The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 21

The vibrating of a phone in the early morning has me reaching over to the opposite side of the bed to shut it off. Instead of feeling nothing like I have been these past few days; I feel a hard, muscular chest. Snapping my eyes open, I see Edric laying beside me with his head turned my way, watching me with a slight smile on his handsome face.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” Fuck, his husky morning voice is so sexy.

“Good morning, handsome. What happened last night after you put me to bed? Is your family still here?” My voice comes out as a croaky whisper.

“No, they went home last night shortly after I went back outside. They already adore you, understandably so, and want to see you again soon when they have more time to get to know you. I came up after having a few more beers with my brothers and laid beside you, passing out within seconds as you cuddled into me.” He has a happy look on his face as he retells what went on when I was out cold.

“They are lovely people and I would love to catch up with them and hear stories about little Edric and how troublesome he was growing up.” I smile wide at him before remembering about morning breath. My face lights up in embarrassment. Edric’s light hearted chuckle puts me at ease before he grabs my hand that is covering my mouth, to save him from my stench.

“Don’t hide that beautiful smile. Morning breath doesn’t bother me, trust me, I have smelt worse things than your stinky breath before.” I smack him in the arm as he laughs at me. I try to get up from the bed to go brush my teeth, but he prevents me from doing so by grabbing me around the waist and starts to tickle my ribs. I squirm and flail my limbs all over the place, trying to get away from his digging fingers.

“Edric! Stop it! Please!” I say in between breaths, trying to roll off the bed to escape his clutches.

“I don’t think so, woman. You aren’t going anywhere until I’m done with you.” The way he is taunting me, daring me to try to escape, makes me think that trying to get away is exactly what he wants. I come up with a plan to get him to stop long enough for me to be able to get away.

I suddenly freeze and hold in the laughter as he continues to tickle me. A giggle escapes every few seconds, but for the most part, I am completely silent and still. Edric relaxes his hold on my sides with a defeated sigh and raises an eyebrow at me. He can tell I’m up to something but is unsure what my plan is… until it is too late and I roll off the bed, landing on the floor with a solid “oomph.”

I get off the ground in a haste and run to the bathroom, closing the door behind me as I let out the giggles that I was holding in previously. He knocks on the door twice to make me aware that if he really wanted to, he could make his way inside with me. “Nice one Gia. You got me this time. Next time I will be prepared for your trickery, woman and I won’t let you get away so easily.”

I let out a loud laugh, “we will see slippery fingers, we will see.”

I hear his chuckle fading as I’m assuming he enters the closet to get dressed for the day. We have nothing planned except for our date tonight. I push off of the door and make my way to the sink, looking into the mirror and I see that my skin is flushed, my eyes are bright and I actually look happy. Within a few weeks, I am going to be in heat and I am still uncertain what I am going to do to ease the ache that will appear between my thighs.

Releasing a sigh and deciding to save that thought for another day, I grab a towel from outside the door and hop into the shower. I scrub myself clean and exit the bathroom wrapped in a towel to see an outfit laid out for me on the bed. I dress in the lacy pink panty and bra set, dark blue skinny jeans and a chest hugging black t-shirt.

A note is laying on the bed so I pick it up and read what it says.

Baby, I will be in church all morning trying to figure out what to do about the situation that came to my attention once more yesterday. Hang out with the other old ladies today and just have a good day, and Gia? I cannot wait for our date tonight. Be ready for six in the evening. I cannot wait to see how sexy you look tonight, my mate. Pretend I growled when I said my mate alright

I chuckle at my adorable idiot of a male and smile at the thought of Edric leaving me a note, instead of just doing what he needs to and keeping me in the dark. One thing he will realize about me is that I may be his old lady, but I am his mate and Luna first and there will be no secrets between us; club business or not.

I put the piece of paper in my dresser drawer and turn to head downstairs for breakfast. The day goes by slowly as I help the other old ladies around the kitchen by cleaning up the breakfast dishes, making lunch and they introduce me to a few of the sweetbutts. They are very helpful when any of the old ladies need their assistance in any way. I also realized while talking to them, that even though they give themselves up easier to the brothers who are willing to have them, they have self-respect and are genuinely pretty awesome females.

Making food for so many people and cleaning up after everyone has finished eating is exhausting, how the women do it on a daily basis is astounding. They definitely deserve something to show how much they are appreciated for everything they do. Maybe I should talk to Edric about treating the old ladies and sweetbutts to a spa day soon. Those females deserve to be spoiled once in a while for all of the hard work they do to keep everyone fed and the clubhouse clean.

After everything has been put away where it belongs, we prepare the vegetables and marinade the meat for dinner. As we are doing this, we talk about the club and how we met our mates. They know what happened between Edric and I, so they take turns telling me how they met their males. It seems like even though they didn’t find their men fucking another female, they didn’t have it easy either. Except Clover, that female grew up with Donny as her best friend, so she lucked out.

Dahlia informs me that we are known as The Blazing Wolves MC to humans -since most of them don’t know about us- and to other wolves, we are The Blazing Wolves Pack. A lot of the pack will come have dinners at the clubhouse so they make extras in case the wolves decide to join us for dinner. Mainly single wolves, ones who are higher up in rank and the sweetbutts and clubwhores eat here. The rest of the mated and children eat at their own homes.

The kids have classes of mathematics, language arts, social studies, science and art as an extra class to make things fun, that get taught in a building out back five days a week. The club has hired two teachers specifically for each course except only one for art. There are three large rooms set up for them; a class for math and language arts gets taught in the morning, science and social studies are in the afternoon. Art is three times a week and on those days, the children miss their social studies classes.

Any male who wants to become a part of the MC has to be a prospect for a year or two to prove that they can be trusted with the club secrets, and they also have to do most of the grunt work. If they have earned a spot in the MC, they then become an official member. From there they can either stay in the position they are given, or depending on their skills, are able to work their way up.

Dahlia has been here for five years. When she met her mate, he was passing through a small side of the highway diner that her family owned. He ate there daily for weeks, pursuing her, trying to win her over but she was wary of the mountain of a man. She had a horrifying experience with her cousin and a group of bikers that made her distrust all of them. Being that he was her mate, she got to know him as time went by and learned the truth; not all bikers were sexist assholes.

Everyone always assumes that the mate bond is something that makes us and our wolves obsessed with our mates the second we come in contact with them in any way. That isn’t always the case. These three old ladies and my circumstances are proof of that. Just because we feel that pull to always be in their arms or riding their dicks, does not mean that we have to give into it. We demand more than the pull of a mate bond from our males these days, we need to approve of who they are as men first.

Lilac met her male through her sister, who were actually dating at the time. Lil was away at college and came home for her older sister’s engagement party to find her mate as the fiance. He stopped fucking her sister, but never broke the engagement off. That was three years ago. Her sister had lied and said she was carrying Lil’s mates pup when she was actually pregnant with her own mate’s little one.

Her sister’s mate was human and she viewed humans as a weak species, so besides fucking him, she wanted nothing to do with him. Lilac found out who her sister’s mate was and he was a total sweetheart who knew about werewolves already since he was actually half wolf. Her sister didn’t know that because she never took the time to get to know him, they met at a bar a few nights since her wolf side was constantly wanting her mate, but her skin side only used her male for sex, that was it. The poor guy searched for her for months until he finally found her. Lilac became best friends with the male, and her mate was constantly wherever she seemed to be so she made him choose; her or her sister. If he was to choose not to break off the engagement with her sister, he needed to leave her alone.

Lilac told him the truth about who the male was, he confronted her sister and she broke down, admitting to everything. She accepted the male once she was made aware of him being half wolf and got to actually know him. The two sisters don’t talk -even to this day- but she has someone keep tabs on them just to make sure they are all doing okay. Her sister may have been a manipulative bitch, but she was still her sister.

Iris was a stripper at another MC’s club. Her older -now deceased- brother, was the VP of said MC and made her work for the club as a stripper in one of their night clubs if she didn’t want to be a clubwhore. They treated their women like shit and only kept them around to fuck, beat and use as a distraction or pleasure for when other MC’s would would all get together. Last year, Edric, Donny and seven or eight other men met up with the president of this MC on the pretense of making alliances for distributing drugs through Edric’s territory.

The club’s as a whole were on the path to get out of dealing drugs and human trafficking, as that was not what they wanted to represent anymore. They were trying to get into legal businesses and didn’t need the law watching them when they did the odd jobs that weren’t exactly on the up and up. Anyone who didn’t agree on how things were changing, either left the club life altogether or joined other chapters throughout the country.

The day that Edric’s MC went to the meeting, Iris met her mate but was too scared to leave. She didn’t want to be the reason a war started, not knowing their true intentions. Later that night, shit went down and the club was attacked by The Blazing Wolves MC along with four other clubs. Her male found her being beaten by the VP, who was her own brother, because she refused to be a mule for drug smuggling.

He killed the VP right then and there and even though Iris had seen some pretty horrible things, she had never seen anyone be killed before. She was brought to Edric’s pack and her mate brought her back to the woman she used to be, before she was a part of that awful club, which was eradicated completely thanks to our club and the help of the others.

I was in awe of these females. They have gone through so much, and yet have come out on top to be some of the most loving, strongest and loyal women I have ever met. Shalay would love them, they remind me of her so much. I look up at the time and realize it is four in the afternoon.

I jump out of my seat, startling the women. “Shit, I have to go get ready for my date with Edric.”

“Have fun, Luna! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do! Or do!” They yell out as my face turns cherry red as I turn back to them and stick out my tongue, making them all laugh at my embarrassment. They know I am getting feelings for Edric and they can see how he feels about me but they understand why I am still holding back the primal need to just fuck my mate into oblivion. They have been where I am so they get it.

I rush upstairs to our room to get ready for our date and the one thing I am certain of, is that tonight, I am going to get a taste of our male. My wolf has been whining for him since he had us in the shower and she will not stop until we do, so I will give her what she wants to keep her happy and I won’t deny that it’s what I want also. If he tastes as good as he smells, this idea could make me desire Edric more than I already do. I shrug my shoulders slightly at my thoughts and jump into the shower to shave and clean every nook and cranny of my body for tonight.

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