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Chapter 23

After I order a new york strawberry topped cheesecake, I devour it within seconds before ordering some more to take home with me. Edric drops three one hundred dollar bills on the table for the bill and a tip for our hard working waiter. Damian notices this and rushes up to Edric as we are nearing the exit. “Alpha, I cannot accept this kind of tip. Your bill was not even half of this amount.”

He tries to hand it back, but Edric simply closes Damian’s hand holding the money, making himself perfectly clear when he gently speaks. “Damian, you have been an amazing waiter. You have been polite, efficient and graceful in every way. My sister speaks very highly of her employees and it is the least I could do. Please, use it on your family. Bella’s birthday is coming up soon is it not? Use that money and do something special for her this year.”

Damian has tears in his eyes that he quickly blinks away, puffing up his chest in pride at the compliment he received from his Alpha. He looks my way and graces me with a heartwarming smile before looking back at Edric, “thank you, Alpha. I promise I will throw her the party of her dreams as long as you and Luna Gia come as well.”

“Of course we will, Damian. Let us know the time and place and we will be there.”

The bell from the kitchen dings and Damian looks at us panicked. I gently touch his upper arm in a comforting way, “It’s fine. You were standing here talking to us, you will not get in trouble. I promise.”

He blows out a breath of relief and bows his head, “thank you Luna, Alpha. I really must go, but I promise I will inform you when Dez and I have figured out what we are doing for Bella’s birthday. Have a great night.”

He takes off in a hurry to grab the plates that are waiting to be taken to the customers. We hear the cook starting to give Damian shit, but the second he looks up and catches Edric’s glare, he lowers his gaze and bows his head in respect before going back to whatever he was doing in the kitchen. Damian gives us a small smile in thanks and busies himself with delivering the dishes and going to another table to get their order.

I grab Edric’s hand and we turn to leave the restaurant. Ariel isn’t at the hostess stand, so I look around and find her leading a couple with two children to their table. When I look back to her stand, I see Edric pull out two one hundred dollar bills and place them on the keyboard with her pen on top so they don’t get blown away.

We swiftly leave after that and as I am seated in the truck, I see Ariel at her stand and when she sees the cash, she puts her hand over her mouth in shock. I smile at the gratitude I see on her face and the tears that are falling down her rosy cheeks as she looks out the window and catches my gaze. She mouths “thank you” as I give her a soft smile in return. A simple gesture can go such a long way for people who need it the most.

I watch Edric jog around the truck, the smile still on my face knowing that my mate made two pack members’ night by simply helping them out financially. As he hops in and starts the truck, he looks my way and gives me a confused look.

“What? Did I do something to put that beautiful smile on your face?”

“You have no idea how much you just helped those two, do you?”

He shrugs his shoulders indifferently, “I’m their Alpha. It is my job to make sure that all of our pack is taken care of, and if I have the means to help someone out with something so simple, why wouldn’t I? I love knowing that the extra money I give every server as a tip will make their lives that much easier, even if it is only for a day. I always tip them whatever cash I have in my wallet for a job well done. Everyone could use some financial help sometimes. We also pay all of our workers a little more than average to make sure they have all of their financial needs fulfilled, but who wouldn’t like a little extra every now and then.”

I continue to look at Edric, studying his gorgeous face and wonder how I should thank him for tonight. He really is an amazing male and I just realized how lucky I am to have a mate who cares about the well being of his pack, especially the lower ranked ones. I have met some pretty pathetic Alphas while with Shalay, of course there are some like Edric also, but I wasn’t their mate so what they did was sweet but didn’t affect me since it wasn’t my pack.

He glances out of the corner of his eye, noticing that I am still studying his face and grunts, “do you want to tell me what’s going on in that sexy little head of yours, Gia?”

I blink rapidly and bite my bottom lip, causing Edric’s eyebrow to raise in question as he looks back to the road. I might as well tell him. “I was just thinking how lucky the pack is to have you as their Alpha and how I want to thank you for tonight. Dinner was amazing and what you did for Damian and Ariel was a beautiful thing. You made them so happy…”

I bite my lip again and undo my seatbelt, “and I want to thank you properly for showing me the real man behind this leather jacket.”

Edric growls low in his throat before clearing it, “Gia, you don’t have to thank me for being their Alpha and taking you to dinner.”

“Oh but I do, Edric and it is more than just that. You need to be satisfied tonight as well, so let me do the honors of sucking you off.”

He shifts in his seat, his jaw clenches as he side-eyes me, slightly nodding his head before he looks back to the road. I turn and lean over the middle seat, as I run my finger slowly up and down his thickening cock. He groans deep in his throat, “woman, do not tease me while I’m driving. If you wanna get me off then by all means do it, but don’t tease me or I’ll blow the second you put me in your sexy mouth.”

I chuckle at the need in his voice, “bossy, bossy Alpha.”

He responds with a grunt and I can’t help but to slightly laugh at the torture he must feel as I tease him. This male of mine must have blue balls by now.

I look up at him right as his eyes flash my way and they are gold and green, letting me know that his wolf is present as well. I let my wolf come forward as she purrs at our male, excited to finally have a taste of him.

I slowly drag my open palm up and down his dick a few times, before grabbing it the best that I can through his tight jeans. A rough exhale leaves his lips right as a needy whimper leaves mine. I saw him in all of his glory before, so I knew he was thick, but holy fuck he is going to tear me in half!

“Gia… I only have so much control before I pull this beast over and fuck you in the backseat.” Edric growls in warning as I continue the path up to the button and zipper on his tight jeans.

“Tsk tsk, be patient Alpha. I promise it will be worth it.” I undo the button and drag the zipper down slowly, teasing my impatient mate a little more. The warmth of his palm is felt on my head, his fingers running through my hair, making my wolf purr.

I inhale deeply when I reach in and feel the smooth heated skin of his member. I wrap my hand around it and in doing so, I cause the vehicle to jerk. “Fuck! I can’t drive with you touching me like this. Don’t stop whatever you’re doing, but I’m going to pull over as soon as I can.”

I grab his shaft firmly and pull him out of his jeans, marveling at the thickness of my male. I stroke him a few times before leaning forward and licking the precum that’s leaking out of the slit on top. He hisses through his teeth as his fist tightens in my hair, “fucking hell, woman. Your tongue feels so good.”

His words encourage me to keep going. This is going to be the first time I have had a male near my mouth in this way. So even though I was nervous, I’ve listened to Malin enough times to have an idea of what to do. I look up under my lashes at Edric as I feel him slam on the brakes, put the truck in park and shift out of his tight jeans a bit more to give his cock and balls more breathing room.

In a breathless voice he states, “you know you don’t have to do this if you’re not ready, Gia. I will wait for however long you need me to if you aren’t one hundred percent sure.”

I nod, “I know you would, and even though I appreciate that, I want to make you cum. I want to taste you.”

He releases a rough exhale as he gently guides my mouth where he needs me most. “Thank fuck you said that baby girl. My balls are so fucking heavy with the teasing and my need to be in you that I don’t know what I would have done if you would have stopped.”

I fully crawl over to his side of the truck and lick my lips in anticipation of having him all of the way in my mouth. I lick a path from the base to the tip of his swollen head, slipping the tip of my tongue in the slit and licking back and forth in gentle strokes.

Edric groans and slightly tightens his hold on my hair, but not pushing for more yet. “Gia… fuck…”

I swallow him whole and moan around his shaft, the vibrations causing him to growl and gently thrust his hips upwards. His steel rod hitting the back of my throat makes me gag before I relax my throat and take him deeper.

“Holy fuck woman! Yes, just like that, baby. That mouth of yours feels so fucking amazing.”

I bob my head up and down faster as I flatten my tongue against him, taking him farther then I have and swallowing, causing my throat to tighten around his dick. His hand tightens in my hair as he lifts his hips to go even farther.

“Hell Gia, I don’t know how long I’m going to last if you keep that up.” He grounds out between clenched teeth.

I look up at him as I take him deep in my throat and moan, he closes his eyes and slams his head back against the headrest, bringing his head forward when I come up for air and take his balls into my mouth. He holds my gaze as I continue to swirl them around in my mouth and use my index finger to tease his perineum.

He makes a guttural sound and pulls my hair, making it slightly painful and telling me without words what he wants. I take the hint and lick my way back up his engorged manhood. Teasing the head, I flick the salty precum off of the tip and consume him fully once again.

He moans loud as he raises his hips, meeting the back of my throat as I go down on him. I speed up my pace, placing my hand around his balls and gently squeezing as I feel his cock swell even more.

“Baby if you don’t want me to cum down your throat, you need to get off now or I’m gonna fucking blow in your sexy little mouth.”

I grunt and suck harder, wanting to swallow his seed. He gets the hint and lets go, roaring out his release and lifts his hips as it shoots down my throat. I swallow the warm liquid as fast as I can as he pulses in my mouth, and when he starts to go semi flaccid, I lick him clean before I release his completely softened member with a pop.

He brushes the hair away from my face and looks down at me with tender eyes. “Have you ever done that before?”

I bite my lip shyly and shake my head, “no, never. Was it okay? Did you like it?”

He chuckles and hauls me up to sit on his lap, inhales my hair and talks into my neck, “oh baby girl, it was amazing and I loved every minute of it. That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble, and I’m not talking about the verbal kind either.”

I playfully smack his shoulder as he laughs at me. “Stop it and don’t laugh at me. It’s not funny.” I can’t help but chuckle as well, his laugh is contagious. I sigh happily as I lay against his chest, just listening to his heart beat in sync with my own. I nuzzle into his neck and close my eyes, relishing in the scent of my strong mate and take a lick of his skin as his chest rumbles against mine in approval.

The feel of his warm hand in my hair and gentle purr of his body lulls me into a peaceful state. Before I know it, I’ve fallen asleep in Edric’s lap on the side of the road after sucking him off.

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