The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 2

We stay lying on the cold ground, panting and shaking from the crisp night air and exhaustion. Even the four territorial growls don’t make us move an inch.

Suddenly feeling a wet nose nudge into our back right thigh, we release a warning growl, snapping our head to where a medium brown wolf is standing with his head tilted to the side. He is probably curious as to why we don’t find any of them a threat. I return my head to face forward while still keeping an eye on that sneaky wolf behind me.

A deep voice to my left startles me, forcing my focus in that direction. “You are going to shift so you can tell me who you are and why those wolves were chasing you.”

Returning our head back on our paws, we ignore the male. The next thing I know, a t-shirt is thrown over our body and he orders, “if you don’t go shift and change into the shirt we provided you with, I’m going to have no choice but to haul your furry ass over my shoulder and carry you to the clubhouse. My Alpha doesn’t like to wait, so tick tock woman.”

With an obnoxious snort, we unsteadily stand to our sore paws as the male’s chuckle at my disrespect towards the bossy one. Shaking out our fur, I grab the t-shirt in my canines and with my head held high and our tail straight, I make my way behind a tree for a bit of privacy to shift.

Werewolves don’t mind being nude in front of each other, but I don’t know these males well enough for that.

I shift into my skin form quickly once behind a thick tree, putting the shirt on and walking out to the group of four, now all shifted men. They are wearing basketball shorts and staring at me, a serious look on their faces and their arms crossed, waiting for what I’m assuming is the answer to their questions.

With my spine straight and shoulders back, I introduce myself. “My name is Gia Nealey and I am running from those males because Alpha Sterling wants me to be his second choice mate. I ran because I have yet to meet mine and I refuse to let a male touch me who is not my mate.”

Inhaling deeply and pulling the hem of the shirt down to cover my ass just a bit more, I continue my explanation, “my boss and good friend Shalay told me to run here as Alpha Edric is her cousin through marriage in her family, or something like that. So I’m hoping that I can spend a few weeks here until she comes here for his sister’s engagement, then I would be leaving with her. Hopefully, by then, he will forget about wanting to make me his Luna.”

With a nod of my head, I cross my arms and rub them to keep my hands from shaking as my adrenaline is wearing out. “So that’s my story and why I’m here. Can we please go so I can shower and sleep? I’m really exhausted and I want to nap until Alpha is available to talk to me about staying here.”

I look at the male who ordered me around and his eyes are glazed over so he must be mind linking someone. “Well Gia Nealey, my name is Donny and I’m also the Vice President of The Blazing Wolves MC. This is Sniper, our gamma and Sergeant of Arms, Tank is our road captain and Ink is our newest patched member and our Alpha’s sister’s fiance. Our Alpha demands to meet you tonight. He is just finishing up some business and will meet us at the clubhouse shortly after we get there. It is quite far, do you think your wolf is okay to shift and run for another fifteen minutes or so?”

My wolf slowly nods her head in agreement. “She says she will be fine, but we are a bit thirsty from the run. Let me grab a water bottle and granola bar from my backpack and then we can go. We might be a little slow though, we ran for a long time and our paws are beaten up pretty badly.”

“Ink, Tank, I’m sending two men to patrol with you to replace Sniper and myself for the night. Wait here for them, finish your routes and I will see you men in the morning. Be safe, brothers.”

With a pat on the back to both men, they all just turn and watch what I’m doing. I grab my bag that is a few feet ahead of where we plopped down on the ground, take out a water bottle and an energy bar to hold me over until I can get some actual food. I chug back the water and devour the energy bar, clearly hungry.

“Damn woman, you sure can drink. Are you good and ready to go?”

With a nod of my head, “yup. Let’s go meet this Alpha Edric.”

By the time we get to the giant clubhouse, which was the size of a damn barn, my right paw is bloody from stepping on the pointed rock earlier. It hurts like a bitch and has us limping. With a whine, I sit down near the door outside and lift my paw toward the men.

A tall, lanky male, no older than twenty, runs up to me with a first aid kit. “It’s alright darlin’. I’m going to fix up this paw a little bit and one of the old ladies has some clothes for you that you can change into once you shower alright? I will just wrap it lightly for now until you get out of the shower when Doc can dress it better.”

With a quick lick to his hand, he gets to work. He clears the little pieces of pine from between our toes and uses a water bottle to wash the wound in our paw as best as he can. I haven’t even noticed the two males that I came here with have shifted and already clothed. I was too entranced by how gentle and sweet this young male was to give them any notice.

He inspects my paw for any more damage before asking, “are you hurt anywhere else or are you okay to go inside now?”

We yip at him and lick his hand again, making himself and the other two men chuckle at our actions. I stand and lightly put some pressure on our sore paw, just enough to walk yet no more to cause us pain.

“Come on, pretty lady. Let’s get you cleaned up and some clothing on you. Our prez and Alpha can be a very impatient man, but thankfully one of our females is keeping him occupied to give us more time.”

He opens the large barn-like door and I stop in my tracks at what I’m greeted with. The smell of sex, smoke, alcohol and a very subtle bit of something entrancing fills our nostrils, causing us to sneeze. Loud laughter, moans and yelling greet my ears as our wide eyes take in what we can see of the open floor.

There is a two female, one male threesome happening on the couch to the left, a female riding a male on a lazy boy chair beside them and some huge burly men are playing pool while shooting back beer. A group of five females with leather vests on them that say Property of The Blazing Wolves Motorcycle Club and different male names under that, are sitting at what looks to be a little round coffee table playing cards. There are a few half-naked females walking around as if they own the place.

My wolf and I snicker at those bitches who think they own anything except the cocks that they ride or blow for a night. I’ve been to a few MC’s while with Shalay, so this isn’t a surprise to me, but it still makes me feel out of place a bit as I’m not sure of this club’s rules nor am I a part of it.

A loud voice startles us and silences the room. “Hey! Has anyone seen Prez?”

A bleach blonde female grinding on a dark-skinned male sitting at the bar yells back, “yea VP, he is in the office with Valerie... Who’s that you got there?”

“This is Gia Nealey and she needs to speak to the Prez about staying here until Shalay can come get her. Some shit has gone down and Gia here, ran from Alpha Sterling who is wanting to claim her as his second choice mate. She wants nothing to do with him though, so everyone play nice.”

She raises her chin my way with a raised eyebrow. My wolf and I stand taller and raise our head high to show we aren’t afraid. We won’t be intimidated by any female; old lady or clubwhore, it doesn’t matter.

She gets off of the male’s lap, swaying her hips a tad dramatically my way. She crouches down with her legs spread a little too much, making my wolf huff and raise her eyes to her face so she doesn’t end up checking out this female’s clothed cooch.

She chuckles with a smirk as she reaches out for my paw, waiting patiently for me to put it in her awaiting palm. “My name is Brianna but you can call me Bri. Welcome to The Blazing Wolves MC. That old lady over there,” she points to the female with her hair in a long blonde braid over her shoulder, “is my mom and this man right here beside you is my pops. My mom and I have a change of clothes ready for you in my room whenever you want to shift and have a shower.”

I put my bandaged paw into her palm, she rubs it gently with her thumb before slightly shaking it, “it’s nice to meet you. The President of the MC will need to see you before you shower though, he has a robe in the room for you when we get in there as I assume you won’t want to shift out here. The fact you’re standing here shows he gave you permission as Alpha to be on his land, but he needs to meet you as the Prez to give you the approval to stay in the clubhouse or in one of the homes on the land.”

She looks up to the Vice President, her father. “I’ll take her to see the Prez pops. You go see mama and deal with her moody ass before she beats on someone for no reason. She has been snappy all evening.”

With a chuckle and a kiss to Brianna’s forehead, he storms off to his old lady. Her mum must expect him to just give her a kiss as she puckers up for him, but she squeals as he grabs her by the waist and hauls her over his shoulder, smacking her ass which releases a loud moan and the VP to take the stairs two at a time.

The crowd that I just realized was silent, whoop and holler in appreciation for their VP and his old lady about to get it on. “Come on girl. Let’s go get the permission of the Prez and get you into a shower. You’re starting to make the clubhouse stink.”

She snickers at her lame-ass joke considering how bad it smells in here and I nip at her fingertips. She runs her hand through my fur in apology and I wag my tail as I follow her down a dark hallway to a large door.

I inhale deeply and release an excited yip as I start prancing around Bri. There is a warm, smokey cedar smell throughout the air and it is getting stronger the closer we get to the door.

We stop in our tracks right before the doors in the middle of the hallway. The scent is stronger behind the giant door and before I can react, Bri knocks just as we hear a female screaming out in orgasmic heaven.

“Oh fuck, Edric yes!! Don’t fucking stop!”

A grunt is heard before a loud, clear smack, on what I’m assuming is the female’s ass, comes through the door that we are currently standing in front of.

A deep growl is released before the most erotic voice is heard on the other side of the walls. “Come on Val, you can do better than that. Let those bitches out there know who is pounding your wet cunt. Show those clubwhores who is owning this pussy right now.”

“Oh god! Edric yes!! I’m almost there! Harder! Fuck my ass baby and fuck it like I know only you can!”

I look up at Bri in disgust to disguise the hurt, and she just rolls her eyes. This must be a common occurrence with Alpha Edric, their Prez and unfortunately, my mate. I release a loud pissed off roar at the fact my mate is fucking some bitch right through that door. “What’s wrong Gia? What’s going on?”

I snarl at the door and get into an attack position, whoever comes out of that door first is going to get fucking bit!

The slapping of wet skin and a deep masculine roar joined by the scream of a banshee enter my ears, making me see red. I’m guessing they are finally done when nothing but slight panting greets my traumatized brain.

Bri chooses then to bang on the door, “Prez, I have the she-wolf my pops found at the west border and she isn’t very happy right now. It might be a good idea to get out here now that you’re done.”

She takes a step back a few minutes later when we hear heels clicking across the floor, making their way toward us.

As the door is thrown open, a tall thin brunette steps out with dishevelled hair, my wolf roars and goes to attack the female. We feel hands holding us back by the scruff of our neck, forbidding us from attacking the screeching bitch that smells of our mate. Our fucking mate was just having sex with this bitch!

“Alpha!! I need your help!!”

“What the fuck is going on out here?”

At the sound of his voice, we freeze. His bitch hides behind him as he steps out into the hallway. When we lock eyes, he inhales deeply and growls out the one word I wish he, in particular, didn’t speak out loud.


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