The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 20

I wake the next morning wrapped up in the comforter like a snug bug. I know I am only in my panties and a large shirt as I can feel the smoothness of the sheet on my legs. Edric must have stripped me when he got out of the shower and put me under the blanket.

The fact that I didn’t wake up to that shows how exhausted I really was. I sigh at the fact that I’m now seeing who he really is compared to who I thought he was, and how I am starting to gain feelings for him.

I know it is only natural that I do, the pull of the bond and my wolf aren’t against us being together and I know that he isn’t a bad male; he just wasn’t thinking using his right head. Shaking those thoughts out of my mind, I get out of bed and head for the shower. Once done, I don a pair of grey leggings, a long black sweater dress and make my way downstairs.

When I reach the bottom of the stairs, I notice that there are more people than normal milling around the lounge, some I have never seen before. Noticing their cuts, I see that they are from a different club.

Something is going on, and Edric better tell me what it is later when they leave. I go to the kitchen to get some breakfast and notice that Bri is in there, hovering over the table while drinking coffee, looking lost in thought. I clear my throat to get her attention, making her jump slightly as I raise a brow at her, wondering what had kept her so lost in thought that she was distracted from her surroundings completely.

“Good morning Luna Gia. How did you sleep?”

“Good morning. I slept great, thank you. How about yourself?”

Her eyes shine in excitement, glazing over as the memories play on in her head. She sighs dreamily before stating, “last night was the best night we have had in so long. Thank you Luna, for coming up with the idea. The barbeque made so many happy to have a get together like that. For everyone just let loose and not worry about anything for a night, has been needed for so long.”

She giggles before smiling my way coyly, “Lync had more energy than he normally did, and I owe that to you.”

I laugh at this woman in front of me, “no Bri. I am pretty sure it was your sexy ass that made him feel as energetic as he did.”

She blushes at my words and suddenly stands straight to go to the coffee machine to refill her cup. “Would you like a mug?”

“No, thank you. I am going to get myself some breakfast and oj. Have you seen Edric this morning? And who are those men out there and what chapter are they from?” I ask as I go around the kitchen to get a plate of toast and jam, eggs and bacon, along with my tall glass of orange juice.

She shrugs her shoulder, “I’m not entirely sure. I did see Alpha go to his office with my dad and two other men that I have never seen before. Lync won’t tell me anything either, so I’m just as clueless as you are at the moment.”

As we sit silently in the kitchen, I eat my breakfast as Bri drinks her coffee, an unfamiliar voice brings us out of our own musings and we head toward the lounge to see what the hell is going on. If no one will tell us, we will find out ourselves. Edric, Donny, Mac, Benny and a few other brothers are standing in a line along the bar, while some male along with six others from their MC are standing opposite.

As Bri and I leave the kitchen doorway, all eyes turn to us. I meet Edric’s gaze and he looks worried for a second, before he turns stoic once more and turns back to the large male who cannot stop looking at Bri and I. The way he eyes us has me shifting uncomfortably. My wolf growls and raises a lip at this male, she doesn’t like any male other than Edric looking at us that way.

I keep her in the back of my mind. We don’t know what this male came here for, nor do we know what he is capable of. She huffs but sits on her haunches, not taking her eyes off of him. There is something about him that she doesn’t trust and I agree with her whole heartedly. The way our men are standing on guard, lets us know that he is not here for a friendly visit.

“Brianna, please take your friend to your room and I will send someone for you when our guests leave.” Edric speaks with authority, using his Alpha command.

Bri and I bow our heads in respect, “yes Alpha.”

She grabs my hand, leading me across the lounge, right through the throng of males. We keep our heads high yet refuse to make eye contact with any males, showing them that we aren’t intimidated, yet we respect them enough to not meet their gaze. For whatever reason, Edric doesn’t want them to know that I am his mate.

We make it to her door in the clubhouse and sit on the bed in silence, both of us lost in our own minds as to what could be going on outside. I hope it is nothing serious. I will need to talk to Edric tonight when we are alone in our room. I’m not sure how much time goes by in silence but soon enough, the quiet is interrupted by a hard knock on the door and Edric’s voice on the other side.

“Gia, open up. It’s all clear. You can come out now.” I can hear the unease in his voice.

Something went down and I am going to find out what. I stand from Bri’s bed and squeeze her hand in reassurance. Lync is standing slightly behind Edric and gives me a slight smile before he walks past me and sits beside his female, pulling her to him and murmuring something into her ear.

I leave the room and we close the door behind us with a soft click, as he grabs my hand and leads me up to our room in silence. Something is weighing him down in his mind, “Edric? Who was that man and what did he want?”

He turns his head to me when we reach the top of the stairs, “can we talk about it in the shower? My wolf and I are tense and a wash with you is exactly what I need right now.”

I nod in agreement. “Alright, but I want to talk about what’s going on. I won’t be like the other old ladies and be left in the dark, Edric.”

All I get is a hesitant nod as we enter our sanctuary. Instantly, we shed our clothing, throwing them into the laundry basket and I stand by the sink while Edric prepares the water. He reaches out for my hand and helps me under the spray of heated liquid. I sigh at the way the water flows down my body, closing my eyes as I listen to the sound of Edric squirting body wash into a loofah.

He moves my hair off of my back and puts it off to the side, my wolf purrs in pleasure that our male is so close to us completely naked. Horny female. “The bastard’s name is Viper. He is the president of another MC that says he wants to smuggle stolen bikes and parts across our land to his brothers pack on the other side of no man’s land. I don’t believe a word he is saying though. He was here the day you came and was not supposed to be back until next month. I don’t know what made him come by sooner than when we agreed to and the way he was eyeing you and Bri has my wolf and I on edge.”

He puts the loofah string in his mouth and washes my hair with his shampoo, rinses it out and adds conditioner before washing that out thoroughly. He massages my scalp until I moan, causing him to freeze for a second and take the loofah back into his magical hands, ordering gruffly, “lift your arms, baby girl.”

I do as I’m told and he clears his throat and continues where he left off. “The last time he was here, he threatened to let him drive straight through, or he would reign hell down upon my pack. We got into a small altercation and he left not very happy with the fact I denied what he wanted, regardless of the weak ass threats.”

I drop my arms and suck in a breath as he slowly gropes my ass, dropping the loofah completely and grabs the body wash once more, using his hands to lather up the soap instead. He runs his fingers between my ass crack and cups my behind, rubbing it in circular motions as I lay my head back on his shoulder. A growl leaves his chest and he steps closer to me, moving his hands around to the front, right above the apex of my thighs.

I bite my lip to prevent a moan from escaping again, as he already knows that what he is doing feels amazing, the goosebumps I have pebbling my skin prove it. My nipples harden as he rubs my skin, making his way up to under my breasts, before he cups them and the moan I try to hold back, rushes out as a breathy whimper.

I feel his head right beside me, close enough to the point if I turn, our faces will be inches apart. “My wolf and I have a feeling he heard that I found my mate and came to check for himself. That is why I acted as if you were Brianna’s friend and not my mate. You understand that I wasn’t ashamed of you or had no other reason to not introduce you to him. You know I would shout from every rooftop in the world that this sexy female belongs to me and only me.”

I nod my head, purring as he continues to fondle my breasts, occasionally rubbing his calloused thumbs along my hardened nipples. He grunts in response, his hands dropping my breasts as he raises his soapy palms higher, cleaning my chest and neck. I tilt my neck back so he can clean under it and he nips the side gently before kissing it softly.

“Turn around, my Luna.” He breathlessly whispers into my ear and I do as instructed instantly. Feeling his hardened cock against my hip, I have to close my hands into fists to prevent them from reaching out to touch him. I can feel the heat of his body leave me, my eyes spring open to see why he moved away from me and left me chilled.

He is standing two feet in front of me, examining my naked body, starting from my breasts and ending between my thighs. He stares for what seems like hours before he growls and shakes his head, bringing himself out of his self induced haze.

“Edric,” I whimper his name as I bite my lip. I know my perusal of my mate’s heavy, thick cock can be felt as he inhales a heavy breath, and let’s it out as a low rumble deep within his chest.

“Gia, if you aren’t ready for me yet, please don’t make this harder than it already is. I am really trying not to grab you by the waist and take you up against the shower wall, woman.”

I squeeze my thighs together and get myself under control the best that I can by closing my eyes, opening them a minute later and taking deep breaths. “Okay, I’m ready. If you want to finish washing me so I can wash you, I will stay completely still.”

He nods his head once and grabs some body wash before lathering it into soapy bubbles once again. He drops to his knees and holds onto my hips, looks up into my eyes and orders, not only as himself but as his wolf as well. “Stay absolutely still and don’t touch me unless you’re ready for me to fuck you right now. I mean it, Gia.”

I move my head up and down in agreement and brace myself on the outer shower walls. I watch as he slides his hands up and down my outer thighs, lowering down to my calves and when he gets to my feet, he raises them one by one to be put on his knee to wash. Lowering my second foot back down, he starts on the inner leg and slowly works his way up. Kneading my tense muscles as he goes. When he reaches mid upper thigh, he scoots a little closer to me and taps my inner thigh, wanting me to spread them.

I watch his face closely as I do and notice that his wolf is present now. Edric slowly reaches around the back of my thighs and shoves his face right in my pussy, taking an immeasurable breath as I moan at the feeling of his hot breath on my folds. So fucking unfair.

His growl vibrating my crotch has me attempting to close my legs around his head. I moan at the feeling of heat on my protruding clit. “Oh shit. Edric.”

My hands shoot down onto his head and I grab a fistful of his hair, holding onto him for dear life. I feel his tongue flick over the tip of my clit and I shove myself into his face, wanting and needing more. As soon as he realizes I’m not going to stop him from giving me pleasure, he fully brings out his whole tongue and laps at my opening up to my clit before sucking it into his mouth. I’m a groaning, face humping mess as he flicks, twirls and sucks on my needy nub.

“Edric yes! Fuck! Don’t you stop, don’t you dare fucking stop!”

His feral growl vibrates my pussy, bringing me closer to the edge. Closing my eyes, I throw my head back as I grind into his face, seeing little white stars behind my darkened lids. He brings me to the edge of the cliff and with a harsh nip to my clit with his incisors where I’m thrown over into a never ending orgasmic bliss.


My shaking body can barely hold itself up without my males help so he rises to his feet and lifts me into his strong sturdy arms. “What about you? Let me help take care of you.” I barely mumble the words out coherently.

“I’m alright baby. Let’s get you dried off and into bed then I will go take care of myself.” His voice is full of need and pride.

With my head resting on his shoulder, I gently open one eye and trace my finger down his jaw. “Thank you.”

With a fondness in his eyes, he returns my gaze, “whatever you just thanked me for, you’re welcome. If it was for taking care of you, I will be doing it until my very last breath. We will never do anything but bring you pleasure, happiness and love from here forward baby girl.” He kisses me gently on the forehead, lulling me into a peaceful state.

A few seconds later, I am sitting on the side of the bed and I feel a shirt being pulled over my head as my arms are put through the necessary holes. “Sleep, my queen. I will be beside you when you wake.”

The last thing I feel are his lips, before the bathroom door closes and drowns out the sound of the still running water.

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