The Blazing Wolves MC

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Chapter 22

I am currently standing in front of the mirror in the bedroom wearing the short red dress I bought the other day with black fuck me pumps that Iris let me borrow for the night. I have a lacy black bra on, sans panties as I don’t want the panty lines to show and it might also be to tease Edric a little bit... Just a little.

Releasing a deep breath, I turn and leave the room with my chin held high and back straight. This is my first date ever, and even though Edric and I have been sleeping beside each other every night, the man has eaten me out and our wolves have officially been let out to play, my nerves are a jittery mess.

Stopping at the top of the stairs, my breath catches in my throat at the male standing at the bottom waiting for us. Holy fuck, my mate is a fine specimen of man. My wolf growls lustfully at our male as he stands there, looking at us with his desperate need shown clearly on his features. His tight black jeans accentuate his muscular thighs and bulged package, which my eyes have a hard time at looking away from, causing my thighs to clench. Fucking hell I’m in trouble. Edric’s low growl startles me out of my trance and snapping lustful orbs up to his.

“Woman, get your sexy ass down here. The longer we stay here, the harder it is going to be for me to keep my hands off of you and then I will take you into that room and do things to you that will have you never wanting to leave the damn bed.” Edric expresses with an impatient growl.

I close my eyes on a whimper and nod my head once. Slowly breathing out, I open my eyes and stare into Edric’s gorgeous green eyes as I shakily make my way down the stairs. Edric has his leather MC jacket on with his hair slicked back and it makes him so much more alluring. Upon reaching the last step, he holds his arm out for me to take as he checks out my body, his chest rumbling approvingly.

He pulls my flushed body right up to his and whispers seductively in my ear, “you look beautiful Gia. I cannot wait to show you off tonight. Now, let’s get out of here before I end up ripping the heads off of my brothers for even glancing at you in this sexy as fuck dress.”

Before I can utter a single word, he is leading me to the front door. I didn’t even notice all of the completely silent bodies in the lounge, watching the scene play out in front of them until Mac whistles and whoops, encouraging everyone else to do the same. I smile as I wink at him, causing the males to erupt in laughter. We leave the clubhouse as everyone starts to get loud and rowdy as music can be heard behind the closed door, making me giggle and shake my head in fascination.

Edric opens the passenger side door to a shiny big black truck and with a hand on my hip, I raise an eyebrow at him, “and how exactly do you expect me to get up there in this dress?”

He smirks as he winks at me and says, “like this,” as he grabs me by my hips and lifts me high enough to where my crotch is level with his nose. Inhaling deeply, he growls and puts me in the passenger seat before he gently shuts the door and jogs over to the driver side, getting in and starting the truck. For twenty minutes, Edric and I make small talk about what our childhood was like and embarrassing moments that happened in high school.

I tell him about the adventures I have had with Shalay and Milan, about who they are and how I really need to get in contact with them. He ensures me that whenever I am ready and it is safe, I can give her a call. He needs to make sure she isn’t still at Sterling’s and the bastard doesn’t have anyone watching her. We reach a restaurant called Il Lupo Ardente (The Blazing Wolf) and Edric finds a spot near the front. He shuts the machine off, jumps out to come to my side and lifts me out of the truck. Grabbing my hand, he leads me to the restaurant with a little bounce in his step, which is fucking adorable on a male of his stature.

As we stand and wait for the hostess, I look around and notice how warm and inviting this place is. The walls are a beige with different red designs all throughout the large space. The lights are lowered and give the restaurant a romantic feeling, making it feel like it is the perfect spot for someone to bring their loved one.

A busty female with black hair tied back into a ponytail bounces up to the hostess stand, smiling big at me before she sees Edric and almost loses her footing. Her smile falls a little and turns beat red, I am not sure if it is his presence or if she is just shy with males, but it’s adorable. I give the girl a break and step in front of Edric, “Hello. My name is Gia and I believe there is a reservation under the name of Alpha Edric?”

While she is searching for his table number, I notice that she is trying to hide behind the screen. Edric chuckles behind me, causing my elbow to catch his ribs and an “oomph” to leave his lips. I read her name tag and it says Ariel. She looks up at me with big eyes and I can see the way she is regarding us, wondering if I am truly his mate and her new Luna. I give her a warm smile and she returns it instantly.

“Alright, if you would just follow me, I will show you to your table Alpha Edric and Luna Gia.” Leaving it at that, she turns and starts walking towards the back of the restaurant.

“Ariel, please don’t be so formal with us. Tonight we are just like every other customer in here and I don’t want you to treat us any differently alright? This is a place where I can tell you feel comfortable, so please, don’t let our status take that away from you.”

I hear an appreciative rumble from behind me before I feel a slight squeeze to my ass. I conceal the squeal that tries to leave my mouth at the unexpected ass grab, and turn my head to Edric, narrowing my eyes while he has a smirk on those supple lips and winks at me. I turn back around and shake my head while smiling to myself.

We get to the table and Ariel talks a little stronger and with more confidence then she did when she realized who Edric was. “This is your table for tonight. Your waiter will be here shortly to take your orders. Enjoy your night Edric and Gia.”

With a slight bow of her head, she leaves back to the hostess stand to continue doing her job. Edric is seated across from me and within seconds, a waiter is at our table, filling our glasses with water.

“Good evening Luna, good evening Alpha. My name is Damian. I will be your waiter for tonight. Can I start you both off with something to drink?”

“Good evening Damian. Yes, I would like a bottle of Corona. We will also get some deep fried pickles and the spinach dip bowl with extra bread, please.” Edric states kindly, trying to keep his authority from being too overwhelming for the male. You can see he is nervous but he does a very good job at trying to not let it bother him. Whoever trained him did a great job.

I smile warmly at our waiter, “hello Damian, I will have the same beer please.”

“Very well. Would you prefer to drink them in glasses or right from the bottle?”

“The bottle is fine, thank you.”

“Alright, I will be right back with your beers and put the order in for the appetizers.” He walks away with the tray between his arm and body to grab our drinks.

“This place is beautiful Edric, have you been here before?” I ask in genuine curiosity.

He sits taller and his chest puffs up with pride while also raising an eyebrow at me. “If you are wondering if I have brought any females here, I haven’t. I have never taken any females anywhere like this. Ever. You are the first and only woman I have or ever will take on a date, anywhere. As for how the restaurant looks, I cannot take any of the credit. I am very proud of this place and it is our restaurant but more specifically, it is the one my sister owns.”

He looks around the building before making eye contact with me and I can see the pride he has for what his sister has done. I am truly starting to see Edric for the male he really is, even though it has been such a short time, I can tell that he is not the male I originally thought. He is caring, protective, sexy as fuck and he is a great provider for the pack. He has not given Valerie the time of day or even glanced in her direction from what I have seen and his wolf is simply amazing.

I stare at my mate sitting across from me and watch as his tongue runs across his bottom lip to moisten it. The oncoming feeling of my heat has not been as bad as I have heard about and I wonder why that is. Could it have something to do with how busy we have been? or is it something that is very subtle until it suddenly just hits you right in the groin? Quite literally.

I have no idea, but I do know that I will be experiencing it shortly and I have no clue on how to prepare for that. I will need to talk to Clover and Bri to see what they have to say. I am brought out of my inner thoughts by Damian returning with our drinks. I look up at him apologetically, “I’m sorry. I haven’t had a chance to look at the menu to see what I want.”

“That’s fine, Gia. I was thinking we could wait to order until we eat our appetizers. It will give us some time to digest those before diving right into our main meal.” I nod my head in agreement, grabbing the lime that was set on a plate and squeezing it into my open beer as Damian takes a step back and nods as well.

“Okay, I will be back when your appetizers are ready. What kind of dip did you want for the fried pickles? We have ranch, dill or cajun to choose from.”

“Can we have a sample of each to try and then make a decision once we have tried them? I have never had deep fried pickles before. And please Damian, can you call us Edric and Gia. We are out on a date as mates tonight, not Alpha and Luna.” I ask of Damian.

He smiles and nods understandably, “of course Lu- I mean Gia. I will bring a small dish of each one when the pickles are done. So please, if you need anything else, just let me know.”

He leaves us alone only to come back within a few minutes carrying our deep fried pickles, the three mini bowls of dip and the large spinach dip bread bowl. Giving both of us a small head bow in respect, he silently leaves again as we begin to dig into the food. I moan out loud at the freshly fried pickles and ranch dip.

“Oh my Goddess Edric. These are so damn good and juicy, we need more ranch.” I express, grabbing another and taking a healthy chunk out of it after dipping it in the creamy sauce. I don’t even bother trying the other two dips, ranch is my go-to for these things.

He chuckles at my reaction to the pickles and raises his hand to get Damian’s attention. Damian scurries over, “can we get a dish of ranch for dipping please. She made her choice and I will have a small amount of the cajun dip.”

“Of course, I will be right back.” Damian quickly goes to get our preferred dips. We eat in silence, well Edric does. I cannot help but moan and slurp at the taste of the juicy pickle. We finish in no time and I grab the menu, wondering what I want to eat.

“What would you recommend I get? What are your favourite dishes?” I ask Edric, wanting to know what his opinion of good, tasty food to order from here is.

He doesn’t even hesitate to answer, “the wild mushroom and chicken fettuccine alfredo is great, spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta shells are very filling and then my number one favourite is the lobster tail drenched in garlic butter, medium rare barbeque t-bone steak and baked potato dressed with sour cream, chives and bacon bits. They all come with a salad of your choice and garlic-buttered breadsticks.”

I stare at him in amazement. Those sound fucking delectable! I clear my throat and swallow the saliva pooling in my mouth, the look on my face causes Edric to laugh at me. I don’t care at this moment what I look like. All I do know is that now, it feels as if I didn’t just eat.

I raise my hand to get Damian’s attention and as he heads our way, I ask Edric, “do you know what you want yet?”

He is staring at me with so much heat in his eyes that I squirm and clench my thighs, trying to put some pressure on my aching spot. With a knowing smirk, he declares clearly, “oh baby girl, I know exactly what I want to eat. Unfortunately, they don’t serve what I need to have in my mouth at this restaurant.”

He makes the slow movement of licking his lips, teasing me. I close my eyes and inhale deeply through my nose, a whine escaping my lips, “Edric, you’re not playing fair.” I open my eyes slowly and narrow them at my mate, tilting my head to the side a second later in mock curiosity, “unless you want Damian to smell how much I want you to be able to have exactly what you want on this table?”

His warning growl is all I need to hear to know my answer. I smirk at him, letting him know that I was playing him. Damian arrives a second later and I order the lobster tail with steak. Edric orders the same with an extra lobster tail on the side. Edric talks about his day, I talk about my day with the ladies and then when the food comes, we eat in a comfortable silence.

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