miss so much, has a tear rolling down my cheek. I open my eyes to look at his father and he gives me a sweet sympathetic smile, Edric must have told them all about my family situation.

She rubs my back gently and pushes me at arms length to look at me, genuine elation is shining in her eyes and I cannot help but to smile at this woman. She reminds me so much of my mother. “I hope you guys love barbeque. We have an assortment of meats being cooked in various ways, baked potatoes, mini potatoes buttered with seasoning salt, bacon wrapped asparagus, a fruit and veggie tray and a bunch of other foods.”

Edric’s father steps forward and puts one arm over my shoulder as he starts walking to where the smoker is. Everyone else is following behind silently, “So Gia, do you want to tell us how you and my son met? He has been rather lacking in giving us the details.”

I glance over my shoulder at Edric to see his body relaxed but I can see the worry in his eyes. Does he actually think I would tell his parents how I found him fucking some desperate clubwhore? I give him a small smile, reassuring him that I don’t plan on telling his family how we actually met. I figure I should see what they already know so I can stick to the same story. “What exactly did Edric tell you about how we met?”

“We know that you were running from Alpha Sterling’s men to get away from him. It is so heartbreaking what happened to that man. I wouldn’t know what I would do if I were him, but it’s not right to try to claim a female who hasn’t had the chance to find her true mate first. Anyway, you were running from his men and were brought into the clubhouse to get cleaned up, planning to stay only until your best friend came for you. Edric was in his office and when Brianna brought you to him, that is when he realized the mate he has wanted since he was a pup finally found him.”

He takes a breath before continuing as I walk alongside him in silence, wanting to hear what else he has to say. “Edric searched for his mate for years before he became Alpha. He was so focused on finding his soulmate that he didn’t take his Alpha training seriously. He wanted to go from pack to pack to look for her but because of his neglect for his duties, I put a halt to that. I made him train physically seven days a week and I had prepared him mentally for running both the club and the pack. I needed him to be ready in case anything happened to me. Part of me blames myself for my son not finding you sooner, but I know that the Goddess does everything for a reason.”

I look behind me to Edric and raise my eyebrow when Stephan says this, wondering what Edric needed from Valerie the night I arrived. If she really was only for sex when he was frustrated or had a long day, what happened that day to make him go to her? Edric looks ashamed and tilts his head down to the ground, not able to meet my eyes any longer. Good, he should be ashamed to use some desperate whore for sex knowing she wanted more.

We reach the firepit where Donny is standing, currently flipping over the steaks and chicken. At the same time, Clover, Brianna and Lync come up to us, greeting Edric’s family with hugs and pats on the back. We then all just around the fire, conversing with each other as the sun starts to go down. “Does anyone want anything to drink? We have beer, water, soda’s and fruity coolers.”

“Five beers for us men please, babe.”

Idelia answers next, “I will have whatever cooler you have on hand, dear.”

I look to Clover, Bri and Janelle, “and you ladies? What would you guys like?”

Clover replies, “I will have a beer as well please Luna.” I narrow my eyes at her because she knows I want her to call me by my actual name. She just smirks and shrugs her shoulders, knowing exactly what I wanted from her.

Janelle and Bri come up to my side. Bri puts her arm around my shoulder and Janelle puts hers around my waist. “Let us help you Luna.”

Before I can say a thing, they are pulling me toward the cooler that is sitting near the back door. Janelle skips ahead as Bri and I giggle at her antics. We make it to the cooler and grab everything the men, Clover, Idelia and ourselves want. Not long after we get back to hand out everyone’s drinks, food is placed on the tables and everyone sits down to eat.

Sitting back in my chair, I take in my new pack. Edric is currently standing with his father, Donny, Ink and a few other brothers that I don’t remember the name of around the fire, laughing and drinking beer. Lync and Bri are off under the giant tree, making out like horny teenagers and Clover, Janelle and Idelia, along with the other old ladies are herding the children into a guest home behind the clubhouse. Apparently, that is where all of the children sleep during a clubhouse party while a few of the prospects alternate to keep watch over them.

I notice that Valerie has come through the gate and is looking around to see if anyone is around, she freezes in her spot when she makes eye contact with me. Her complexion goes ashen for a second before she plasters a large fake smile on her face and makes her way to me.

“Good evening Luna Gia! I hope you’re enjoying your night tonight. I just came from having some fun, if you know what I mean.” She raises her eyebrows suggestively, as if I would believe anything that is coming from her mouth. I play along though and giggle, shaking my head in disbelief.

“Yes, I do know what you mean. Who was the lucky male tonight?” I wink at her while trying to look around her to see this supposed male she just finished fucking. She giggles and takes a seat beside me and leans closer to me, as if it will be a secret who she met.

“Oh my Goddess, he is so amazing for a human! You have met him yet but, oh Luna.” She sighs dramatically while fanning her face. “That male knows all kinds of ways to please a woman. I will introduce you to him another day. Anyway, I have to go have a shower. Hopefully I will see you later, but if not, have a good night Luna Gia!”

With that said, she gets up and enters the clubhouse through the kitchen door. Edric is suddenly at my side, looking between where I am and to where Valerie went in confusion. “What was it that she wanted? She looked like she was actually having a pleasant conversation with you?”

“Pleasant for her maybe. She is up to something, Edric. My wolf and I feel it but I don’t know what it could be, I have no doubt that the way she is acting is just an act, but what her endgame is yet, I’m not sure. Anyway, enough about her. Has your family been having a good time? Your family is truly amazing Edric, I am glad everything turned out so perfectly tonight. I think I am going to head to bed though, it’s been a long day and I’m beat.”

Edric is running his fingers through my hair, lulling my brain to a peaceful state. I moan softly at the feeling, causing him to grip my hair as he bends down to whisper in my ear. “If you moan like that again, I’m going to carry your sexy ass up to our room and give you a better reason to moan, baby.” He nips my earlobe, growling as he hauls me over his shoulder before I have a chance to react.

“Edric! Put me down!” I yell as I smack his back before reaching down and grabbing a handful of his ass and squeezing it tight. He grunts out a “no,” as I feel his hand come down hard on my ass in return. I clamp my eyes and mouth shut to prevent the moan from escaping, but his chuckle makes me aware that my male knows exactly what spanking does to me.

I release an exhale and look around us. His parents are smiling at us knowingly, Donny tips his beer my way with a wink, Clover and Janelle whoop while Mac who just arrived beside them, whistles and raises his beer in the air yelling, “cheers to our new Luna!”

I mock glare at him while he winks at me as I hear everyone around us whistle and holler at us. Hiding my face into Edric’s shoulder, he takes us into the clubhouse and up into our room. Flipping me over his shoulder, he drops me onto the bed with an “oomph.”

“I’m going to jump into the shower, you can join me if you want. If not, then I will run you a bath when I’m done.” Edric stands above me as I lay on the body hugging mattress, contemplating on what to do.

“I will wait until you’re done and then have a bath. You go ahead and I will just relax here until you’re done.”

“Alright. I won’t be too long.” He takes his cut off and hangs it on the back of the door. I sit up, taking mine off and hand it to him so he can put it up there as well. Laying back down, I watch him take his shirt off before he walks into the closet, grabs a towel and saunters to the bathroom for his shower.

At the soothing sound of the running water, I close my eyes and smile to myself. Our date is tomorrow. I cannot wait to show him the dress I got for it. Minutes later, my world goes dark and I pass out to the sound of Edric humming to himself in the shower.

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